Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010..... here we come!

Well... 2009 is almost at an end and soon, a new year shall begin... Like many others out there, I hope and pray the year to come be fruitful and a pleasant one to remember when I shall look back at it. I'm expecting an unusual amount of Drama and excitement in 2010! So, I don't think I'll be too bored ;) Ah well... speculations sometimes take the fun out of life ne!

I'll know for sure what lies for me ahead as far as long term career options are concerned next year. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one! And I hope to make life on Earth a tad bit more bearable for all my animal friends out there! =D

And I also list out a few of the resolutions I hope I can keep up!
  • Study harder... I personally know how important this is for me!
  • Take things as they come... happiness... disappointments... I shall try my hardest never to be consumed by either!
  • Save more money! And that means no impulsive shopping... no excessive snack gorging and definitely not another set of earrings!
  • Stay in touch with friends! I'm missing a lot of my friends who I haven't seen for quite a while!
Aaaaah! I can't think of any more resolutions to keep! I guess these are the resolutions that I simply have to keep up! :D

Here's something from me to all you folks out there! =D

And with that, I'm signing off for this year folks! *squeal* the next time I post something, it'd be 2010.... Hmmmm.... for some reason, I'm not sad to see it go! =D

Just like that...'re back home after a long day's work and your boss seems to think you're the one reason the world shall end... your friends are too busy to answer your calls and you find you're out of ramen for the night! And then, there's a whine and before you know it, you're floored or atleast pushed back a little by that one individual you didn't even think about until a moment ago! Yep... I'm talking about your pet dog! =D

If there's one person you can depend upon completely, that'll be your dog, I tell you!

*sigh* All of you out there... all of you who have one of these wonderful creatures around, treasure them! You'll never know how much we need them more than they need us, until they're gone...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Viral woes! (a.k.a.) How Author-san fought and vanquished evil Viruses from her PC.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to tell you how to disinfect your infected system. I'm just describing what an ordeal it really was. If you need help, there are other "BETTER" sites out there folks! But if you want to have some moral support as you try to defeat the fiendish virus, read on comrade! :D

What do you get when you add poor unsuspecting Daddy dearest, a really convincing "check your PC for viruses" pop up and Internet Explorer? If your answer is Pandemonium, you couldn't be farther fro m the truth!

Dad had been downloading some Carnatic music from the interwebs (LOLSpeak for the Internet ;P) using IE when a gazillion pop ups come raining down on him and in an eager attempt to close them down, he ends up clicking on some obscure link and TADA!!!! I've 'Security Tools' installed in my Hard Drive!

I was busy letting yesterday's Butter Naan out when he started shouting like the house was on fire and I rushed outside (after completing the procedures completely! :D) to find so many "Your system is infected by yadda....yadda... blah blah... yaddadiyadda" pop ups, it was hurting my eyes!

Apparently, the cunning bastards who designed this malware disguised it as an Anti-spyware application and starts running the moment Windows was started! I, to be honest, thought it was a genuine Anti-spyware in the beginning but when I paid closer attention to the pop ups, I couldn't see any link towards the authors of the application or at least the name of the company responsible for the application.

I couldn't just click on the "Yeah, I know my PC is the Grand Central for all Viruses, Malware, Spyware... Now shut the fuck up!" option. If I needed to close all those gazillion pop ups, I needed to pay for a two year license! $50! Can you believe it?!

Well... I needed to be double sure if this was actually safe and so, I got online (after letting my Dad know he did a BIG boo-boo! :P I Love him to bits you see!) and I hadn't even completed typing the 'Tools' in 'Security Tools' when good ol' Google Search appends virus to it. Now, it can be safely assumed, I squeaked like those hideous squeaky shoes that people force their kids to wear and clicked on the first link that promised me a way out of this mess all the while negotiating through the myriad pop ups that still kept popping up like Hobbits on mushrooms!

I tried all the possible ways they advised me to follow (excluding swearing like a Truck Driver on a roll) and I so devotedly did! Let me tell you something at this juncture folks... the a**ho** who designed this stupid Virus is going to die of Dysentry!

