Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random happenings in my mundane world

My new (read: so revamped it's almost new) system is home and right now, I'm writing this blog sitting in front of it. And I've installed Mozilla FireFox. I find this browser is just as good (sometimes better) than Internet Explorer!

Okay... it still feels a little weird... I mean, I didn't know my virtual pet would be aligned to the left in FireFox when it appears to the center in Internet Explorer. Oh well... now that problem is fixed.
And then there was this issue with the chair I use for the computer. It's armrests were giving me such bad shoulder pains. Every time I wanted to type something in it, I had to sit as though I was the long lost twin of the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Well... Now that's fixed as well!

And can someone tell me why Nokia Chargers cost so much?! I had to shell out Rs.650 yesterday to buy a new one! It's almost half the price of my Dad's cell phone! Sigh... If this keeps up, my resources will dry up faster than I imagine and then.... *dread* I will have to depend on Mother!

Now I have nothing against asking Mom for money. But it's just that it sends me through such bad guilt trips every time I do so. She works so hard to keep the cogs going and the least I could do is manage my own finances, which is exactly what I've been doing. But now that I'm back to being a student, my inlet for moolah has vanished and I feel like some stranded Sheik in a fast drying Oil well!

I just hope something comes along the way and I am saved! (coughmoneygiftersalertcough)

Well... that's it for now. There is another more morbid train of thought running through my mind. But all of that for another day. Which reminds me! I'm supposed to meet up with my friends at the beach today! Yikes! I've completely forgotten!

Aaaaand it's Mom's birthday today!
I'd made a flashy PowerPoint presentation for her. And I was the only one who actually remembered! Yay! For once I didn't forget it... But I couldn't get her anything... Darn Dad and my lent out eight hundred bucks! >=(

That's it for now... the new seating arrangement is worse than the old one! WHY?!!!!!! *sigh* I'll have to fix this as soon as possible now! My shoulders will give up soon at this rate! (T___T)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The art of Dappankuthu - the famous dance of the Tamilian commoner

What are the images that you would associate with Death? Sadness? Silence? Black? White? Strewn flowers all along the way to the Cemetery? Well...your ideas need a little bit of re-thinking if you're in Tamil Nadu!

This... is the land of the Dappankuthu!

Dappankuthu...or sometimes known as the Dappankoothu is the unofficial dance form of Chennai. And while it may sound weird, this 'funny but disturbingly weird' dance form is employed when a person kicks the bucket in Tamil Nadu.

Since I am not a Tamilian(native of Tamil Nadu), I initially found it a little absurd that here, people could actually rejoice (the principle emotion depicted in this dance form) at the death of a person when elsewhere, death is treated with silence and reverence (tinged with fear). But with the years, I have gradually come to terms that this practice of 'rejoicing' at the demise of a person is not going to change. And if there has to be some change, I would have to be the one who should..change that is!

And so... armed with an feeling interest tinged with indifference (read: I am interested. But hell no! I won't dance!), I decided to do some research on the aspects of this dance form.

And here's what I've come up with:
Dappankuthu - the word can be split into 'Dappa' and 'Kuthu'.
In coloquial Tamil, 'Dappa' means "box" and 'kuthu' means "punch"... So... Dappankuthu would mean "box-punch"? But there is no boxes involved here! You see... Dappankuthu as a dance form depends largely on the percussion instruments that accompany it. And the drums that are used for this purpose are fondly called 'Dappa'. So.... Dappankuthu actually refers to the instruments that lend music to the dance.
Now, the word 'kuthu' shouldn't be mistaken for a punch exactly. Dappankuthu involves very brisk and vigorous steps. And these dance steps are fondly known as 'kuthu'. So, if someone was to pull you into a Dappankuthu performance and asks you to 'kuthu', it would mean that they're not asking you to punch someone. But rather, they want you to dance as well. (punching someone who's doing the dappankuthu will not be a wise thing to do.)

Well... Now that the etymology of the word has been described, let's look into the dance form itself...
The Dappankuthu is a very informal form of dance. And there aren't any strict rules to it, per se. It's always accompanied by racy and fast paced percussion instruments(mostly the Thapattai which is like a tambourine without the jingles). And in this aspect, the dance shares roots with the other famous folk dances like the Kummi and the Kolaattam.
The Dappankuthu can be done by anyone and the steps aren't that hard. But it takes a lot of experience for someone to become a seasoned 'kuthu-artistu'. And since there are no strict rules, the dance can be modified to suit your taste.

Golly! Now try doing that to Salsa and you'll find the whole Salsa-literate populace of the world glaring at you behind fire breathing nostrils and exclaiming "Mon Dios! Este es sacrilegio!"

And if there is even a single soul out there who now wants to take part in the movement that is Dappankuthu, then the following paragraph is for you!
Things you'll need for doing the Dappankuthu:
  • A good quality Lungi. Now... if you were to ask me what a lungi is... well... a lungi is this I mean very colourfully printed piece of sarong that men in south Asia wear. The Lungi forms an integral part of the dance.... as you'll learn soon enough.

  • A pattapatti. A pattapatti is a type of underwear (I sense a PG sign making its way to this post!) that's worn under the lungi. Now, the goons and goondas of Tamil Nadu wear their lungi, folded up at the thighs and tied once more around the waist ( know.... tie it once... take the lower hem and fold it up and tie it again? yeah... that's how!). They make sure that at least an inch of the underlying pattapatti is seen. I don't know if by this, they're trying to say "We're civilized people who wear undies" or if they're trying to appear intimidating. Whatever the case be, it is imperative that the pattapatti be worn and shown! Now... if you were to wear anything other than the pattapatti, believe me, you'll end up in a fairly bad shape by the end of the dance routine.

  • A gaudy tunic or shirt. Well.... not much of an explanation needed ne? The Tunic is known as the Jubba in Tamil Nadu. Just one word of caution. Please try to keep the tunic plain (not patterned). You should never wear a patterned lungi and a patterned tunic together! And if you do, I'd assume you don't know the community dogs of Tamil Nadu that well. They've a good sense of fashion and they'll never tolerate such fashion faux pas in their streets. Yep! It's their streets folks! Deal with it!

