Monday, November 30, 2009

Exams are done with.... But still no respite

Today was my last exam for the third semester. And I am so glad it is over! The third semester felt like such a bitch for some reason... But somehow, in the end, I think I am a teeny tiny bit stronger on the inside... especially in the things that I've noticed and accepted in the past few weeks.

Ah... now we're veering off the topic, are we not! Exams are over and well... just when I think I can rest a while, I'm going to have to start my Project work as soon as possible... or so my project guide says. Now, my Project guide's a pretty decent chap and the fact that even though there are three people working under him for the final semester project, he sat me alone down and has given me a bit of an advanced field for study. While the rest are dealing with perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics, I'll be working out Path Integrals from Quantum electrodynamics for description on a periodic potential system.

Now I might sound like someone who know what she's talking about... but actually, I'm just as stumped as you guys are. Sure... I know the basics of Quantum Electrodynamics and well... I know a few things about it as an interested layman would. Now, I'll have to get down and dirty with the nitty gritties of mathematics.. and for some reason, I'm more excited about this than I ever can remember. I hope every single person who reads this spends a moment praying or wishing for me to live up to the expectations of my well meaning professor!

Ciao for now! I'll keep posting updates on how it's shaping up! =D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wallies and happy news!

Hello people! Remember the post where I'd mentioned about free high resolution Photoshop brushes that were being given away from Refer post here.

Well, it was only for a limited period. But due to popular demand and the enormous positive response that was there, the offer has been extended! Yep! Now, you can get those brushes for free for another two weeks! Yay for Jason Gaylor ne! And just so I can let the folks out there how awesome these brushes are, I've posted three 'arties' that I'd done with these brushes... It's not that great.... I know.... ^_^;;

The images are in 1024x768 pixel resolution. I don't know if you'll like it...but if you do, and want some more, I'll gladly make 'em!

I know I'm going to burn in hell for doing this when I ought to be studying Advanced X-ray analysis... But hey~! Cut me some slack here, folks! ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Invite designs from the past...

I was just rummaging through my stuff when I discovered two invitations I had designed for the Fresher's party at my University.

Being the seniors, we had to conduct the whole affair and apparently, this was the first time something like this was happening! Weird! I thought everybody followed the untold traditions - Second years give the first years a welcoming party and the first years return the favour at Farewell... Ah well... since we were the first set in twenty odd years to have a farewell for our seniors, we thought we'd break new ground with a Fresher's party as well...

And I decided to take up responsibility for the invites. And this is what I came up with... Heheh... Kinda lame... I know, but it sure did impress my HOD and the freshers! So, ultimately I have no complains!

It's like someone's opened the Graphic designing floodgates in me! Wooohooo! Feels so good! ;)

P.S. I'd used a lot of Brushes from Designfruit for these and you can see for yourselves how good they translate on paper! :)

Bookmarks for everyone!

Hello there people! I'm on a roll here, or what! Hehehe.... two consecutive posts one after the other... on the same day! Go me! =D

Okay... remember the post where I had given information about free brushes from for a limited period? Well... I had also mentioned that I may actually do something with the brushes. Well... I did and I did not... I mean I did make something... but just not with those brushes! I am saving 'em up for something really really good! But in the meantime, I did make a few bookmarks... they're made from a couple of brushes I had from a long time ago... and well, I don't remember where I got them... -__-;;

If you do see your brushes in these works and want me to credit you, let me know! I'll do it pronto!

Ah... the joy of making stuff! These are bookmark graphics that you can print on a thick enough paper and voila! bookmarks for everyone!

So, without further ado, I present to you... bookmarks!

Well.... some of these bookmarks were made with brushes from Obsidian Dawn, Designfruit and some from a myriad other places! =D I had published a few of these babies in an old (now defunct) blog of mine...

And of course, I don't think anyone is going to sell these designes anywhere... but if you are, then I think we'll be in trouble now... won't we? It's strictly for a non commercial purpose only and I hope all of you have fun with these!

Ciao for now!

P.S. If anyone out there would like me to help out with banner designs or such simple things as backgrounds and stuff for their stuff, I'm willing to lend a hand! And to the folks who're following me here... you know what I mean! ;)


Something good always happens out of everything... This is something I've come to believe very strongly in these days!

I find it makes life all the more bearable and in the long run, a very happy experience... ne?

If anybody out there is wondering why I am waxing philosophically thus, I'll tell you...

I am a very absent minded person in reality... I have walked into poles and walls when I was young (and I still do!). The very reason why I had lost a lot of valuable items in my life was because I've been absent minded... and for some reason, this makes me seem very aloof to people outside my head. I understand that I am a bit difficult to get along with... and well, if it is any consolation to the people I know, I do not do any of the things you might think to be hurtful intentionally.... I'm a baka as I am. I guess there aren't many people out there who can accept me for who I really.... truly am. But hey! Fine with me... I'm used to this kind of a feeling. =D

Anyway.... I had been checking my mail yesterday and horror of horrors! The GATE application I had sent has been earmarked because the photo I had sent was not of the best quality... well... since I had sent the same photo to TIFR and they didn't seem to have a problem with it, I thought I'd stick to that.

