Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a Heart! :(

Photo of a dog behind a chain-link fence at th...

I must say I am a really big admirer of anything Japanese. But recently, I came across an article that has saddened me a lot.

The Japanese are really nice, agreeable people... they are polite, punctual and very hard working. But they have certain quirks that are a little irritating in certain situations. I am talking about the numerous dogs that are abandoned every day in the streets of Japan because their owners had lost interest in them. Now, I am sure this sort of thing is common in all countries of the world... we've heartless bastards everywhere! But what really makes it difficult for these poor creatures is the stigma that is associated with adopting a dog from the shelter.

The Japanese consider anything second-hand as damaged and not worthy of ownership. So, the abandoned dogs are considered 'hand me downs' and so, not many people come forward to take them in and give them a loving home. Since there's always another designer pet shop around the corner that stocks up on the latest trends in canine ownership, why would anyone want hand me downs? This means that the shelters there are hard pressed to find homes for these animals. And since very few people would go to the shelter, these animals have a very bleak future that would last seven days at the most... then, they are euthanized.

But there is still hope for these adorable animals.

"Heart Tokushima" is a non-profit organization that is trying to change the mindset of the people regarding shelter pets. It is a known fact that these animals are a bit more loving than the other pets one buys since they know the harsh realities of the shelter and the bliss of a loving home.

Let us hope things get better for our furry friends out there! And remember... adopt, don't shop! I could give you a million reasons why! :) But all that for another time.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally out of my system!

Finally, I realize how immature some of my dreams and wishes have been. Ah well... I finally wake up to my senses here! :) And for those who wish to know what exactly happened, I'm not telling you! The beauty lies in intrigue.

I'm running out of in-country institutions who'll take me in for a Research Student. Looks like I might just need to apply to some "awesome" place abroad, go there, slog hard and get a shitty degree that will probably never hold any merit where it matters. But it's either that or get married to a CA Mallu Nair. Please don't be offended, people... I have nothing against Nairs or Mallus or CA graduates... but please... I cannot see myself living with someone who had the tenacity to spend a good part of his life, writing exams and doing accounts. If I need an auditor, I'll employ one. I don't need one for a husband! And the same goes out to prospective grooms stationed in "Nationalized" banks, "Software" companies and the other equally heinous places of work.

They are all people who've given in to the monotony of life... people who'll think I need a trip to the shrink when they see me dancing in my pajamas in the living room to ARASHI music... people who'll think I have got nothing better to do with life than to read up on invented languages. (anyone found insulting Tolkien's works in front of me will be hung by their thumbs!)

And then there's this fixation with all things Japanese... I know many of my own friends tend to shy away when I discuss these things... Sometimes I wonder if it would've been better if I was more like them.... then I kick myself and get back to my copy of "Genji no Monogatari".

I know I am not AT ALL smart in what I do... I am stuck in the middle... neither with the dunderheads nor with the smart elites. It can be lonely here... but heck... this is exactly who I am and this is exactly what I love about myself! I am not going to give myself up for anything that isn't worth my "weirdness"!

And to all those "mallu CA mapillai"s out there... Sorry fella'! But... this is NOT going to happen!

P.S. Isn't it weird how I'm typing this for the whole world to see but now, I would like nothing better than to give the guy next to my system, staring at my screen, an atomic wedgie?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A girl looks the prettiest when she dreams of her loved one. Her eyes light up.... her smile's soft... Her entire demeanor is like that of a soft dove cooing in the moonlight. I just realized that! And too bad, I haven't ever been so madly in love... I guess it would've been quite an experience! Ah well! Cest la vie!

P.S. The keyboard in the system I'm working on is all jumbled up! It's surreal!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In search of Understanding.

Time seems to have warped around me in a sense! Events that happened a long time ago.... months ago... seem as though they had occurred to pass just yesterday and those that are merely a few days old, seem way more ancient in chronology.

Surely, I live in a surreal rut right now. And to add to the misery, some of my closest friends seem to be going through quite the rough patch right now... almost as if synchronized with my misfortunes (though, I'd like to call it a chance awakening for which I am eternally grateful!).

One of them is in an abusive relationship. Her partner has given her such mental torture that she went as far as slitting her wrist. Though I am seething with fury at the asshole for being the one responsible for her pain, I can't help but be a little angry at my friend as well. How could she be so stupid? Why did she have to do that just to make him feel better? Why can't she just show him the middle finger and walk away? And I'm left without answers.

Isn't the greatest fear of Man loneliness? Though we try to reassure ourselves otherwise, all the problems of the world stem from the lack of understanding and the fear of being alone. And being alone doesn't necessarily mean being alone physically. I for one, know how lonely one can feel even when one is with someone when there is no understanding...the fear of not being understood... that is what plagues every single person around.

Maybe my friend feared the very same thing... Maybe she was weak... We're all weak deep inside... somewhere deep inside, we're all lonely children waiting for a comforting hug or a smile or a reassuring pat on the back. Some lucky ones find them... and most don't.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally.... free!

Remember when I told you, I was at a crossroads of sorts? Well... I have decided finally. This will involve the breaking of some bonds and the building of others. But I know the bonds I build now shalln't be the same as before and I hope I'm doing the right thing here. Then again, I'm not happy with the way things are right now and rather than wait for some force to come change it for me, I hope to be the force that shall bring it about!

I don't know how many people understand what I try to express here. The fewer the better. But a time has come to give it right back at some people! And thankfully, I am well supported by friends who're some of the best things God ever created!

Speaking of God, I sometimes wonder if I should smile and thank him or suckerpunch him and then do the talking! But I guess what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and the recent events have made me strong enough to take on Chuck Norris if need be!