The Damned thing wouldn't let me run any of the Malware busting softwares I'd installed... I tried so many different configurations that my system couldn't take it anymore and flashed a Blue screen before rebooting.

"Satrum manam thalaraaatha blog author," I rebooted my system in safe mode, weeded out the offending application's registry keys and then ran the Anti Malware software. TADA!!!! Security Tools has gone bye bye!

I'm having our Techie-guy (read the poor soul who repairs my poor PC whenever I fiddle with what ought to be left alone! :P) come tomorrow and have the latest Software Protection enabled! BRING IT ON, VIRUSES! MOMMY'S READY FOR YOU BITCHES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Blog roll added!

I've added a list of blogs that belong to friends... acquaintances... some of people I barely know but like none the less. I'm not sure how much of an increased readership they'll get because I'm displaying it here... Ah well! =D

Have fun you people!

From a friend in need to a friend indeed!

This post is dedicated to one of the most loved people in my life. And this is my way of saying thank you to him.

He might not have been the most conventional of friends but for the past few weeks, has been with me as I went through some really tough times. We never ever thought we'd be friends for he was from a different level altogether! Heck! I didn't even think we'd be socializing thus! I'm sure there was an animosity between the two of us at the beginning and now, as we sit beside each other, I realize that it was nothing but an instinctive defensive tactic that we both practiced so as to not get hurt... And, I'm glad that we took the time to approach each other. For had it not been so, I would have lost out on such a wonderful friend! I know he puts up with my nonstop badgering and does nothing to retaliate as I spew subtly, a hint of discomfort and annoyance onto him. And that has taught me such valuable lessons on patience and tolerance. I wish he could see this and know how blessed and truly honoured I feel to call him my buddy! =D

Lee, thanks for being there! =)

Monday, December 28, 2009


The past few days have been a whirlwind of sorts and has left me utterly confused! And to make matters worse, I met a few of my old friends who seemed to have completely forgotten they had at one time in the past known me and considered me a good friend. It made me sit and think... Who were my dearest and closest of confidantes? And the truth that emerges is that every one of my friends has been a very close to my heart... but somehow, I've never figured in anyone's "best of the best" buddies... Now, I know a lot of people shall utter disgruntled sounds of disapproval. But hey! I'm not complaining here! =) I am merely stating the facts, people. And I guess it's just the way I had moved with every single one of them. Maybe I hid a part of my soul from every one of them...

Ah well! Cest la vie! =D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Extraneous... is a good adjective!

Psssssst: This post might sound confusing and even disjointed at places. But this is just to get stuff out of me and I hope nobody gets burdened after reading this. If you are, forget it! There's nothing I want from you... not anymore. =)
Image © Perceval in Belgium via FlickrTruth be told, people! I am feeling so drained these days! And I'm not just talking about the tiredness that has set in thanks to the numerous project related debacles that fall at me every day!

I have been thinking... and it suddenly occurs to me... I am surrounded by many people and yet... I feel as though I am all alone. Now before I have angry and distressed protests from well wishers, I'll clarify that I don't particularly mind.

Ever since my school days, I have seen myself drift through various groups of friends... I merely was a catalyst in bringing together people and then, when the rest of the gang was close enough, I moved on... in good terms with everybody as they stayed in touch while I was slowly forgotten. And before people scream that I sound like a brat who's whining non-stop, I shall apologize for having given that sort of an image.

Now for the surprise... I actually don't mind moving on... now that I think about it, there was never a person with whom I've shared all my fears and aspirations... And no... I shalln't be starting now. I fear it is too late for people to come knocking at my doors, hoping to be my confidantes and waiting for me to bare my soul!