  • A hand kerchief... the bigger the better. This is to be wrapped around your neck. An equally famous alternative is to tie this around your wrist or forehead.

Okay... now that you're dressed for the part, it is time to be the dancer. Well... put some hard paced 'dappas' on and grooove! Well... if you're still clueless... you can get a glimpse of what it's like HERE. (And if you want to see how you're most probably going to look like doing it for the first time, please see THIS and compare yourself to the Japanese guy who's doing it to the right.)

There are different types of Dappankuthu apparently. And they are:

Daulat Dappannkuthu : Usually performed along with a straight back with lungi in their hands and with head held high. Performed when there is a victory or when a great man dies or to depict the greatness of the person who will never bow.

Goon Dappankuthu : Usually performed with a hunch back and head held low and lungi tied to the thighs. Performed when there is a defeat or an old lady dies or to show submission.

Bigil Dappankuthu : Usually performed by two members in unison by jumping on their sides, whistling with two fingers in their mouth (known as Bigil). Performed to depict enjoyment.

Thigil Dappankuthu: Usually performed with head looking nowhere and then dropping the lungi down and legs going sideways. Performed in the middle of a dance to make a fast getaway or when police arrives or some big leader comes.

Sorugu dapankuthu: Usually performed crouched with the lungi on the mouth and hands going back and forth and jumping inside. Performed as an act of supremacy.

Tiger Dappankuthu: Usually performed by the person who everybody accepts as the Vathiyar (Teacher - Excellent in kusthi and Silambam) of the area. The attire for this dance requires a tiger mask and tiger stripes all over the body usually with yellow and black paint. This depicts that his strength matches that of a tiger. The tongue sticking out like a tiger is a significant expression of the dance. Most famous cinematic representation is by Kamal Hassan in Apoorva Sahotharargal.

Hmmm... now that you've come to terms with the basics of Dappankuthu, have fun! -_-;;;

P.S. I still cannot believe I actually wrote an article on Dappankuthu! My brazenness knows no bounds!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hair ties...

Have you ever been intrigued by this seemingly simple piece of hair accessory? No? Well.. I have been! And somehow, I can't take this thing off my mind!

Hair ties...
A band of fabric used to secure the hair in a bunch away from the face.

A simple explanation for something that means so much more! Being a girl, I know how dependent women can get on this small thing.

Imagine a lady sitting beside you in the bus. The wind gushes in... her hair flies all over the place. And presto! She pulls out a circular ring-like thingy from within the deep confines of her handbag and after a series of swishes and sweeps, her hair is neatly confined to a ponytail, no longer a hazard to anyone around! That is the power of the Hair tie!

Every time I board the public transport, I find my eyes drawn to the hair style of those around me... men and women alike. And if it's a lady who's gracing the seat beside me, I tend to observe the type of hair tie she's wearing... the pattern... the texture... it's dangling pom-poms and everything concerned with it.

I still cannot explain why I am so drawn towards this piece of hair adornment. Was I a hair tie in my previous birth? Or did I die for want of one? (Okay... that's a weird thought!)
I have a million hair ties in my wardrobe. But I still cannot resist the temptation of getting another one... even if its twin is there with me... hardly used!

'Tis is a serious thing.... this hair tie.


I was just surfing the net the other day and I came across this nice article that gave step-by-step instructions on how to wear a Kimono.
And well... since I am a crazy fan of everything Japanese, I decided to look through the article. And by the time I was done, I've come to terms with the following facts -
  • A good quality Kimono is VERY Expensive. And will leave my wallet thin by at least $2000. And that's for a Kimono that's been borrowed for a day (three hours exactly!). So... unless I mysteriously become a millionaire overnight, there is no way I can afford that! *sigh*
  • Wearing the Kimono is NOT a joke! And I thought wearing the saree was a funny ordeal! Compared to wearing the kimono, the saree looks like something you just wrap around yourself haphazardly! If you don't believe me, Follow this link and thou shalt know I utter the truth!
    How to wear a Kimono...or die trying! ;D
  • A kimono will feel stifflingly hot in Chennai (which is where I so humbly have my abode... for now). And plus, where will I wear it to? Haloween? New Year? If I don't trip and fall on my face trying to walk in it, I'll be more than happy, thank you!

Well... even after seeing all of these discouraging 'obstacles' in my path to 'Kimono Paradise', I assure you! There shall come a time when I shall wear this piece of clothing! And darn yes! I shall have a wealthy, good-looking Japanese Particle Theorist husband to buy it for me! Well... nothing wrong dreaming... right?

Well... That's it in this post, I guess. Augh... why don't I get the things I want?! Ahem... thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Which of the Greek Gods are you?

I'd like to thank my friend Sido for having posted this on his blog. =D

And the answer is....... *drumrolls*

Morpheus?! Of all people!!! Oh well... the description matches. So, I guess I shalln't make that much of a racket. But... But... Morpheus is a.... *wail* Guy! T~T Not fair!
Oh well.. Sido got Hecate. =P And it could've been worse... Imagine if I got Hercules! (No! Don't laugh! >=( I can almost hear it here!)
And the quiz can be taken - - - -> HERE

An expert's guide on proper Benching Techniques

Hmmm... Having worked in an IT company for well nigh six months, I feel I need to talk about this issue...The issue of *DUN DUN DUN* Benching!

Alright! I can almost hear what you're muttering there! What in the name of Merlin's spotted underpants is benching? Right? And if you're real smart and have figured out what it is, move over... let the ones who don't know be illuminated!

When a person enters the IT (Information Technology) field, the person has a million dreams shimmering like those suggestively clad item girls in Bollywood, before their eyes and a couple or more up their eyelashes and eyebrows as well! But once the training period is over, the 'person' who shall henceforth be referred to as the victim, finds that things are not quite what they seem.
During the 'Training' period, everything seems so perfect! We laud at every little accomplishment the company accomplishes...we wave pom-poms and festooned eyesores when ever there is someone from our company's higher management who comes on News or the papers for the right reasons. And we say to ourselves... What a wonderful world!

But the moment the Training is over... the victim finds himself (or herself) in such a state that the bliss of training is synonymous to the nostalgia that Adam must've felt when he was booted out of Eden for goofing around.

