Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amused.... very amused...

There were times in one's school days when one would hear about classroom fights and cold wars where gangs would form around the two battling warriors and slowly the whole classroom would end up taking one side or the other. And well... being ever the aloof observer (read daydreamer of the first degree), I have managed to avoid being a part of such groups since my school days. And now that I am in Post Grad, I think I can be forgiven for thinking that such kind of immature fighting would not happen between adults who are all mostly above twenty!

And boy, was I wrong! I recently understood that many of my classmates have been checking my Library account without my knowledge and that they are gauging my preparation for the exams based on this data. Well... Since I hardly visit the computer cabins of the library, I didn't even know I had an account until one well meaning classmate informed me as to how most of the girls and some boys indulge in what can only be termed 'hacking' in order to obtain the information they want!

And then there is this habit of moving books from their shelves to other places that only the person who moved it would know! I mean come on! What would a book on Quantum Field Theory be doing in the middle of Wren and Martin grammar workbooks?! It's downright silly, peeps! And then there is this fake modesty of proclaiming ignorance even when knows everything!
I even know of a girl who hid her library books in her bag so that her friends (I wasn't with them at the time) wouldn't know what books they were! And I wonder... here I am, an adult in almost every sense, having a strong hold of sensibility in my top floor and a pinch of decency in my genetic makeup! Why can't they be like that?

Now now... before someone jumps the gun saying I'm ranting again in personal anguish, let me make something very VERY clear. Just because someone else knows my resources I am not going to score less than what I am worth. It's just that, that person will have a chance of scoring high as well... And since we follow the grade system, there isn't that fight over one mark and half a mark! Why don't people understand this basic fact? When I see the way some people in my class behave, I can only feel very amused!

Ah well... whatever! I am just as I've always been and that's what matters the most, right? ;D

Oh... And I delivered a seminar on QCD! My classmates really liked it and they also loved the backgrounds I'd designed for the slideshow! Now I get to design it for everybody, if I have the time. :) And there's nothing more enjoyable than getting to play around in Photoshop CS3 with so many brushes about! Yay for me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's the problem peeps?

Today was one of those days where you get up with the feeling that everything will be just fine! And then you turn around and you find that things aren't going the way you want them to and there is nothing you can do to stop the hilarity from happening... and what's the point if everything went great? This post wouldn't have been more than a line long, if it had been so!

I had bagged a seat in the bus to college by seven thirty. But strangely, the darned thing didn't start until it was eight fifteen! And so, my whole aim of reaching classes in time were thrown to the wind! And to make sure I felt even more miserable, the lady who sat next to me seemed to have given up brushing her teeth decades ago! How did I know that, you ask? No! I wasn't kissing the woman! It's just that, she made it a point to sigh with her mouth placed exactly in front of my nose as she leaned over me to see if the bus driver was ever approaching.

Now, I have nothing against impatient people...actually I do, but that's deviating from the topic. If you are indeed going to go all dramatic and sigh left, right and center, please do it with a clean mouth! And no sooner had her stench reached my nostril, I was praying the bus start soon! Maybe the breeze would take it away!

And so, after a harrowing bus ride to college, I found myself forty five minutes late for class! I know! I know! I am incorrigible! But hey... just you wait! I was able to answer almost all the questions that were thrown at the class despite missing class. So, there!

And no sooner had theory classes gotten over, Lab sessions started. And I think today was one of those days when every professor suddenly remembers their mission in life and grills every unsuspecting grad student into giving a reply as to why the CRO is not working (the fact that there isn't anything inside it is immaterial, darn it!).

And so, one of the batches got grilled and as I was the first one to do that experiment, I was soon called over and asked myriad questions! And I should say I made every goal keeper in the face of the planet jealous... the way I fielded those questions... I was treading dangerous ground as like always, the equipment had died on me and I had to use the theory behind the experiment to fabricate a plausible answer!
Apparently, one of the boys who was doing the same experiment felt it was against his moral code to do something like that and worked on what screwed up reading the long demented equipment threw at him.

And by the time I was done with answering the questions and finished my own experiment for the day (It was the most annoying, nerve wracking, patience testing experiment ever!), it was five in the evening.

And if you think this was the end of the day's events, you are so wrong! The bus ride back home was just as hilarious. What would have taken any normal metropolitan bus an hour to achieve, that particular bus did in two and a half hours! And all because some pea brain had died and since he was the second cousin of the fifth cousin twice removed of the fourth son of the chief minister's personal cook, he just had to be buried with all the police escort that is normally given to martyrs and other equally silly people!

And now, as I sit in front of the system, typing this post, all I have to say is....

I'm friggin' tired peeps! Good night! =D

Monday, February 9, 2009


The past few days have been a potpourri of emotions and experiences... From the happiest to the most annoying...

I managed to meet up with a school friend of mine (two of them actually) and I now know I have good, well meaning friends... It's amazing how we've managed to be the best of friends for close to eight years! And I hope I continue to have their love and affection for many more years to come. One day was never enough to convey everything we wanted the other to know! And I am sure the others felt just like that...
The meeting leaves such a beautiful imprint on my mind and heart now that I think back to that day! =D

And now for the worst...well... not exactly 'worst' (I've seen worse!) but well... Ah fiddlesticks!

I'm not going into the details of what exactly happened. But let's just say there was a particular running into a person I know who gave me quite the cold shoulder... Ah well, if that person thinks feels it below their station to have a courteous conversation with me, nothing I can do to change that!

There is only so much a person can do to salvage a relationship and if it means one has to grovel and beg to be treated with warmth, I wonder if that kind of a warmth is indeed needed!

*sigh* I've had enough harrowing memories thinking of how I did not stand up to my desires and wishes just because I thought they would offend the people around me. And now I realize... the ones who are so deeply offended by my dreams when there is no actual reason to be so are not exactly doing me or the world a favour.

So, that's one heavy baggage off my back!

And now for a little confession from my side... I've observed how I let every single slight meted out to me take a hold over my thoughts... and how I thought of every single person who's made 'not-so-very-funny' comments of me as some sort of mortal enemy. I've also grown more aware of the fact that how I've felt a little heart-broken when people have forgotten I existed...when I was all alone when everyone else had a group to call their own.

And now as I sit in front of my system, tapping away at the keyboard, watching the words form, I realize the ultimate truth - GET OVER IT!

There! I've gotten over all the times when I never got a reply for my urgent messages... I've gotten over the times when being the 'everybody' meant being a 'nobody'.... I have gotten over the times when things didn't work out the way I've wanted them to... I've gotten over the times when I was forgotten.

And suddenly, I feel so much lighter!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

VG Cats! And Fanfiction!

Ooookay... Maybe this is a little bit dorky... or maybe it's not!

I just came across this webcomic strip that goes by the name : VG Cats. It's just a parody on the world of Video gaming. Worth checking out actually!

:D And all the main characters are cats! Double bonus, I tell ya!

>>Clickity Clickty!<<

And I finally managed to update stories on

I understand that Fanfiction's not that great a thing and all... but well, it's one of those quirks that I enjoy! So, yay!

Apart from that... nothing's been happening. All universities and other educational institutions have been closed until further notice because of the fighting in Sri Lanka. Ah! When I think of the backlog that will form because of this little hitch, I wish the fighting would stop already!

Ah well... Cest la vie!