Thursday, August 29, 2013

I passed! I PASSED!! I FREAKING PASSED!!! And then, I was broke....

Alrighty! For those of you who're wondering as to what the jibbers I'm going on about, I'll have you know that I have safely cleared my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2 level safe and sound... okay. just barely! But whatever! I cleared! And that's all I'm bothered about.

N2 amigos! I am now officially somewhat knowledgeable in what I do.... I think!
And now for the sad part... I'm nearly broke! Well.... not exactly nearly broke... I mean, well... ah, forget it!

To celebrate the great news that is me clearing the N2 level, I decided I'd get myself a new pair of jeans! And since I'm monstrously tall (according to everyone shorter than me) and being infamously thin (again, according to folks fatter than me), I cannot buy jeans that are supposed to be for women because everybody assumes that you're going to be either gigantic or petite! Nope! No sizes in the middle!! And as is my wont, I was browsing through the Men's section of Jeans on the interwebz. (more on that, later!)

I found the jeans I wanted and added the bugger to my cart... and clicked order now! But for some reason, I just couldn't click checkout! I just couldn't bring myself to!!

And so, here I am. Broke... with a pair of jeans I terribly want... with just enough money to get it if I forgo food and commutation for the next seven days!!

Why? Why, oh Lord?!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Life's lessons

Hello there!

August is finally here and the days have begun to get a little cooler! (Thank God for that!)

And I've been bursting to tell the world exactly how I've been faring!
What's that? You don't care? Oh well, don't let the back button hit you in the smacker when you leave! Aaaaaahahahahaha!!!!

Okay...for those of you who've decided to stick around and read on, here's what's been happening.

  1. I've finally decided to put my foot down and show a "few people" that I am not going to be taken for a ride!
  2. I've learnt that walking away does not mean you're weak. Sometimes, you need more courage and mental strength to walk away than to just let things be!
  3. I'm in a job I love! And I am surrounded by people who wish me well!
  4. I've become stronger. Yep! This is in direct correlation with point no. 2. And I've changed... in subtle ways that people who've known me before can feel. They say that blind, trusting innocence in me is not there anymore... that I've become a bit harder. Yes. I have. It would be surprising and altogether impossible not to change after going through the cesspool of ordeals that I was made to go through. But just so everyone knows, I still possess a heart and soul. And I trust people. Just that, before, I used to feel hurt when that trust was broken and wouldn't say a word. But now, I'm becoming the woman who makes the Devil groan that I'm up for another day! Yes... no more bullshit! And definitely no more hurt!!
  5. I've gotten a dog!!! YES! I HAVE!!!! She's an adorable little thing that loves me so very much that both of us suffer from separation anxiety sometimes, when we don't see each other. She's at my place of work. But I get to take her home when I leave that job for another one!
  6. I've learnt to love myself. Yep... how can you expect someone to love something you don't? And that should include yourself! I am not perfect... heck, I'm a mess at times! But this is me. And this is how I'll always be. I've realized that I cannot be what anyone else wants me to be and be happy at the same time. So, here's to being myself and the joys that it brings!!
That's all that I can think of right now! Do you have things you've learnt along life?