Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bag woes!

It happens at times.... you have this one bag that you're so fond of and there's no other bag in the whole wide world that could hold all your junk..okay...stuff as efficiently as that 'one' bag does... everybody has The Bag and they're all so darn proud of it!

And what does one do when that said 'one bag' has a broken zip and you can't use it without it gaping open like a hungry alligator, showing the whole wide world how many electives you picked up this semester? No... you don't howl in a corner and rant on about the injustice of the corrupt 'zipper' industry. You send it to an expert who repairs it! And that is exactly what I did. And I thought I could manage for one day... no big deal! But oh boy! Was I wrong or what?!

Since, The Bag wasn't available, I decided to use another one... one that I really liked (but was never a substitute for The Bag). But just as I finished stuffing three record notebooks inside and my wallet to boot, I realized one important aspect of its design - it was not meant to carry huge lunch boxes. And I had a pretty big lunch box. And so, I ad to make do with a plastic cover and let me tell you... carrying flimsy plastic covers in overcrowded public buses is such a nuisance to everyone around! And it's a wonder the thing didn't spill, giving everyone near me a face full of sambar!

And once I was ready to come back home (I'd given away all the bulky record notebooks by then), I was so relieved that the day was done! And every time I saw someone with a backpack on their back, I glanced down at my messenger bag that was stuffed to the brim with my things and sighed... I would soon get my trusty The Bag back and there would be joy!

But Nay! The supposed 'expert' is probably so intrigued (or baffled) by the mechanism of the zipper that he still hasn't fit one into my bag! And well... I've to wait another day to get my dearest - er I mean, trusty bag back!


And dad wants me to take another backpack to college... a particular bright red one. I should say it wouldn't be safe carrying it around campus. I still feel shivery when I think of how I ran the fastest I'd ever run as I tried to out-run two fashion conscious dogs on the streets, a few months ago... the last time I ever took that backpack out! And my campus is teeming with dogs...really huge well fed dogs who can run really well! *Gulp*


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As time flies by...

The other day, I'd gone down to my grandmother's house and one of the neighbours remarked how I hardly talked to them properly which is a very weird statement to make as I don't live near her place and I do make it a point to say 'hi' every time I see her.

And then she went on about how her son and I, friends since we could remember weren't talking to each other like before. And as for this, I wonder if she goes out of her way to go talk to people who hardly say 'hi'!

Oh well... it made me realize how we start with certain relationships, thinking they'd last a long time only to find that bonds are broken and faces forgotten.

And strangely, I don't blame her or her son for this. We all grow up... acquire different tastes in acquaintances and well... we drift apart. It is an integral part of every person's life... something everyone has to go through whether they like it or not. If that's the way we choose to look at life, I swear we'll be able to handle heart breaks and friendships gone sour better!

It makes me feel so liberated all of a sudden! And this way, I don't have to blame anyone. It's better this way than to go sulk in a corner over friends moving over and lovers dumping you! (but in the case of a romantic relationship, the person initiating the break-up should also act a little considerate!)

Life moves on... time heals... the mind forgets... and soon the heart follows the mind.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ad-sense quandary

The other day, I was merrily sitting in front of my system, posting on my blog when my friend drops by. She took a peep into what I was doing and non chalantly asked me why my blog didn't have any ads in them.

I told her I didn't want to distract my readers with blinkies and other pop-ups and that's why I'd never actually gone for advertisers. She laughed at me, "you're such a fool! You can make tons of money!"

I agree... we can. But do I need to have ads in my blog just for that? And moreover, my blog doesn't cover just one specific field. It's a place where I write what I feel. To let other people put their unsolicited thoughts through it is akin to letting someone walk through my head and muddle with whichever way they please!

If the Blog is for a business concern or if it's like a tutorial site or one where resources are offered, having the relevant ads makes sense. But here, having ads would only lower the personal touch that my writings lend to the blog.

I'm still not sure how many people actually come by regularly to read my blog or if I indeed have any reader-base at all! But hey... I started this blog to please the writer in me. And that person doesn't need an audience to deliver!

