Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oooga Booga Booga! Plaga plaga plagaaaaa!

Plagiarism.... it's a funny word, ne? I've just witnessed folks biting and clawing each other in a battle of bloggers where one claimed that the other stole things from her blog while the other just didn't bother replying. Hate posts ensued from both ends as things heated up further and I, like the shameless Homo Sapien that I am, sat by the sidelines and watched them sling mud at each other.

Now, my two cents in this whole affair? Well... after careful analysis of both sites in question, Judge Jud- er I mean Judge Kikyo has reached the conclusion that both of them have stolen their ideas from other places.... All of them are makeup blogs and well... let's just name them blog A, blog R and blog K.

Blog R accuses Blog A of plagiarism but funnily, seems to have stolen most of the ideas from an older Blog K. And well, since Blog K hasn't joined the mud-slinging, no comments can be garnered from that point of view. Aaaaanyway, just as a hindsight, the ones who stole things from another definitely needs to reassess the actual benefits for the act. I mean, does it really really make it all worth the effort? Stealing is not an easy thing to do... I mean, it requires so much effort... so much concentration and atleast a half-filled cerebral cortex! *discretely puts away the stolen toilet paper behind her* And so, ahem.... where were we?

Yes... and the ones who got their stuff stolen have all the justified reasons to huff and puff. But I seriously think it would be better if they take action at the first instance rather than give the sly ones all the rope they need and a few extra yards besides.

So, is anyone stealing things from my blog? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

*random crickets chirp* o_O;;

I shouldn't be too worried about that now... I hardly have anyone reading my rants anyway... *mumble grumble* Riiiiight... nobody ever wants to read what a silly weird cooky girl writes, now do they? *sniffle* yes, yes... it's alright. I'm not hurt by the silence! Not at all! T_T I'm used to all this by now... *bawls openly* that's more pathetic than anything~!

*Sigh* and just to make it perfectly clear, the images of Ali are from his makers site where it is encouraged that we use them. :) And the jab about the "toilet paper" was a joke! I do not steal toilet paper! We live in tough times if a simple joke needs to be explained so as to not be misconstrued! Not that I don't trust you, my darling readers... reader.... *sniffle* Let's not go there... Okie?

Disclaimer: The author had injested two cups of extra sugar coffee before writing this post and so was in an extremely volatile "state". All rants and complains shall be cordially listened to. :D Tee hee! And I know the title is a little dumb. Blame it on the sugar, folks! :P

Oh, and I'm playing the Angry birds app that comes with Chrome! Yayness! And I never knew catapulting birds and destroying piggy hideouts could be this much fun!

Lookie! Ali playes Angry birds too!
Oh, and I guess everybody sees that +1 button thingy at the end of the post. Wouldn't it be nice if you were to press it? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Come on, you know you want to! :P

Peace out, people!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Ten Commandments.....Canine ishtyle!

I came across this picture when I was just crawling through the Internet a few hours ago. It has to be one of the most touching things ever... and true to the last bit!

Awww... this brings back such memories about Appu and Tsuyoshi... I teared up a little when I found Tsuyoshi's old leash today. Ah... I guess I'll dedicate another post to all her antics that endeared her to everyone into whose life she sauntered into.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates! Updates!

If anybody is wondering if I am alive and well, I am. My house is in the middle of a major makeover. We're dusting, polishing, cleaning, painting, arranging, breaking, beautifying.... the works!

And I seem to have the worst case of Dysmenorrhea! There, I said it! :)

The groom hunting is going pretty well! Apparantly, there're folks who wish to marry even the likes of me! Yay!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The greener side of the fence on a Mobius world... is greener?

Isn't it weird? You aim for something with all your heart and then suddenly you realize that by some cruel twist of fate, you can never get it. And then as though to add further sleepless nights to your pathetic life, you realize those around you with whom you shared equal footing managed to get it. Everybody is happy and you're happy for them. But sometimes, in the dead of the night, you lie awake wondering if you truly are all that! And in some cynical rite, the entire world around you goads your misogynist ego.

Then, you see them suffer... The thing you aspired for wasn't all that great. You see them lament and spew ash around in despair as they cry out in agony. They wonder why they wanted it in the first place. They wonder if they had committed a mistake taking this up. They look at you and your simple preoccupations and the green scaly beast claws their innards. And as you sit in your little world of uncomplicated pleasures, you wonder if not getting it was that bad.

Like they say, "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence." But in a world whose topology is closest to the Mobius strip, is it really greener? Or more importantly, is it really the other side?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Purettsu ahn ahn... Hey ahn ahn! :D

I should hand it out to the Japanese. They can come up with some really weird but oddly addictive adverts. Check this out!

I'll buy you dinner and give you ten bucks over that if you can figure out the pun in this video! The hint's in the title of this post! :P LOL... awesome! 

Yessir! Yessir! A refrigirator full!