And if there is anybody out there who's been through this phase, they'll know what comes next.

The moment the 'training' period is over, the trainee (victim) is thrown into the mainstream even before he can say, "Hiawatha's army booties!"

And bless his words thus wisely uttered! It's WAR out there! If the company gets enough 'thick-waisted, pink-cheeked dunderheads' who're willing to pay a fortune for something that costs peanuts in reality, the trainee (victim) is thrown into the project and soon, he forgets all bliss and his entire life becomes one long C Program with its fair share of bugs that just spring up in a different place when stamped out once. And very soon... he starts feeling like a worn out teddy bear who's tumble drying.

But... if they're (un)lucky enough, the poor (in more ways than one) trainee (victim) is put in what is known in the IT realm as (cue for the Psycho background score here!) "The Bench"!

Now, the "benching" period can be anywhere between ten minutes to ten months (and more!). There are companies where the employees are given cabins and asked to await further instructions. But when the employee is an Entree Level Trainee and is obviously the least experienced one around, everyone makes sure they let him know who the real boss is!

In my company, I was asked to await further orders just like any other prospective "Bencher". And since there weren't enough 'projects', we weren't given cabins and so, had to make the best out of the couches that were there in the Lobby.

There will be times when the Bencher is asked to camp out at the lobby for quite a long duration. And mostly, trainees are put in bench together, so they generally have a good time(The lobby suffers minimal damage... most of the time).

But as time wanes and the number of benchers increases and the number of projects (and the couches in the lobby) don't, WAR is declared.

In these "Bench" Wars, it is not the strongest who survive but the most crafty. And I, having led an army of Benchers successfully and having ruled the couches for as long as I was there, think that I should share some points that I think are the ultimate when it comes to VICTORY in the War front!

  • Pioneering is good! If you find an empty couch in a place where nobody seems to be using them, go right ahead and jump into it (read sit daintily or decently). Who knows?! You may start a trend... and that could be a double edged sword! So, hold your ground when the crowd swells!

  • If you are forced to sit in the lobby for a long period of time (and benching is always a long period of time), make sure you take something to keep yourself occupied. It could be anything - Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace", Yuu Watase's "Fushigi Yuugi", Maxim (do read it discretely....please?), your kitchen list, sketches.... ANYTHING! Or you could even sit there and write this guide to better benching as you wane the hours away in those couches.

  • Never.... and I mean NEVER seem like you're lost. Not only shall the more cunning supposed 'co-workers' of yours covet your seat but word that you're sans a project shall spread like wildfire... and soon, the reasons why no manager wants you in their project shall also do the rounds... Like they care if the manager was as dumb as a dingo on weed! Rumours can be varied and can sometimes border on the truth... remember the time when you made fun of your team leader's touppe? That's what I'm talking about! Act like you're the boss... act as though "benching" is what you're being paid for... act as though you make the couches look good! And if the people are staring at you, it's most probably because they're jealous and you're unique!

  • Look around for cute looking guys (if you're a girl or gay; and girls should be your object of observation if you're a straight guy). If you find that none of the specimens who wander the lobbies are to your tastes, connect with friends who're already into the projects and slogging away for dear life! In my office, the young "Developer" recruits were always delectable! But make sure you don't lose your heart! If he finds you cute and well... makes a move, you can smile away dreamily and hope for a "happily ever after". But if he gives you the same amount of attention he gives that potted plant in the corner, please... Get real!

  • Bring over some weird songs in your iPod and set about memorizing them. It could be Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" (*winkwink nudgenudge* cute guys alert! :P) or Koyasu Takehito's "Sadame no Hoshi" (quite the song for the dignified 'bencher'). And if you're daring enough (and the security guy, patient enough) you can even sing them out loud! Here's where having a voice that goes off-key every third note helps. People will think twice before they approach you. And soon you'll have the couch to yourself! Hallelujiah! You've your own personal couch! What did I say! The Weirdos ultimately win!

Well... these are some tips that I followed and had the whole lobby for myself. And don't worry about scaring friends away... if they're really good friends, they'll not be scared at all! So have fun.. you!

iPod Woes...

Well... if there is anyone out there who faces this selfsame problem, please take a minute out of your busy schedule to sigh and pat yourself in the back. If you haven't broken your computer and iPod by now, I swear my allegiance to your patience and tolerance (aren't they the same? Whatever!)

It all started when I wanted to synch two extra songs into my iPod and so, I did what I always do. Open iTunes and wait for the silly thing to recognize my iPod and start synchronizing (the two songs were already there in my library and well... technically, that means I'll end up with the old files and the two new ones). But fey fate! I waited an eon and more (Time IS relative!) but nothing happened. Windows seemed to recognize my iPod and was even gracious enough to give it a drive of its own. But iTunes... nay! After a million visits to the Apple website, I managed to fix the problem.

And then, it suddenly occured to me. I wanted to load another CD of mine into my iPod. And well... this would be the perfect scenario to test it if it has indeed been truly and completely exorcised of this problem. And I've been trying to get my system to bend to my wishes for the past three hours!

If the system senses the iPod as the F:/ drive, iTunes will act funny and won't respond until I disconnect the darn device! And if iTunes miraculously accepts iPod into itself, the silly thing won't synch properly.

I had tried all the different possible solutions that the good folks at Apple had put up in their "Supports" page. And all to no avail!

And now I realize what the problem is... my system is too slow! Hah! It's kinda funny you know... Photoshop CS3 runs without a hitch even though the system requirements aren't met. But iTunes stops working even though my system has more than enough memory to tackle the program.
(And no! I had absolutely no other program running or unwanted background processes processing when this was happening! Just in case people wanted to know.)

Sigh... I have somehow managed to work a truce out with my system and her components. Let us see how things go.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In expiscation of activity

Ah.. College starts a month from now and I have absolutely nothing to do!

Oh well... these are some of the tasks I hope to accomplish (read start) in this one month's time.

  • Start learning some Japanese!
    Well... technically, it's not 'start' learning Japanese. I know the language per se. But I still am quite ignorant about the script. So, I shall take it upon myself to learn the Hiragana and the Katakana and what little Kanji I can and start my journey towards my dream... Passing JLPT level 2 (atleast).

