Sunday, November 30, 2008

True heroism - salutations to the bravehearts who did what mattered!

Hmmm... I guess most of the populace around the world has heard about the terror attacks that happened in Mumbai. Staying in the same country, I can't help but feel a little startled. And it's amazing how a band of terrorists could just waltz like that into the city on fishing boats and hold the whole city gripping in shock and terror as they went about killing random people so whimsically!

And at the same time, I want to really thank the brave hearts from NSG for all the help they've done in exterminating this threat! And I feel a little sad when I think of all the lives that were lost in this ordeal... May those souls all rest in peace.

And for once, the focus was on the army! It's sad how they're thought of only when they're needed and the government can be so mean when it comes to giving back to the armed forces! I'm talking of the people who risk their lives to make sure you and I live on to see tomorrow safely! These are the people who don't cringe at the thought of spending winter in Siachen or the summer in the scorching deserts of Thar. They are our real heroes and for once, I was so glad the politicians were not involved....which reminds me... where were they?

I hope the government has some really convincing reason why such a terrible breach of security happened in the first place (and blaming pakistan's all fine and dandy but if we weren't so stupidly negligent about border securityalong the waters bordering our nation, the blames come a little too late and a little too blunt!).

And just so the world knows, we (Indians) aren't intimidated by this incident and for all those tourists and travellers who're thinking if India's safe enough, Please do come again! Fear's their best weapon and let's not give them the satisfaction of getting to use it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thoughts in the rain

The rains are all around me now... slowly drenching rick, cot and tree... and all I want to do is lose myself in its steady rhythm... in those myriad shows of ripples as the water drops down from heaven above... like a million celestial maidens drifting down to the mundane dimension...

And suddenly I ask myself.... What the heck am I doing?! And from deep down inside, I get the answer... from a voice that sounds as though it is submerged in the very waters that I now behold outside - I am idle.

There are sayings in every culture of the world that idleness is akin to evil. But I daresay I agree not! Right now, as I am idle, I find that I am in peace! And to ruin this state of such delicate balance with pretentious shows of work would be such great folly!

The cold is slowly seeping into my skin... a refreshing feeling... like tiny bursts of life suddenly awakening all over me. And the sights around me show such beauty that had been asleep in the heat of the blazing sun...

A shade of green hither before unseen! A scent hither before unsmelt... and sounds as ancient as the world around me.

I am gazing at a ritual that has been happening even before the first human took his pioneering steps... even before the first predator stalked his world-ignorant prey... even before the first tree opened her leaves to the would outside...

And as I stand there, the cold spray of moisture dampening my outstretched arms, I realize... I am one with the rain... and I am in peace.