So, I know just what to say when the next time, someone asks me if I've placed ads in my blog...

"No. And neither shall I! Not on this one!"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Observations from a sick-bed

I've been sick... and when I say 'sick', I mean a temperature reading of 104 degree Fahrenheit. And there've been many observations I've made during this tenure of sickness that had me bed ridden for a few days...

  • It's always better to be sick at home where there are people to take care of you. Falling sick and then realizing that there's no one around to help you would thoroughly distress and depress the invalid! (I'd be distressed and depressed!)

  • The more potent the antibodies, the greater the chances that I'd end up throwing up! (I did it once! :D)

  • Never EVER take up Avomin with your regular course of 'killer' antibodies! I could actually visualize the war going on in my stomach's insides! There were the antibodies that were screaming 'Let the Bile flow, me hearties! AR!'

    And there was Avomin... the lone ranger, standing like Superman in his spandex pants and briefs... wedgies hidden underneath a billowing cape proclaiming 'Not so fast, my friends!'

    And where does this leave me? Hmmm... I'll tell you - tossing and turning in bed, cursing such profanity that I'm sure even the Devil was covering his ears in modesty! Sometimes... it's just better to let it go...even if you have to bend over the toilet bowl and sound like Gollum's long lost cousin!

  • Never ever should I worry about Lab reports! At least not when I'm sick! The reason - my lab partner is such a prat, there's nothing I can do about it! So might as well shrug and get used to the scolding to come!

  • Constant coughing only tires your abdominal muscles. It does NOT give you a six pack! (I wish!)

  • Sickness is one of those times when I wish they had taste bud transplants! I've completely lost track of what 'sweet', 'salty', 'sour' and all their intricate combination taste like! All I can bloody taste now is 'BITTER'! And *sob* it's getting worse with time!

  • I can lord over my parents when I'm sick! (It would help if I wasn't so sick and I could still do that! Hehheh....eheheheh... *sigh*)

  • I get drunk over two tablespoons of *cough* cough syrup. ALRIGHT! I can't hold my liquor in! It's not like I actually drink! So *BLEAH*! But I do remember (vaguely) that I made a total ass out of myself, messaging silly poems to a friend! I guess death by antibody overdose isn't that bad an idea now!

    But seriously... I can imagine myself being the pretty young thing in a red sequined dress, sitting in a lonely bar... the bartender walks up to me and asks for my order and I smile mysteriously and reply, "A shot of Corex with a dash of Benadryl... stirred not shaken." Hmmm... Not bad! I might just about start a new trend here!
So there you have it folks! I know this is a little random. But what the heck!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thoughts from a writer's diary

I'm an avid reader and writer (ahem... you can hide the sniggers there, people!:P) of Fan-Fiction.

And before people go tutting away to glory telling things like Fan-Fiction is so un-original, I'd like to tell them this; It takes a heck a lot more of creativity to actually write a good fan-fic. That's because there are greater number of constraints on the writer to stay true to the orginal writer's canon. (And no... it's not something that blows things up! Oye Ve! :D)

And well... ever since I started college, I'm finding it extremely difficult to actually update my stories on a weekly basis! But I do manage to sneak a chapter up every three weeks or so... And since I'm really particular about the way I present my story and how it unfolds itself, I tend to take my time in reading through the draft and making a million changes before I actually post it! And well... I was doing this when I came across some of my creations from the past (read: 'ancient' past) and it suddenly occurred to me how I have evolved as a writer!

Some of my oldest stories strike me as such immature ramblings of a child fantasizing about a world she so dearly wants to be a part of... a world where she doesn't have to sit alone and wile away her time to nothingness... a world where she's surrounded by her idols and they're actually her friends and treat her as their equals (I would positively die if Hotohori were to propose to me! Ai Eärendil!).

And so, it's understandable that some of that unbridled enthusiasm leaks onto the story like how Orange juice stains your old Polaroids in a weird tone of Sepia.