  • Shift my files:
    I will have to do this as soon as possible as I don't think I'll have enough time in my hands once college starts. And then again... I've some really HUGE folders to move And alternating the two computers on one power line is a big pain in the neck!

  • Get back to fanfics:
    I've been having some seriously awesome ideas regarding fan fiction. But I've been too lazy to do anything about it. Well... Not anymore! Hah! Watch out world! Anarya of Lorien is back! *DUN DUN DUN*

  • Start practicing some Sindarin and Quenya and get back to Tolkien:
    Yes... Getting back to Tolkien! I love all his works and I am what many lower individuals would describe as a "Rabid fan" of the Professor's works. Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you what big a fan I am! I mean... come on! He creates his own language with it's own set of rules and grammar! This is one activity I'll really enjoy doing this summer!

Well... that's about it for now. I just hope I have enough inspiration and motivation to make it through this month! Ai Eru! Help me!

I'm a Red Panda?!! <=)

One of my closest companions tells me I resemble the Red Panda... Now... I find this very flattering and would like to thank the person who made that comment!
ありがとうございます, 剣-くん!
And well... I'm putting up a picture of the Red Panda...

And here are some interesting facts about the Red Panda...
  • Name: Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens "shining fox") also known as the Firefox.
  • Habitat: Endemic to the Himalayas in Bhutan, Laos, southern China, India, Nepal and Burma.
  • Estimated Population: Less than 2,500 mature species.
  • Conservation status: Endangered.
  • Reason for decline in population: Habitat fragmentation, poaching, deforestation.
  • Physical Characteristics: Slightly larger than the domestic cat. The Red Panda is crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). The major part of its diet is two-thirds bamboo, berries, fruit, mushrooms, roots, acorns, lichen, grasses. They also hunt small prey like fish, small birds, small rodents, eggs and insects on occassion.
  • Some interesting facts: The Red Panda is the state animal of Sikkim. And it is also used to represent Darjeeling in international festivals.

I strongly believe these beautiful creatures ought to be conserved. And one way of doing it is to stop buying products that are a result of commercial deforestation in the Himalayas (furnitures that claim to be made out of trees from the mountains), or those made from the fur of the Red Panda. Well... it would definitely be a shame if we were to lose such adorable and vibrant creatures... And well... maybe my friend wanted me to think along these lines... Maybe that's why he made the comparison? Well... I called him a buffallo in return (Just kidding, 剣-くん!)

Anyway... All I can say is that the eco-system needs to be conserved and let's all do our part. :D

And that's it for now... I'm having absolutely nothing to do and I believe that is eating my brain away!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Paper Cranes

I'm spring-cleaning my system (and I don't mind the fact that it's not spring where I live!) and I found this piece of poetry I'd typed a long time ago. Now normally, I don't type poems. I find that it shorns the poem of some of it's lyrical beauty... but somehow... I really like this piece. And if I am in the mood for it, I might post some of my other poems as well...

This poem was written when I was working in Cognizant. I was 'benching' for a few months (That was the only thing I ever did in that place! So... not much of a 'work' experience there!). And one day, I decided I would do something useful (I was not given a system yet... so... my case was pretty much confined to the conference room where we waited day in and day out, hoping to get into some project).And that was when I started folding paper cranes. I made loads of them. And any person who knows the symbolism behind the japanese paper crane will tell you that if you were to complete a thousand cranes, you would have one of your wishes come to pass. Well... I wasn't sure if that was true... but making the cranes is sure a lot of fun. And somehow... making those cranes inspired me to write this poem.

As for now, here I present...


A thousand cranes in the sky
A single wish buried deep
But Myriad fetters binds the mind
Secrets ancient bidden to keep.

The soft treads of muffled feet
The mute sashay of crimson robes
In the shrine where the divine meet,
For a part of which the soul now gropes.

I live in wooden mansions high and old
In lore ancient and forgotten
The heart sans feeling has grown cold
The material manifest now all rotten.

A miko, a virgin without a heart.
I wave the beads in contemplation.
My dances of solitude now start
And a lock is clasped on all temptation.

To mend a broken heart, I
Chose this fate and lonely life.
But it has chilled my soul and I
Cannot feel any more strife.

Blessed indifference… I craved
And my need was answered well
My heart from further hurt is saved
But in eternal cold, I dwell.

A miko, a virgin without a heart
My voiceless feet on wood now tread
And in my eyes, the wise and smart
Shall discern a dead past that once bled.

I've had very bitter experiences where my works were stolen and published under other names. So... please... draw inspiration from this poem. Don't steal it? And if you still do... then I guess that makes you sub-human and there's no use talking to the likes of conniving thieves.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sai my louve!

I'm officially stating this here... I've found love! Once more!
And the character I'm in love with is... Fujiwara no Sai from Hikaru no Go.
Alright! I know he doesn't exist per say.... but I like him! Yep... his passion for his interest (the game of Go), his determination (he wants to perfect his gaming skills even after he's kicked the bucket!), his innocence... Oh, I could go on!
And well... he's kinda dead. I'm not going to give the plot summary here... Google it please? But it's an interesting read. And I just might take up go now! :D

P.S. Hotohori is still my official love...and then there is Sesshoumaru... Gee... I've a thing with guys who's names start with 'S' or what?
Saihitei, Sesshoumaru and now Fujiwara no Sai. Well.. Fujiwara no Sai means "Sai of the Fujiwara".
Oh, by the way, Fujiwara was a famous Noble family in the Heian period of Japanese History.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anna beckons! :D

Yesterday, Dad and I went to Anna University to get the details on the admission procedures and the works. And one thing is certain... Anna University might just change some important aspects of my life! I can feel it in my bones! Brrrr....

And there were certain people I knew who I bumped into. Well... technically, I know them. But I'm not so sure if they do. Oh well! I've always been a little apprehensive about huge crowds of men... and since the group was precisely that, I wasted no time in getting out of there! And Dad was wondering why I didn't stay back for him in the canteen, where I'd run into them. Ai yaaa! Fathers... they can never get stuff sometimes.