I remember a time when I was younger... I had hoped all my friends would probably hear me out when I was undergoing my bouts of depression... but it was quite a wake up call when I heard someone discuss how much they wished I wouldn't whine... especially when I hadn't opened up at all... I guess that was when I had decided that if they thought so when I was merely being friendly... and well, a little under the weather, god forbid! What would they say if I did open up? I understand that I am quite the tough nut to crack and I am not going to help people understand me. Heck! I wish I knew how! =)

But ever since that incident, I have always been the epitome of cheer outside... the regular funny girl... the one who supplied all the laughs... while deep inside, I sighed as I thought of how many more people would just laugh and not look beyond the smiles... And it occurs to me. They never will. And strangely, I am relieved to know that!

Having said all this, I should also add that my cat probably knows more about me than any person does! Strange? I find it soothing.

Image © Perceval in Belgium via Flickr

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas Everybody! ^_______^.

Ahhhhhhhh.... I don't know why... but somehow, this year's Christmas seems so magical! Actually, I don't celebrate Christmas strictly... me not being a Christian is a good enough reason. But this year, as I sit and reflect, I realize I don't have to be one to celebrate! Heck! It's the spirit of Christmas that matters right? And this year, I've been singing Carols as loud as I can and am smiling at every family member as they consider if they should pack me off to the nearest Mental Institution... But who cares! It's Christmas! =D

And in this same high spirited note, I made a Christmas card for all you readers out there! I don't even care if many people don't come here! For the very few who do... or will be, here you go, folks! A merry Christmas to you all~!

Psssssssst! Did you know you could track Santa as he goes about distributing gifts to children who have been good? Oh yes! Official NORAD Santa Tracker does that exactly! ^__^. And for those of you who think I might be finally losing my mind, all I have to say is...... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^__________^.

Famous?.... So what?!

People are really... really funny creatures underneath all this facade of sophistication and suave. And I mean it in an endearing sense of the word!

The other day(quite a long time ago, actually!), I was out at the Mall to meet up with a few of my friends. It was one of those posh areas where most of the rich and famous came to do their shopping needs. And well, as luck would have it, a really famous singer was there shopping with his family. I shalln't say who he is but just so people get the idea, his songs are really famous these days and well, he comes from a musical family.

I am a person who believes in the concept that celebrities are human beings as well and that to adulate them to the level of mobbing them in public only show how silly we 'not famous ones' can get. And so, as soon as I saw him looking in my direction, I gave a small smile and turned away to do whatever I was doing before I had spotted me. And then, something really out of the ordinary happened. He went past my group not once... but thrice to see if anyone in our group would recognize him and go talk to him. It was a little sad when none of us actually did anything out of the ordinary and he walked away.

It set me thinking. Could it be possible that certain celebrities find it vulnerable not being recognized? Do they really mean it when they say it is a pain being recognized and surrounded by adoring fans? Well... from the action of our singer celeb here, it seems to be the case! =D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello there folks! It hasn't been long ne! But anyway... I just dropped in to say Hi... and well...there are a lot of things running around in my head at the moment. I'm at a particular crossroad in my life and I'm not even sure where the divergent paths shall lead me let alone having to choose one of the many roads!

Aaaargh... if only I could reach forward by a few years and know what would happen... I could easily resign myself to what I see... or could I?

And I'm beginning to really believe that my intuition is a very strong thing! I cannot explain what I mean by this... just that somehow, I feel a distinct connection with what is to happen... and that I am to a certain extent, able to realize the future... I know I'm making no sense... Ah forget it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Musings...just like that!

The other day, it had been raining a little heavily where I live and as expected, our garden was soon teeming with life that is normally associated with the monsoon. I was meandering towards the living room in an almost lazy way. And what do you think I saw in the landing of the stairs? A foot long worm trying to crawl into the house. It was a deep russet in color and as with most worms, I couldn't make out which end was which. I assumed it to be an earthworm and called for dad so that we could safely release the little fellow back into the garden. Dad got out a soft bristled brush and an iron winnow from closet and since I don't normally have an aversion for worms when they aren't the majority, I stood quite close to the little creature to assure that Dad didn't kill it accidentally. As soon as the brush touched the worm's body, it started writhing in an almost surreal way and started gaining ground towards the house. And I should confess, it was hilarious seeing Dad jump back like he'd been scalded! As it turns out, it wasn't a worm at all! It was a baby snake who had gotten lost and to be honest, I don't think Dad was too enthusiastic about sparing its life when he deduced the proper species of the reptile and deemed it poisonous.