They had sent the mail five days ago. But I have no idea what happened, I had received it only yesterday. And the URL they had given me for uploading a better photo would expire that night... that very night that I had seen it for the first time! Rest assured... there was pandemonium in the house with accusations aplenty thrown in my direction that I hadn't been attentive enough the first time... wringing of hands in exasperation as I tried explaining that I hadn't seen this mail the last time I'd signed in.... all to no avail. Finally, I managed to get a proper photograph with the proper pixel size and resolution and uploaded it around nine in the night. And today, I try that URL and it shows a message telling me it had expired and that I could do nothing...

Phew! Boy oh boy! Instead of cursing the higher power for giving me such unwanted anxieties in the last minute (including some really tensed conversations with my parents ;P), I am thankful that I had seen the mail when I had... Imagine the horror if I had seen it today! *shudder* GATE is my only hope right now... and if I wasn't even allowed to try it, I don't know how I'd feel... :(

Ah well...I just hope all my classmates who had applied haven't faced such problems. For once, I hope nobody's been as flaky as I was! ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hello there people! I know I haven't been blogging for quite some time now... but, I bring some really awesome news to make up for the lack of posts recently!

If there is anyone out there who's a hardcore Graphic designer (or wannabe graphic designer like me!), you'll love what I have to say!

Now, I'm sure most of those who're atleast a little into the design arena will know how wonderful and kakkoi Photoshop can be and when you have brushes that you can actually use to make awesome art, do you need to ask for more now? ;)

And if there's one person I know who makes some of the most beautiful and awesome brushes that I've seen in a lot of Billboards in my city (yep! Here... in lil' Chennai!), it has to be the one.... the only Jason Gaylor!

You don't have to take my word for it people! Do drop into his website (and such a marvelous one at it!) and see for yourselves!

Now, for all those out there who're like me (broke but with a million dreams in our eyes), you'll be well on your way to high heaven when you hear what I'm about to say!

Jason Gaylor is giving away free brush packs (bundles of three complete brush packs - not the itty bitty sample ones, which are just as great! =D)!

But this offer is only for a limited period! I mean.... these brush packs that are worth $40 are free for the next three days! Now, if you're happy and you know it, hug the nearest person you find and pass the love!

I still can't believe this is actually happening... and for good reason! For the past six months, I'd kept my graphic designing ideas (crappy ones... but still...) to myself and haven't touched my Photoshop software in ages. And today, I'm just checking out all the favorite websites I've hearted and I find this! Divine providence or what! ;P

And a really BIG thank you to you, Mr. Gaylor! You ave no idea how grateful we all are! (or maybe you do... he he...)

And as soon as my exams get over, I might make some decent looking wallpapers out of these babies and I'll post some of them here! And if you still haven't grabbed this offer with both hands like you ought to, poo poo.... shame on you! :P (or maybe you're rich enough to get it for $40 later on! ;D And if that's true, say.... can I borrow a ten? ;P)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am aliiiiive!..... well.... for now!

Hello! I know.... I know.... it has been too long since I've written anything. But life's been in a such a difficult phase right now.
So, I'm pouring it all out here... I guess it should make me feel better a little... right?

I've lost my second phone in a month. Now, the first phone was well on its way to cell phone heaven when I'd lost it. And I'm sure the person who flicked my first phone is still cursing me to the ninth circle of Hell... but the new one... *sigh* it was a phone that I loved and adored. And when it was stolen from me from the Ladies restroom, where it was taken right from my closed bag, I felt a little betrayed by society in general. I mean, come now.... just a month ago, immediately after losing my first phone, I found one lying along one of the numerous corridors of my University. And I dialed one of the recently dialed numbers and informed them about the misplaced phone and waited till they came to claim it. I guess I was wrong in assuming everyone in my campus atleast were that courteous.

And the person who stole my phone has been cunning enough to divert all calls made to the phone to a friend of mine. Since I had used her phone to try and reach mine, she got almost all calls that I was directing to my lost cell phone, hoping against all hope that maybe.... just maybe the person would return it back... (baaaaaaka...... I know! T~T)

And I've lodged a complaint with the local police and even went to get my old number back. And let me tell you this... The police were well meaning and promised to do all they could. And the jerks at the Vodafone office are all going to rot in hell.... alongside my asshole of an HOD. The least they could do was try being polite. I don't have to take their bull shit right now.... or ever! the way they spoke with me was as though I had stolen something and was called for an explanation. But it was kinda hilarious. The guy who was 'helping' me had not even the rudimentary grasp over the English language. And I was being all polite and stuff. But when I was treated rudely, I started being rude myself. I'll remember his face and the next time I see him somewhere, I shall surely make plans to step on his foot or accidentally kick him where the sun doesn't shine. >=)

Ah well.... shit has happened. And all I can hope is that I get my phone back. (There's a better chance of a dog doing the samba.... wait there is a dog who dances the samba! Hmmm....maybe I might get it back... sigh...)

And here's the picture of the phone I lost.... *sobs*