Thursday, September 11, 2008

College notes...

It has been long... I know. But then again, having joined college and having the weirdest kind of professors breathing down your neck, finding time to actually blog will be a rarity.

My leg is swollen. And so I took a day off (Now you know why I'm blogging! ;P).

And it has been close to one month since college started (maybe more... but what the hell!). And there are so many things happening right now!

We're having Mechanical Engineering workshops and engineering graphics classes! And for the life of me, I don't know what I'm doing welding things and melting iron! especially when I wouldn't ever be taking any further courses in either! Oh well.. atleast this means I get to try new things...

And my Math professor's such an angel! But he's currently on leave and we have a substitute dropping in. He's made us see how much our old math professor's has done for us... our new professor's the exact opposite of our old one.

Thank God he won't be around for long though!

And my classmates are from the deepest part of the state.... mostly not from the urban side of civilization. And well... that makes our classes interesting to say the least. There are a few who're from the city though and I've already made friends with most of them. They're all a nice bunch. But even then... I still feel like there's something inbetween them and me. As though we're both facing a transparent wall of sorts. I guess time will take care of these little things...

And as for the course, I should say I'm finally at peace with myself. I'm back to doing what I like. (I would've loved taking up Theoretical Physics... But Material Science is better than Software testing anyday! And mroeover...I guess one needs to be smarter than what I am!)

That's it for now I guess... I still feel like I've more to tell. But all that can wait.