Now, everyday is a new possibility... and I am relieved to be free at last! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Woes of an Interview

I've just gotten back from an Interview session at TIFR, for my PhD application. And let me tell you something.... It went so horribly wrong! I shalln't go into the details and relive the horror, thank you! But... imagine a room... with six of the brainiest and cockiest people on the face of the planet and one poor, scared and comparatively dimwitted soul trapped inside for one whole hour!
Just thinking about it makes me feel faint! Ah well... I guess I've seen the worst there is... so, all things should be better in comparison, hereon?

And I don't know... somehow, after the trip, I feel a lot of people have been having the wrong ideas about me... And it pains me to see this in plain sight... being ignored... or treated with a hint of disdain. Ah well... I sure as hell, hope I'm being paranoid here. And if I'm not, well... tough luck! It was nice knowing you people!

But to give others their due credit, I'm as thankful as the first human who found toast bread for having friends who actually messaged me and called me, encouraging me to do my best! Thanks guys!

And as for now, I'm just putting this event out of my mind and shall be concentrating on the exams that are to come! Hopefully, there'll be at least one institute that's sucker enough to take me in! :P

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seriously.... wtf?!

I have to admit... the Internet is one weird place! And with Google thrown into the picture, it's almost surreal! It's almost like there are no questions that haven't been asked before! (except perhaps some obscure book on Metallurgy... but that could be because I'm not searching too hard!)
Well, why am I at awe all of a sudden, having had the Internet at my disposal for longer than I care to remember? Well... it's a little silly, actually.

I remember a time when there were no DTH services... no hidden charges for cable channels... a time when I was the happiest (Animax.... my darling Animax! T__T). And at that time, they had shown this really weird but good (it was good because it was weird! :P) sci-fi show. I had long since forgotten its name and remember just bits and pieces of it... (the blue lady with the phallic head just refuses to leave my mind, for some weird reason!)

And suddenly, I wanted to know what that show was named. The problem, I didn't know anything about the show... not the names of the characters, the actors who played the parts... zilch! The only thing I remember vivdly is that the ship in which they travel was a live thing. And so, I did a Google search typing "ship that is alive"... I was feeling like a total twat when I was doing it. I mean... anyone who sees me thus is probably going to think I've lost my marbles!

And voila! I needn't worry. Someone had obviously had the same doubt before me and had asked the question! And strangely, the question was phrased exactly how I had pictured my query to sound like! "Which sci-fi show has a ship that is alive?"

Can you believe it?! :D And so, thanks to that good soul, I now know the name of that show.... not that knowing it gives added meaning to my life... but what the heck!

P.S. I suck at conversations! I just managed to drive away a classmate on Chat thanks to my apathetic replies ! *sigh* I lead a sad... sad life!

P.P.S. if anyone's wondering what show I was refering to, it's called "Farscape". Heard of it? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm?

Friday, March 5, 2010

iPod's been fixed!

Before people start marching to my house with torches and stakes, claiming I have been cruel to my iPod, robbing it of some of the joys of procreation (okay, that sounds weird!), I wish to make myself clear! When I mean have my iPod 'fixed, I mean I have finally gotten a replacement for my iPod head phones. And I am just beginning to realize how much I missed listening to music most people don't understand. (Welsh, Japanese, Whale songs... you know.... the usual!) All is well in my land once more! Yay... Anime Music, here I come!

I'm gonna listen to lots of music now, folks! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I called... would you come?

I saw Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya last week. And I haven't been so moved in ages! Before ye brand me as a hopeless romantic, hear my plea!

The movie showed love as it is. None of the flossy running around trees with hags dressed in angel costumes showering you with paper flowers... no loud mouthed hero who could beat up twenty goons with one hand... no villainous super villain who is hell bent on killing the hero... no sugar coating... ever!

The Hero's the kind of guy you meet everyday. A guy who's in love, yet doesn't go overboard in his proclamations. A heroine who's sane, doesn't wear a skimpy mini skirt to office (just because the script demanded it!), doesn't faint in the middle of a fight (there are no fights here... not the dishoom dishoom types, at-least!), doesn't go overboard with the face paint... is just your girl next door. And they fall in love. Simple as that... or probably not... But the movie shows it as it is.

The songs were beautiful, especially 'Hosana'... It had a nice feel to it. Almost like making me smile thinking of the kind of love he had for his girl. And the other songs gelled well with the script... so, no problems there! If there's one other thing that got me straight at the heart, it's the carefully selected ambience throughout the movie. Not a couch is out of place... and just because it's a movie, nothing's been glamourized or overdone.

And in the end... what really got me was the climax. It was so different... yet so right! I was a little anxious when I heard a rumour they'd changed it! No other ending would work and Gautham Vasudeva Menon has understood that! I can't say how glad I am to finally meet a director who doesn't dilly dally just to make it commercial!

On the whole, for music, I'd give it 5/5! (A.R.R. rocked the roofs off, people!)

For cinematography and camera work, I'd again give it a 5/5!

For Simbu, whom I had earlier been wary of, for having given such a memorable performance, especially towards the end, I give him a 4.75/5... still gotta work on the voice, me lad!

For Trisha, for portraying 89% of girls in the country so beautifully, I give her another 5/5.

For Ganesh, the trusty best friend of the hero, for having carved a special place in the hearts of the masses without having to do slapstick humour, I give him a 5/5.

And for Gautham, for having given such a heart touching tale in its true colours, I give him yet another 5/5!

On a final note, this movie has made me laugh... made me sniffle.... made me feel so many things... Everybody... go see it NOW!!