But thanks to my persuasion, he did manage to get the little tyke out of the house and back to the garden's long forgotten corner. This episode got me thinking... why are we averted by certain things just by the sight of it? Take for example the snake... True... it could've been poisonous and Dad was scared of it. But wasn't the snake even more terrified of the two huge otherworldly creatures who were prodding him with a weird looking thing? And it can't be blamed for being slimy and 'unsightly'! Wouldn't that mean we're actually doing something that we advocate others and out children not to do? To judge something based on its appearance?

Ah well... for now, the snake's safe... somewhere... I hope! And I'm here, sitting deep in thought as to what must've passed through his snakey mind when he saw us let him go like that... it must've been quite a scary experience for the little one!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reflections from ages past...

I am sick... and I don't mean it in the emotional sort of way! I am sick as in, I am sniffling and coughing my way to glory here and if that's not bad enough, my time in front of the system is being cut short a little because of this. Not that I'm complaining... staring at the screen when your head feels like it's at the center of the Earth isn't the best feeling, let me assure you that!

And so, you ask me why I'm writing an entry when I'm feeling so bad? Well... sometimes, there are things you wish to share with the world and sickness or physical incapacity hardly is an obstacle.

.little things that matteRImage by 27147 via Flickr

Yesterday, when I was off visiting a relative with my entire family (and when I was a little better), we had to stop by a bakery store to pick up something for the hosts. And so, my grandpa and I got off the car and walked into the store. This store is near my old school and so, there were so many memories that washed over me as I walked along the same road I had used for nearly twelve years of my life... As soon as we got inside, I saw cream-buns stacked in rows, inviting those who saw them to buy them.

As soon as I saw those delectable pastries, unbeknownst to me, I smiled as I remembered how as a small girl of seven, I would travel with my darling grandpa on a journey from my school back home... a journey that would have been a trivial one for anyone else... but for me, it was something that was a magnificent thing in itself... the sights and the sounds of everything around me, holding onto my grandpa's hands as he led me through the dangerous roads, my young eyes taking everything in through the glasses that did little to hide the world around me... only making it clearer... And then as we passed the pastry shop, I would involuntarily stop and tug at my grandpa's hand and he would stop and turn around to see me stare at the eyes wide with excitement as I would imagine their sugary taste on my tongue. And my grandpa would smile as he would oblige my unspoken desires and get me a couple of the coveted pastries and all would be well in the world as we'd trudge along again, with an additional spring in my steps as I would try to make the journey as short as possible... I needed to eat the cream-buns as soon as possible!

And now, as I turned to watch my grandpa ask for what he wanted to the shopkeeper, I couldn't help but notice that his face is more lined with wrinkles of the ages that has passed since I was a little girl of seven. He can't walk as fast and somehow, everything about him has taken on a slow pace that belies his age. But I could not help but smile... as I smile now, typing this out in my room....I love my family! It's an emotion that I cannot completely display... In the little things that we do for each other, I can see my love clearly reflected back to me. And for that, I am thankful!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music.... Yiruma.... Heaven!

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”
- Edgar Watson Howe

>How true... Recently, I've been fortunate enough to listen to Yiruma. He's a South Korean composer whose works are just mind blowing to say the least. Having had formal education in Music from places like the Purcell Specialist Music School and King's College London, he has a lot of reputed compositions to his name. As I sit here, listening to his "River flows in you", I forget all that is around me.... it feels serene... it feels beautiful... as though the world has lost all shape and form and all that exists is only the strains of music that cover me like the loving arms of a mother. And I feel, if I were to die now, I shall regret nothing... this would be the best way to leave... amidst heaven!

Ahem... so, you know what I mean when I say it's good. So, try getting hold of the album if you can guys... you shalln't regret it! :D