And the people who work there in the canteen aren't exactly bright! I'd asked for a plate of Dosa and there was one available. But rather than give that to me, he told me that it was another person's order and that he was waiting for that person to come and claim it. Oh well... never mind that the dosa was left unattended till I finished my plate (which came much later) and left the place. In the end, that person who's dosa it was, got cold dosa and I had to wait for a long time for mine. Oh well...

And my classes start from eight of August. That's still a month away! And if I don't kill someone with excess boredom, I think I'll have a fair chance of making it to the Royal throne of Khonan! ;D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Movies I'm dying (or killing) to see!

Oh kay... maybe the title's a bit too intense... Die is too strong a verb....'risk my life to a reasonable extent' will be a better substitute.
These are the few movies I soooo want to see!

1) KUNG FU PANDA: Kick it up for Po, the panda! I saw the trailers and beware... if I ever see you guys with a ticket to this movie, I will try homicide to get it. I love everything about that panda... from his knickers to his 'Aooooo' when he attempts Kung Fu. So, if someone wants to take me to this movie! YES! YES! OH YES!!!

2) WALL-E: I don't know... the robot seemed so... so.... no, cute is not the word... more than cute! Lovable... Well, from the trailers I've seen, I find Wall-e to be one of those characters that I would cry for. Yep! I'd cry for a robot! How about that? I'm not that cruel after all! :P And somehow, if a lonely robot who's had just himself for company for 700 years doesn't melt your heart, NOTHING will! (Okay... that was a bit of an exaggeration. But play along... please?)
And if you have a free ticket to spare (or just a ticket... I don't mind filling your place! MWAHAHAHA!), who're you gonna call?
*CHORUS* This Blog's Author!

Mundane happenings

I've succeeded in being off-line for more than twelve hours at a stretch. And I... am particularly very VERY proud of this feat!

And the reason, I was forced to undertake this Herculean task? My system crashed.
Now, before a certain villain decides to take this opportunity to poke fun at my IRIS (yeah, Sido! I can see you there! :P), I shall clarify it here that it was another system that my Dad uses for office purposes that decided to take the plunge. And we are fighting really hard to keep her hanging in there!

Now, the person (read saviour) who turned up for repairing the system was a friend of my dad's. And boy... did I feel sorry for that fella! The moment he powered on the system, Dad decided to keep him updated on his philosophies regarding Life, Love, The know... things along those line? And if I'd been in his place, I would have screamed, tearing my hair out and would've wasted no time in shoving the keyboard up his nose and running around in circles. (I do love my father... but I also do have a problem with his philosophies... Ai yaaaaa!)

And when the Windows does load and the Desktop appears, he confronts.... Hotohori in all his splendour! And I guess he was a little jealous (or insecure?) of Hori-kun's six pack...or he thought it was the picture of a half-naked woman... and he promptly changed the desktop to a blank grey. I know it might not sound funny... but somehow, I can't help but laugh.

That's my Hotohori! So beautiful... it's scary!

And tomorrow's when I'll have to remit the fees for my first semester at Anna University. Somehow, I feel bittersweet about the whole thing... happy in a way... but anxious and unexplainably sad at the same time. Does it mean untold Drama awaits me there?

Who can tell? Only Time! (© Enya)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yeah! That's right! bring it on people! We're having a crisis at home right now. The stove... the heart and hearth of our kitchen.... is not working! Gasp! And we are all praying it gets better soon! I cannot starve like this! It is not fair! WAAAAAAH!

Ahem... And moving on, today, I was overcome by madness (more than the usual dosage anyway) and painted my toe nails. And when I saw how ghastly they looked, I rushed to rid myself of the eye-sore only to find that I'd run out of the nail polish remover! That means the world will have to put up with my silly toes and their sillier colours for a while longer! MWAHAHAHA! I feel I have acquired the most effective tool of torture!

Me: Hey you punk! Get me your Lunch money! *evil sneer*
Random Kid: No way! I want this to buy gummy bears!
Me: Kid... don't make me angry... you don't wanna see me angry!
Random Kid: No! I shall not fear bullies! Ki yaaaaa! *strikes Kung fuu panda pose*
Me: OH yeah? Then fear this! *lifts leg up to show kid hideously painted toe nails*
Random Kid: OH NOOOOO!!!!! It's sapping my kiiiiiiiii! Here... have all the money I have! Just take that thing away from me!!!!!
Me: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ooooooh I'm evil!

Evil I am... and a bit retard... i think! But who cares?! What's life without the retards? We keep the world a fun place for all! :D

P.S. I guess many would've noticed... The toasters in the side don't move with you anymore! They're just tired! Don't mind them! :P

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Old flames... reignited

Disclaimer: Before you get the wrong idea, this post does not talk of any ex-boyfriends or paramours.

Alright.... Just the other day, I was trying to clean my room. And as usual, I got side-tracked halfway through. That's one of the most enjoyable parts of cleaning long disregarded rooms and cupboards. You never know what'll hit you!

And guess what I found! My old copy of "Lord of the Rings"! And yes... I love that book and every other book that goes with it! I've read the Silmarillion atleast ten times and I've also read The unfinished Tales. And the History of Middle Earth series is the first thing in my literary wishlist! *hint hint*

Well... since I joined for work, I hardly had the time to sleep properly let alone get my literary pursuits back on track! So, finding that book was almost like having slipped through the veils of Time into a time well into the past (atleast by two years!).

And it occurs to me now... I've been one of the greatest fans of Tolkien around! And I'm still one at heart! And I shall continue to strive for fandom perfection in all ways possible.

So watch out world! Anarya of Lorien is back!
Im teli dan!
(I've come back in Sindarin! Hahahahaaa! Oh it feels good!)

P.S. Kiba, my virtual pet is here to stay! Please do try to get along.. he's normally such a dear! Except when he gets those mood swings! Yep! He gets mood swings... what can I say? I'm weird... so are my pets...virtual and real!

Dog days...resolve to reform!

Today was one of the most miserable days in my lofe so far... And its not even noon yet!
I saw a stray dog die in front of my Grampa's house...and I was forbidden to do anything about it! Blame it on the ridiculous belief that almost every stray dog is rabid and that's not a life worth saving.

