Sunday, September 19, 2010

Relative is the word!

I'm sure almost all of us have undergone some really moving and sad events in our life. And for that one moment, we believe we are the most afflicted life form in the whole wide world. And I, as aloof and funny as I may seem, have also had such moments in my life.

I don't say we're being selfish thinking so, but somehow, I feel in the face of adversity, we tend to forget the world around us and concentrate only on ourselves. If only were we to look outside and see some of the others who've had and have troubles that we can't even dream of, I'm sure our own troubles will seem like disintegrating dandelions in the wind! Truly, troubles are of the 'relative' kind! Emotional bereavement to one is sometimes more unbearable than the loss of life to others. And as for me, life lost is always the most unbearable, no matter how many sad episodes I personally go through... life lost somewhere still manages to dwarf my own troubles to nothingness!

Right now, I feel the best way I can be happy is by having the ones around me smiling! And knowing that I am the reason why they smile, makes me happy automatically! :D

Here's to good friends and a cruel world that teaches us such lessons of wisdom well earned!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Words of Gratitute

I am surrounded by such well meaning people right now and somehow, their presence feeds my confidence and optimism beautifully! Thank you, dearest friends of mine, for what you do to me and my thoughts! And though there is a rough patch in every person's life, I'm sure they'll all be smoothened in due course! And yes.... matters of the heart will be eased and the estranged shall become close once more! :D

Mr. V, you are such a nice human being. And somehow, as a friend, it aches me to see you so worried. Worry not! All will be well soon enough - we'll make sure of it! And your plight affects me so much and though I know why, I cannot deem to reveal all that I know for fear of seeming all assuming! :) And my friend, she will be yours...for all your kindheartedness, she would have to be a fool not to!

Mr. A, I have never ever had the good fortune of being acquainted to someone like you before! And I thank the lucky stars that I met you when I did! And my sister is one lucky person! And I am truly happy for you. A, I have two words for you! - "You rock!"

Ms. B, being a person who's inspired me with your kindness and impressed me with your wit and charm, I cannot say how much I treasure you being my friend! Do continue to be who you are, sister in soul! :D

Ms. S, your purity of heart is something I shall always look up to. And you are just as precious as anyone else! Don't you ever forget that!

Mr.T, Dude.... it's amazing how much wisdom you have at such young an age! You have taught me that appearances are sometimes truly not what they seem. And I should say, you have such wealth of wit and wisdom within you, I shalln't be surprised if you aren't sought after for advice soon enough! :D

Thank you and continue to help me grow... as a person and a friend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

He's a SHE!!!!!

In an almost hilarious but shocking revelation, we've begun to realize that Tsuyoshi.... the puppy we have is not actually a 'he' at all! Hmmmm.... that explains the greater level of intelligence and the charms at such tender an age! And yes... I can't believe I didn't see this coming!

On the bright side, 'she' was discovered long before something untoward happened.... like a litter of puppies... or a string of no-good boyfriends! :P

Now, we get her fixed and all will be well once more.... but still, she refuses to answer to any other name we may call her except 'Tsuyoshi' and that is such a masculine name! All in all, this is such a 'D'oh' worthy moment!

Ai Eru, help me!

Friday, September 10, 2010


The days wane as I try to readjust my thinking to the fact that things will not be the same anymore... The hope I've sustained for a good two years and a half are slowly dying to cooling embers of desperation that seem to have no effect on anybody.... for once, I wish for happiness... I have never truly wished for anything for myself. All the good things in my life were thrust upon me at the most unexpected of times and then so ruthlessly snatched away again. And right now, it makes me wonder what I could've done to anger the higher Providence.. I still do have a few dregs of hope left... But I'm afraid to hope again...

Friday, September 3, 2010

There.... I said it.....again!

It is not everyday that you walk into office and stare at a spectacle that wouldn't be out of place at a play school! Gaaaaaah! I have no idea how I'm going to put up with certain people at my place of work. Forget professionalism, all I ask for is the basic traits of maturity and common sense you'd expect from people who're in the middle of their twenties! And no Megna.... groveling for candies from people you hardly know and being a total prat and demanding others to have lunch prepared for you as well when they can't even find the energy to make their own is NOT very appealing, unfortunately. And jeez! I hate my name to a certain extent myself. But I'd never change it to something else! I mean, come on! It was given to me by my parents and I love them more than I hate my name.

And Vivek, I am barely finding the restraint to not slap you and be done with it when you and your stupid antics of spreading childish rumours about others drive me insane! You sir, are inane. And if you don't know what that means, look it up in a dictionary. And yeah, I am human and I can't sport the same stupid plastic smile you dimwits sport all the time. And if that irritates you, bite me! Oh, and just because you deem it fit to call your darling MD your 'anna', it doesn't mean I should as well! That guy has no innate qualities that would entitle him to be related to me in any way!

And Karthik, being an MD doesn't give you extra heads or horns for that matter! The next time you try rushing MY TEAM to achieve whatever stupid silly target you've set for them, I will skewer you alive with the same marker pen you use to drive everybody insane. Oh, and your idea of reinventing your looks now makes you look like a scalded potato. And no, nobody's even bothered about how you flit from aisle to aisle... Gosh, you look so desparate doing that! And the next time I see you making doe eyes to either me or my team members, I shall saw your head off and stick it up a pike and place it in front of that dimwitted idiot of an employee who is dumb enough to worship the very ground you walk on. STANDARDS PEOPLE?! WHERE DID STANDARDS GO?!

Aaaaaaaaah..... muuuuuuuuuuch better! :D