I hope there are many other similar writers out there... and well... this post is dedicated to all you folks!

And for those who're about to let the world in on your first fan-fic, congratulations! It doesn't take much guts to actually start a story. But to actually publish it online, where the whole world can give you a piece of their mind... it's plain scary in the beginning! And it takes a helluva lot of courage to actually attempt this leap!

And here are some tips for all aspiring 'fan-fic' writers out there! (Please note that I'm no expert in the art of writing... I'm learning this art as I go. And well... sharing some of my pointers does NOT make me authoritative in judging other people and their writings!)

  • Don't worry too much about your chapters and how it sounds... if the english is appropriate enough! The main objective is to present a story and what's the fun in doing it if nobody understands what you've written! Sure that doesn't mean that typos and spelling mistakes are okay... but hey! Writers are human beings as well! And a couple of typos is not going to bring about the end of the world! But... when you write a story on Tolkien's Lord of The Rings completely in SMS language, believe me... unless it's a parody and a sarcastic dig on the present generation's dependence on the Mobile phone, you're not going to fool anyone!

  • Get the whole scene preplanned in your head. This is not the same as getting the whole story planned. You can have a skeletal plan all made up. And you can add interesting flourishes to the bold strokes. This really helps if you have a vague idea and are not sure where you're heading. You can always come up with brilliant sub-plots as you write! But the main plot has to be thoroughly thought out and should not be weak! And yep! That means you don't end up in some weird parallel universe and every single hot guy there falls head over heels for you - unless there's a greater plan!

  • A writer's journey as a...well...writer is quite akin to how a tree grows. The bark still has the rings from the past. And in the same way, each of the stories is a remnant of the past. And one should never forget these remnants. In my case, I marvel at how childish my plots have been and how my style of narration has evolved over time.

  • Never write stories for the sake of (positive) reviews alone! Sure! Getting reviews that praise you is always such an encouraging factor. But that's not the reason we write stories! We write to make ourselves happy. And well... nobody's going to spout out a classic on the first try. Criticisms are meant to help the writer. And as for the flames (read harsh feedback that hardly points out the mistakes)... no 'real' good writer/critic would flame another writer's work. So, if you were to get 'flames', you can always ignore them!
And if there's still doubts gnawing your mind, do let me know! It takes a lot of courage to publish one's works online. And doing that is always winning half the battle! So, go for it, my fledgling writer friends! Ganbatte!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Consolace and the lack of it

As I must have mentioned in my previous post... or maybe I didn't... whatever! One of Mom's friends is suffering from Oral cancer. And suddenly, all his friends (Mom included) are rushing to call him or to meet him.

It makes me wonder... how many of these 'well meaning comrades' actually are well meaning? Mom's been on the phone non-stop, sharing tid-bits of information and gossips about the poor ailing friend - details like how he got the problem, what he's doing, if he will survive at all... things like this.

And I should say I truly pity that person. Sure... he did misuse the 'pan supari' a lot. But that doesn't mean every single friend should call him up and tell him that! For the love of God, he knows that already! It's almost like the time when you've failed an entrance exam and everybody calls you up and offers their condolences and chides you (in a well meaning way they say!) for not having studied well enough!

It makes me wonder... how many of these friends are actually aware of the fact that rather than offering him solace, they're actually making him go through a maelstrom of emotions ranging from guilt to self-hate?

And Mom wants to visit him. I wonder how many have already paid him a visit...silently tutted at his follies and sighed in sadness outside? For once, I wish that if people don't have something consoling to say, they should just shut up and not say anything at all!

Mom is busy exchanging numbers with her numerous 'well-meaning' friends, behind me... hoping to get that person's number. And for once, I wish she'd look up and gets the hint! Leave him alone!

But I guess she'll never understand.

The ones who constantly talk seldom listen and in silence, one can find all answers...

Nobody Understands!