Happy day! Happy day! I went grocery shopping at Nuts 'n' Spices and managed to get all the sauces that I love in Subway! And sooooooooo, right now, at my place, I have -

  • Mayonnaise! Well... we always have mayo here but still, yay!
  • Barbecue sauce! Yay again!
  • Vinaigrette! This was such a lucky break... I wasn't even looking for salad dressings today but this baby just wanted to come home with me!
  • TERIYAKI SAUCE!!!!!!!! Yes! I have it finally! So there! I'm doing the happy dance here. :)
  • Italian Seasoning! I've been wanting this for the longest time and just recently managed to procure it.
  • Lychee juice! I love Lychee... Absolutely love lychee! If I get enough arable land, I'd plant the entire place with Lychee! I'd sleep in a bed of lychee if I could! That's how much I love lychee!
So, thank you to every single one of you who'd sent positive vibes my way to aid me in the quest for the elusive sauces and salad dressings! And another big thankies to everyone of you who thought of places in Chennai where I'd get these and were about to let me know after their Sunday brunch! :D I still love you guys!

Hmmmm.... now comes the task of finding room in my 冷蔵庫 for all these babies! :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I need help!

I saw a friend of mine throw an apple at another guy just to have it sliced in midair with a Katana! A Katana!!!! Can you believe it?! *sigh* Ah well...maybe there shall come a day when I will be honoured with a katana...*dreams away*

On a pleasanter note without the tinges of green, I absolutely love dining in Subway! I am aware not many that I know actually like that restaurant but I don't know... I love it there. Especially the one closest to my house. the staff there are really nice and sweet! And they serve the best subs in Chennai.

I don't mind whichever sub it is, I love adding those sauces to the sandwiches! Mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce and vinaigrette! All my Subway sandwiches have an illegal amount of teriyaki sauce... that and Vinaigrette! And Barbecue sauce! Ah... heavenly!
Speaking of which, does anyone here know where one can get Teriyaki sauce in Chennai? I absolutely love Teriyaki sauce!

P.S. Those who say Subway shall be escorted to the Gorilla Cage and shall have to endure countless Tameshigiri! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm going to paint! :D

It has finally been decided! We'll be repainting the prayer room. And if anyone's ever seen a Hindu Prayer room, you'll know that most of the walls tend to blacken thanks to the camphor and the diyas (oil lamps) that one lights up.Right now, our pooja room(prayer room) looks like someone had tried arson there!

It took some cajoling from my end to get my folks to agree to do the repainting without calling any of the professional painter folks! I mean, it's a teeny tiny room and if we can't even do that, it would be a saddening fact brought to light that we can't be self-reliant!

So, starting from tomorrow, Dad and I will be repainting the room. And I already have some ideas regarding the project! Yay! I'm going to be allowed to get messy paint all over me for once!

P.S. Mom actually let me have ice cream for breakfast today! Did I just die and go to heaven?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arbit thoughts about an arbit event

In countries like mine, arranged marriages are the norm. It involves the parents hunting for that perfect bride or groom for their children and having a match that's based on so many different parameters. The horoscopes, the caste, the religion, the lifestyles... the list is next to endless! And when one finds all these parameters matching to a certain extent, (a perfect match is a hypothetical phenomenon!) the prospective bride and groom talk to each other. Now, there is the question of compatibility. Does the girl go on and on about her favorite saas-bahu serial? Or does he talk about work and very little outside work? The proposals are dropped then and there. And then, if the two people find that there is a very good chance of them being capable of cohabiting a room without boring the other person to death, they move on to the next step which looks like a business negotiation. Sure, there are quite a few families that don't expect anything from the girl's side and vice versa but there are an equal number of other folks who put their demands out into the open with not an ounce of compunction. Sometimes the talks stop then and there and sometimes, the negotiations are made and the marriage materializes on middle ground.

And after all this is over, the engagement happens. This is like an unwritten deal between the two parties signalling that the boy and the girl are reserved for one another and they can now talk freely and work out the kinks if any. Sometimes the engagement is the day before the wedding and sometimes it is a year before the wedding. And the girl and the boy are expected to get to know each other by then (read: the girl must memorize all of the boy's likes and dislikes!).

And then the marriage happens and the girl and boy are left alone to do what they will with their lives together. the grownups will interfere only in the gravest of cases (though the mother-in-law is more than happy to decide everything for the couple... she knows best!).

In the midst of this pandemonium, the girl and the boy are sometimes (more often than not), overwhelmed by it all. I'm in a way happy that arranged marriages these days involve more of the ones getting married than from my parents' times. But still... it is so overwhelming. If the guy is someone employed in some other country, then the girl needs to adjust and adapt to the new place immediately!

Then again, if all of this is so troublesome, why do so many people choose to get married? Why don't they just choose someone for themselves and then bring in the family at a later stage? The answer is quite simple. Irrespective of how advanced we might pride ourselves to be, there remains one corner in every one of our hearts that yearns to hold onto the frayed strands of a yesteryear age. One where everybody had a say... one where we were all one big family. One where selflessness was a virtue that wasn't just preached. And we know, in our wisest moments, that those were some good old times!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who I am is not exactly who I should be... apparantly!