The poor thing was actually alive and people mistook it for dead just because flies had started swarming around it... A dehydrated... defeated creature.... without even the rudimentary strength to shoo the offending insects away... almost like he'd given up already. His only sign that he was alive was the heaving of his belly... as he struggled to breathe his last. And all the other hundred and odd people who passed that way did was give it a curious stare and move.

It did take a while to have my grandparents believe that the poor thing was indeed alive! And when he did see the belly heave up painfully and laboriously, my grampa smiled sheepishly and confessed he mistook it for a dead one. Now I ask you... these same people criticize hospitals for negligence. And NO! This is not that simple a matter! Life's at stake here as well!
I wasted no further time in accusations and called the Blue Cross of India

(Their's was the only phone which was answered. SPCA!! Hullo? Do you even exist? Or are your 'staff' busy playing 'duck duck goose' when animal lives are at stake?)

I wasted no time in letting the Blue Cross know that there was a dog in very critical condition. And I also gave them my number and the address... But that was all in vain... for in another half an hour, the poor thing had died... (yes! There's just one Blue Cross office and its on the other side of the city! Nice!)

And just to get the records straight, they haven't come yet... and it's been hours since we called.

And nobody even seemed to be bothered that a life was lost... except silly stupid me! I sat there beside the dog, crying my eyes out while the other 'humans' walked away muttering under their breath. And One little thing... I wasn't and shall never be ashamed of what I did. If someone had thought of calling the Blue Cross earlier. It had apparently been there since early morning. And they HAD to wait for me to drop by. They must've decided that it was not their business... These are the same people who stand around an accident victim for the free drama. The same people who'll stand back and look at a girl getting mollested in a train. The same people who'll shrug their shoulders saying what they could do and then complain that the system wasn't right. It's about time they WOKE UP! Did something for a change.

And I've decided... my path is clear in front of me. And I guess this incident just made my resolve even stronger. I'll DO something. And when I do that.. I needn't talk about deeds should and shall talk for themselves.

P.S. Remember the nosy neighbour I had, well... she was there and she did make it a point to ask me if it was dead. Well Lady... at the rate at which the world's going... it wouldn't surprise me if most of us die just like that... unattended... sans dignity... sans mercy. And in someways... that shall complete the circle of Karma. Though... I don't decide that!

P.S. Time - 9:00PM
The people from Blue Cross never turned up... So, I guess I should be thankful the creature had to suffer less in a way. But that still is never an excuse for their indifference.

Monday, July 7, 2008

To get it or not to get it...reality bites

I've been blog surfing for a while now. And I'm seeing a lot of blogs with their own chat boards. Little spaces where anyone can pen down messages... almost like a public bulletin board that showcases the messages (conversations mostly) for everyone to see. And they all look so pretty and nice... syncing well with the background theme and all. And I wonder if I should put one on my blog. But then... I don't think that's such a bright idea.

Nobody would use it if I was to put it in my blog. That's because,
  1. Strangers are not going to say Hi! with my blog as their coffee-shop! I mean... yeah... it would be nice if I knew so many people came and read my writings. But the 'counter' is more than enough to bring me down to reality... Hardly anyone reads my blog!

  2. Those blogs which have posts in them have it because they were posted by friends of the blogger who all have blogs of their own... and this is how they virtually hang out... synonymous to how they'd all hang out at their friend's place. And since I doubt if any of my friends know I have a blog like this , I don't think any one's going to come 'hang out' here! (I'm not counting you here, Sido! I know you know that I have this blog. But I doubt if you ever came back.... Hmmm... Guess that post's either scared you or disgusted you to my writings. Oh well!)

So the decision is unanimous. I shall not go for a chat board now. That shall only embarrass me further!

Me wants! Me wants!

Okay.... I don't normally ask for many 'girly' stuff (I get them myself ya see? ;D). But if there's one thing I'd love to recieve, that would most definitely be a celtic ring! Escpecially one in sterling silver! Darn... Now's when I wish I was in Ireland. I wouldn't have so much trouble getting the ONE ring that I truly desire! But here, getting a celtic ring that's truly celtic (not just some mindless jumble of knots) is as likely as finding the easter bunny at Christmas!

Oh how I wish my saviour would come sweeping down with this ring at hand and offer it to me and go his merry way! (You didn't expect me to say propose now... did you?)

Oh well... all I can do now is gaze at this picture and hope that maybe one day, I'll get to go to Ireland and gaze at those ruined sites where the druids once sang and the Celts ruled all under sky!
The Dream Ring! @__@
P.S. I seriously doubt if I was half Irish - half Japanese in my previous life! Maybe I was obsessed with all things Indian then. ;D
Oh... and if anyone can kindly get me that ring... I assure you, I'll remember your name when I become the ruler of the world and I shall personally make sure that you have your own personal island to rule over! So... do hurry up!

Synapse - void where indifference dwells

It's very strange when you bring two people close to each other and then all of a sudden... you find that you're the one left out.

For some reason, I feel like I've heralded the death of a long lasting friendship with my own good will... wishing for them to be friends. But I guess they have no further need for me. That would be the only reason why both of them treat me like I've irked them both in unforgivable ways.

Well... Maybe I have. But I hope they understand that I've never meant them harm intentionally and neither shall I ever. But somehow... I feel they're growing so distant to me. Indifferent, they were many a times... and now, I'm the only individual who's not a part of their group's camaraderie.

Maybe I was nothing but an intial catalyst in their equation. One who would always remain aloof and one who would only be used when there is a need for it.

But the one thing I cannot stand is the fact that I have been blamed of being indifferent. In reality... who's been indifferent? Was it I? I, who'd rushed to their respective houses when they needed a shoulder to cry on? Was it I? I, who'd gladly given away priceless books when he'd come asking for them? And now, when the need for books was over and they'd found stronger shoulders to lean on, I stand apart... alone... aloof. Maybe they see me cold. But that is not because I desire to be so. It is just that since the day I could remember, I had been in essence, alone.

Now I don't say I blame anyone for that... that's just the way I am! But now I realize... I was not truly needed in the first place. And no matter how hard I try, I shall never get close to any of them.