Arbit updates

Ken has come and Ken has gone! :)

Yeah... it was nice having him here. He's sure a wonderful friend to have around! And since I'd missed his birthday party (Him living in Hyderabad right now is a really good reason for that! And that my parents will freak out if I were to ask them to let me go to Hyderabad for a party is also another equally good reason!), I bought him a wallet. Believe me... he needed that! That.. and the latest edition of Scientific American. (oh and I didn't get to read that... T~T)

And as for the other things that I had to do... eheh... you know me... hardly did anything else! Oh well... I'll finish up with the Engineering Graphics and the 'fan-fiction' today. As for the rest, there's always tomorrow!

Sigh... somehow... I feel so bored with the way my life's going right now... And hearing the kind of fun they have in Hyderabad, I can't help but kick myself in the rear for not having cleared the entrance exams for HCU!

Oh well... what's happened has happened!

Yes... one more thing. Mom's friend's been diagnosed with Oral Cancer. And he's an avid fan of the infamous 'pan supari'. He's not attending any calls as he can't speak and his condition's progressed to the secondary stage. Well... at this rate, he has a 50% chance of surviving. Let's hope he does! And let this be a reminder for everyone who finds pan tasty or addictive!

Enough lectures! I shall leave ye all in peace for now! Sayonara, minna!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holidays are here!

I'm getting the next five days off and I have not an inkling what i'm going to do with them! Most of my friends are leaving for home. But since I stay at home, I can't exactly leave for home...And I could go for a trip to some place with friends. But well... not many are here right now!

And so, I've formed an itenary of certain things that I'll be thinking of doing in these hols!
  1. Work on my Engineering Graphics! I plainly am behind schedule, having missed a day's worth of classes thanks to a badly swollen foot! (that is a looooong story my friends!)

  2. Get a move on in my 'fan-fiction' department! It's been ages since I've actually done anything here. And my poor characters must be feeling so left out and lonely!

  3. Study for Classical Mechanics test that may happen at any time! I know I did my last test quite horrendously! And the reason wasn't because I didn't know anything... well... I have two words for an excuse! INFORMATION OVERDOSE! Oh and work on some complex analysis as well!

  4. Try my hands on some Photoshopping and other such equally artistic endeavors!

  5. Meet up with a very special friend who is dropping in just to see me! *sniffle* it makes me feel so special! *cries* Ooookay... Oh well... was bad at dramatics anyway! And Ken, if you're reading this... I'm oh so glad you're here, buddy! Love ya!

  6. Hmmm.... is there something else I'm missing? Oh well.. this is all I remember for now! I guess...
Oh well... that's it for now! See ya soon!
P.S. Somehow... I'm not that impressed with this post... it misses something!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yeh hain AU meri jaan!

To tell you the truth, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I came to know that I would actually be doing my masters from Anna university. And truth be told, I don't see why people travel from all over the country to be part of its "educational experience"! (would help if there was one!)

But as the fates would have it, I was deigned to study and toil for two years in this place that I had hoped would not avail itself to me.

And now, three months into the course... I'm left to wonder. What is it that makes people go Ga-Ga over Anna University anyway?!

And I'm still no closer to obtaining the answers! But now, I'm sure of one thing! Anna University is a brand one can sell really well outside and I was made aware of this particular fact last sunday.

I usually attend free lectures on Physics that's organized every Sunday in Madras University (they share the same campus with Anna University). And since my commuting to the University involves atleast an hour's worth of bus travel, I had gotten myself a bus pass. This piece of thick paper ensures that I don't have to pay for one to and one fro journey between my house and the University. But... this is valid only if I were to have a special Identity card that is given with this thing.

As is the case with almost everything in India, none of the conductors even check if the cards that are waved from the far end of the bus is valid or not. They are ideally asked to tick against the date printed in the card and verify the ID cards. But mostly, the card holders are the ones who tick it off... and well... if I were to see anyone verifying their own ID cards, I'll find it very hard not to laugh out loud!

So was the case on Sunday. One glance at the blue and white tip of my bus pass, the conductor had asked me to tick it myself. And I dutifully did that! But then, I hadn't brought the ID card with me. But since the ticking was done, I figured it wouldn't be a problem.