Forget the adage of ages old that professed the virtue of being true to yourself. Forget the sincere yearning to be accepted for what you are. It is all about showing the world what the world wants to see. Oh, you just saved a dying puppy and gave it a fresh leash at life? Isn't that just commendable? NOT! That means you're going to be dabbling in the mud with flea-ridden mongrels. Did you just smile at someone who happens to be working at your place and offered a kind word or two? Dear me! You haven't the slightest inkling on how the rungs of respectable society are fashioned!

And if you're on the verge of getting married, this applies especially to you! You do not want to be seen in unfavourable light in front of the family of the groom who is looking for the epitome of grace and finesse in their prospective bride!

Ai Elbereth.... what I wouldn't do to just let my hair down and have things be the way they are... I am what I am. I rescue mangy mutts from the road. I don't give a damn how much my "maid" earns and I couldn't care a rat's fart if I were to be seen hugging her or giving her a friendly word or two. And yes, I detest calling her by her name. She is my mother's age and that means she deserves equal respect! Can't handle all this? I suggest you indulge your locomotory organs in an exercise that shall take you the farthest from me! And Adieu to you too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On how my test went and how I suddenly feel the urge to throttle somebody!

My JLPT models went pretty well. I managed to score a 85.6% score and apparantly, that's pretty good.But seriously... I am aiming for a score above 95%. This is because, if I cannot manage a strict score above 90% at least in all my JLPT lower levels, I can just forget about taking it further! It is bound to get harder!

Oh people of Japan! How on earth do you guys manage with the grammar and the Kanji?! Then again, I learnt Sanskrit and compared to that, Japanese Grammar is pretty simple. Ah well... A long way to go still! I need to study hard!

And don't you just hate it when people reply to your long mails in a single word?! Seriously... What's the matter with folks?! Seriously, sometimes I wish I could march up to them and shake them by the collar and ask them what the problem is! Ah, more details in later posts! :)


JLPT Model tests are happening today! And me? I haven't studied a thing! This is going to be very interesting indeed! :(

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I cannot believe this!

I need to pinch myself... I need to make sure this isn't some sort of hallucination! Did my parents actually for once agree that my Japanese classes were of worth?!

Wow! Now, I'm being encouraged to do what I love the most! Yay me! God exists, I tell you! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Game's way

Date: Two days ago...
The time was well nigh twelve in the afternoon. I was staring at the screen with concentration evident in my strained forehead. There was just about no way that I could've lost that game! My friend sent me a smiley as he probably saw the margin of his win. This was not happening! I was the one who'd taught him the game! It was I who had known of the rules ahead of him! I had been in "Guru" and yet, now I feel a little foolish. How on earth did I lose?! And that too with half the board having his coins! There's just no logic to it! It was time to recoup! It was time I'd come up with a stratergy. And then it hit me... my mistake...

Date: Today...
"I'm looooooooosing...." I could almost hear the tapping on his "O" key.

I smiled as I told him just how even the two of us were at that point. I hoped he wouldn't get what I meant. It was selfish of me... yes. But for once, I was playing like I ought to. And he had the first move. So, no complaints! And then he resigned... I had won. It felt enlightening.

Moral? The game of Go is not all about aggression. If one were to play like a bandit, one would get the random spoil. But to win it, one needs to play like a true shogun. To blindly attack is disastrous! I'm learning... who knows, maybe this might be one of the few things I'm genuinely good at? :)

Care for a game of Go? :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's all arranged!

After quite a long time, I spoke with one of my best friends. We hadn't heard each other for quite some time and so, there was a lot to discuss... there were those issues regarding her love-life where her boyfriend's parents were not ready yet to accept the fact that their son can now actually choose someone worthy enough to spend the rest of his life with. And then there were her troubles about her future career that echoed with mine. And then there was this discussion on marriage and on how sometimes, we just wished to leave it all behind and be alone.

Many have asked me if I'll miss my parents when I get married and move to my husband's house. The truth? Yes... a little. But not too much. From as much as I can garner insight, I guess they'll miss me more than I would miss them. And the reason? Because I always chose to have an invisible moat between me and the ones around me. It wasn't some decision that spawned out of some traumatic experience. It's just the way I am. I am a bit detached from everything around me. Maybe being the only child... having played alone throughout my childhood, having had interests that were a little weird according to societal standards... they've all played a part in molding me into what I am today.

And now, when the men in shining armors stand before me, some hoping to wed me and some that my parents hope I shall wed, I begin to wonder. What's the point of it all? Some come, drawn by the fact that I am the only daughter. Others, because I have an education that can "probably" yield a good job. And a few others because they think I look pretty. And what of me? Well... it should be evident... I'm detached... Everybody is the same and I am yet to choose anyone. And I shalln't fall head over heels for anyone. Don't you know? It's all arranged!