So, I remain.... as I was before. Alone and content in knowing there is nobody around to break my heart once more.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One day at the beauty parlour

Alright. Before we go any further, I want it understood that my tryst with the beauty parlours never extend further than a quarterly haircut.

I've never actually had a pedicure or a manicure and God forbid, I've never done my eyebrows! (it would help if I had any!)

Well... I don't intend to mourn for non-existent facial hair (that sounded weird) here. Today, I decided to give my hair a trim and the poor thing was asking for it! Almost all the strands on my head were taking things right out of Nuclear Physics and split up at random places like an excited Uranium nucleus. It ultimately resulted in a LOT of hair on my comb... more than what I'd like!

And since the "barber" near my place was like a light switch (either a mushroom cut or a tonsure), I always decide to avoid his shop. I know I'd look like a total freak with either of his preferential hair styles! And this left me with just one choice. The local beauty parlour.

And since all I needed was a small itsy-bitsy trim, I decided to go late. And when I reached the place at around four in the afternoon today, I was quite surprised to find not even enough space to seat my "not-so-excessive" hiney on any of the benches they had.

It seemed as though every woman in the neighbourhood had decided to come. There was one lady who wore some weird white paste on her face and another who was wincing slightly as one of the 'beauticians' bent over her face menacingly with a white thread that she'd doubled about to pluck facial hair out. That was when I thanked the lucky stars that blessed me with scanty eyebrows!

The women there seemed to share admirable camaraderie! Well... that was bound to be there if they all met together every Sunday, enduring hair plucking! But since I was quite new to the place, I chose to remain in one corner, observing the women preen and complain about their beauty or the lack of it.

And as I sat there, I became aware of one thing. Looking pretty is not a walk in the park! There involved a lot of meticulous procedures which when done incorrectly, could make the victim look like Rapunzel's mama. Now it all became logically clear why celebrity women invited their stylists to dinner and holidays! These people play 'God' to many of the less beautiful and make them the many Divas who grace the earth today.

And if I thought Quantum Mechanics was a bit complicated, I was badly mistaken. There was one lady who was asking the customer which creme she wanted for her facial... And all of them apparently did the same thing!

I waited patiently for my turn to come though I felt like I needed to get away as soon as possible! And when my turn did come, the person who was working on me went on talking as she snipped inches away from my tress. It was amazing... her steady hand would be something that nervous surgeons would die for. But I found the other contributor to the conversation, another customer a little annoying. She had a permanent squeak to her voice and if that wasn't enough, she waved her hand about animatedly as she went on and on about unreliable servant maid. I was understandably scared when she kept stepping closer to the person working on my hair (well... it was only a trim... but what the heck! The word "working" sounds so... a la elite!).

In the end, I am quite relieved that the issue with my degenerating hair is dealt with. And now, I don't have split ends. So, I guess I'll leave that world of a million cremes and spreads to the experts and stick to the things I know.

And I still am not tempted to get a facial just in case any one's curious!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tryst with the Immature

I'm sure most of us have experienced this scenario atleast once.
Imagine this : You're approached by a total stranger who wants to know what your name is and where you live and what your goal in life is and a million other things.
Now... I am not against making new friends. But when all you have to gauge this 'prospective' friend is a username and an 'avatar' that is not even human-ish.... you will have second thoughts. And with good reason.

Now this 'person' had contacted me through my IM id which I am not sure how he came to know. And well... it started with a 'Hi'. And for the sake of courtesy I replied back. (This shall be my mistake numero uno) And then he kept on asking for various details like my name and how it seemed weird (my onscreen name is different from my real one) and blah blah blah... I can assure you... he wasn't exactly the best conversationalist. And so... I chose to keep myself aloof.
And then, he was talking about my goals in life. I mean come on! I am not the type of person to share my life's goals with a total stranger.

And I must admit I got worked up at his insistence and did sarcastically point it out to him that I wasn't interested. And for the first day, he left! (Cue for a sigh of relief)
but Nay... He did return the next day. I should've blocked the bloke (that sounds nice!) but I didn't. Well... I didn't want to send the wrong message to people that I wasn't sociable (My second mistake). On second day, his tone was a lot more friendlier... and that got me even more suspicious. He kept blabbing about his day and other equally disconnected things (If he had half the brains he claimed he did... He would've gotten the hint). And then... suddenly, he asked me to send me the link of my profile from my social networking site. Now this seriously got me worried. I declined the offer. And at this point, things got nasty. He suddenly switched over from the very nice 'prospective' friend to the aggressive male dish-rag who accused me of b**ching around with him. (Oh... polite denial is termed that... huh?) and horror of horrors! He had hacked into my acocunt already and showed me my own photos! Well... that was when I decided enough was enough. I have blocked him ever since.

Now I'm sure this post sounds like a sermon in many ways. But well... I would just like to share what I've been through. I begin to suspect if my account has been hacked into for I find myself a member of communities that I would never in my right mind consider joining! (50cents... not my type ever!) And this latest incident. All I could do now was delete my albums and tighten the security a notch higher.

Apparently... there had been a security breach a month or two ago. I suspect this infiltration had happened then. But this incident hasn't exactly left me ruffled, for I believe there are more number of intelligent netizens than there are dumb-ass idiots like the one I managed to bump into!
That person has long since created a community that borders on vulgarity under my expense. And I'm not sure if he'll stop at that. But whatever weapons he may throw at me, I am fully prepared to meet him head-on. I understand that these jerks feed on their victim's fear and to appear non-plussed would be the first thing I should do. And I am non-plussed.

But what fails to amuse me is that... this person claims to be a citizen of the US for the past 9 years. But his demeanour clearly shows what a lout he is in reality. Oh well... he's promised me I'd be famous in the "nether" circles of the Web. And I've wished him luck on making a fool out of himself. We'll see what happens. And nope! I'm not some cry-baby indian doll who runs for cover at the slightest signs of trouble... bring it on buster! I'm more than ready for you! >=)

And now, a few pointers to such "people" who lurk the web everywhere :
  • Not everybody is into spontaneous cyber bon homie. And no... Just because we know your name, we're not going to go out with you.
  • Please be mature enough to understand that when a person doesn't want to be your friend, they don't want to be your friend. They're being open and honest about their feelings regarding the relationship early on. Do understand that and maybe you'll lead a happier life.
  • Stop assuming that every girl or boy you meet will be flattered if you tell them you're rich and settled in the glorious "US of A". That place is not heaven. And you're not God.
  • Stop hunting for potential 'dates' in social networking sites. There are specific websites for that and I think you'll find a warmer reception there.
  • Don't assume that every girl you meet will be a beautiful princess who shall gladly accept your advances and shall happily walk down the aisle with you.
  • And there are certain basic courtesies that are universally accepted. hacking into another person's account just to be rude is not only immature, its also demeaning on your part.
  • And finally... Rudeness is a sign of fear and weakness that's lurking in your heart. If you're not afraid or weak, prove it by being courteous and civil.