But my assumptions were to turn awry once I got off at the University bus stop. There were three people dressed in stern khaki uniforms waiting to check all our tickets and bus passes. When I proudly showed the ticked off bus pass, he merely mumbled for the ID card.

I had a million trumpets going off in my head when I realized that I did not have my ID card with me! After about fifteen minutes of haggling with the officers, I had reduced the fine amount from a hefty Rs.500 to Rs.100. But the problem was that I didn't have that much with me.

I guess they thought I was this poor studious girl who didn't even have enough money for a fine. And when they learnt that I was actually a student of Anna University, that sealed their impression of me!

They patiently waited till I got the money from the ATM (I could've ran away... but they had my bus pass with them!) and when I gave it to them, one of them quickly reminded me.

"Nee nalla ponnu ma... athu thaan Anna le padikkiriye! Nallavangalukku thaan kedaikkum. Athuthaan unakku nooru rubaa thaan vaangunom."

(you're a good child dear... you're from Anna University after all! Only the best and the good ones get in here. That's why we're reducing the fine to a hundred bucks.)

Oh gods! If only they saw the state my class was in! If only they saw how dim-witted most of us appear in everyday classes! If only my substitute Math Professor had heard this statement!

Well...In the end, I had saved four hundred rupees and also made an impression on the inspectors! I'm sure there is many a soul wishing to get into Anna University...
I've one piece of advice for them - the course may not be thaat great. But I assure you... you're treated like royalty outside! ;P

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oblivious...and loving it!

Caution: This may sound like a long winded whine... but please? This is the only place where I can say what I want to say. So there!

It's kinda amazing how many friends I have and yet... somehow, I've never 'had' friends... if you know what I mean. It's almost like I'm this free electron in a metal which belongs everywhere and yet doesn't belong anywhere! (Note to self: Too much Material Science!)

Oh well... I'm thinking why this is so. The other day, I was invited for a conference call where one of my friends was celebrating her birthday, and we were all planning to wish her for her birthday. And for some reason, I felt like I was totally invisible and the others were talking of a million things I didn't understand. It could be because I had left that place and am currently in another location all together... and somehow... they've moved on... makes see how insignificant you can be. And for some weird reason, I seem to be the only person with nothing to do!

Makes me wonder why... how... but I am still no closer to finding the answers!

Ai Eärendil! I've made it into quite the rant!
Oh well! Enough with this! At least I'm enjoying of what is left! And hell yeah - I know more about Bleach and Inuyasha than anyone else out there! (or so I'd like to think)... but somehow, I have very strong suspicions that my myriad (weird) interests distances me away from the crowd around me! And I fear that if I were to say this out loud... they'd think I'm being a) paranoid b) sulky and a whine or c) all of the above!

So, to all those souls who're reading this! Be like whatever you were! To tell you the truth, it would feel mighty weird if I was noticed all of a sudden... oblivion is actually not that bad a state you know! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How fake am I?

Yep.... I was bored! After shifting furniture that are currently making my back singing 'Silent Night', I decided I'd just surf around... And well I took this quiz.

And the result I got was.....

*cue for drum rolls*

But If there are people out there who think this is 'fake'... *snort snort guffaw* 'fake'... get it? Ahem... okay... so, if you think I got the wrong result, comment ne? I wanna know how fake I really am...

Random updates

College has finally settled down to a steady rhythm. But for some reason, I'm unhappy with the beats! >(

Two of my friends have left the city. One for Hyderabad and another all the way to Germany. I hope both of them get rich fast! *winkwink nudgenudge*

And well... life in my case goes on... and on... and on... I currently find myself working with abandoned fan fictions. I have missed a lot of fan base thanks to the fact that my days are completely filled with lab reports, pop quizzes, incessantly annoying lab partners and other such mundane but unavoidable things!

Let us all hope this delay doesn't push me off the 'good writers' list soon!

Signing off for now!