And for all those other people out there, who've seen their accounts being infiltrated,

  • Report spams and harmful messages immediately. Delete them as soon as you get them.
  • Check to see if any abmormal aspects are present in your profile. Check if you have any additional communities tha you don't remember signing into.
  • Do NOT accept friend requests from strangers. They may be well meaning. But why take a chance?
  • I know I shouldn't be saying this... but don't post sensitive information in any public domain. The world has its share of evil doers. And their conscience has long been dead.
  • Lock your albums. But that may just be a fancy way of keeping things safe... but not necessarily an efficient way. Hackers can hack locks very easily. And so, just to be on the safer side, don't put your albums online. (yes! yes! I've learnt my lesson now! :D)
  • Don't be intimidated if some low life decides to taunt you. A bully can only trouble you if you're scared of him. That person has a much lower level of self-confidence than you. Let your bravery come out and fight for your justice! :D
  • Have good relationships with your friends (the ones you've seen and met). Don't care what the world thinks of you. As the saying from Dr. Seuss goes,
    "Those who matter don't mind. And those who mind don't matter."

So folks... Have a splendid time online but just be careful a little.

Now, to all those potential 'friends' out there! I humbly apologize if I don't tell you my exact address and directions to come to my house the very first day we meet. And I'm sorry... I'm not that trusting.

Friday, July 4, 2008

In pursuit of Laziness

I feel totally uninspired right now... Almost like I survive because I have to. Oh! How I wish something would change and grant me enough excitement to blog about! And there were some leaks in the house and the whole family is hunting the plumber down for not fixing it.

And I seriously want a pet! A dog.... I don't mind mongrels! I love mongrels as a matter of fact! Oh... How I wish I had a dog! I find them very spiritual and inspiring! Almost as inspiring as sugar...

The weather is a little onto the 'HOT' side... and I am feeling drowsy though I know I shouldn't sleep off in the afternoon like this... There are so many chores to do. But what is one to do with no inspiration!?

Oh well... I guess I'll just wallow through my days thus and end my life in a dramatic display of emotions.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random.... very random thoughts

Well... I was just going through my old stuff... and I came across this diary where I'd jotted random notes (that make no sense whatsoever!) back when I was employed in Cognizant and was forced to 'bench' it out! I thought they were funny... But if you think not, go play in the traffic!

  • Smiley balls (now now! No dirty thoughts!) make Akheelah Raghupathi smile like she was a botoxed Cheshire cat!
  • Saranya knows loads of stuff about Australia, Pregnancy and other family stuff (ahem...ahem...)
  • Anurag....(sigh....dreamy guy alert!) is awesome and hot! But he gives me the same amount of attention he gives a worn out dish-rag!(And Ken.... Don't worry! It 'was' just an itsy-bitsy crush! :D)
  • Nisha seems all sad... and she keeps biting her nails!
  • Anisha loves my backpack and looks so cute wearing it!
  • Roysetta.... knows about 'Things'! GASP.... ^_^;
  • Priya is as patient as the hills! She so patiently puts up with me!
  • Vidhya is "Karthik's" friend.... (James Blunt's "You're beauiful" should apply here where I come! And I'll be the one singing! LOL)
  • Tamilosai... she talks like a pro... and can have even the most morose person in splits in seconds! Rock on girl! ;)
  • Testing sucks!
  • Development ELT's (Entry Level Trainees) look way better than Testing ELT's.... the guys atleast! :P

Now.... I know this sounds weird... but it almost feels like I've been a mute spectator of some vision from my past.... and it felt good! Thanks for joining me here! Now, go on!

How to ride a bike in Chennai Roads - A victim's guide to survival

When your friend calls on you and asks you out for a movie, it is only natural that you are all happy-happy! And if this excursion comes after a long time of forced seclution where you're forced to do nothing but study, many would probably jump for joy! And though I don't actually hate the 'study' part, I did jump for joy.

Oh yes... this was supposed to be a victim's guide right? So, let's get right into it people!

  • Rule no.1: Never... Ever... wear tight denim skirts and attempt to drive a Honda Dio. It can not only make you look like a total 'sissy' diva out on her first ride, but it can also give you serious side aches!
  • Rule no.2: Always wear a helmet. It may look a little stupid with the denim skirt (another reason why you shouldn't wear denim skirts when 'you' drive. If it is your boyfriend or some other equally flauntable companion, by all means.... wear that denim! Show those legs! ;)) But rest assured.... you'd look even stupider in a hospital tunic having your brain operated upon just because you though the helmet was totally unnecessary.
  • Rule no.3: Keep it in mind that following traffic rules can lead to people looking down on you. But if you don't and there's some sort of accident, the same people will take approximately 0.782 nano-seconds to blame it on you.
  • Rule no.4: Make sure you don't have a rabid maniac of a friend going in front of you, leading the way... It can be pure horror!
  • Rule no.5: Get it into the thick skull of your maniac of a friend that right turns and left turns call for indications (eg: you've these blinkie-blinkies that're called indicators... and if you want to go right, you put the right blinkie-blinkie on and if you want to go left, you put the left one on. Kapish? Or wave your hand like you're flagging down a bus! DO SOMETHING, DAGNAMIT!)
  • Rule no.6: Ultimate rule
    Avoid driving in these manic streets if you can help it!

And yes... I managed to think of all this when I was driving... I wonder if this means I was neglecting my driving.

P.S. - This post was supposed to make no coherent sense. If it does... well blame it on me, why don't you! >__<