Saturday, December 20, 2008

Queues, cat fights and Two Grand!

Today has been quite the day! It involved standing for almost four hours straight, cat fights, walks that lasted three kilometers and one really beat me!

There were severe storms near my place a month ago and the government in their very cunning and jackass-smart way of insuring popularity, declared funds of two grand for every family with a ration card. And in my family, there were two ration cards... that meant we could get four grand on the whole. And actually, the rains weren't thaaat bad. But hey, free money is always a good thing!

And so, the ordeal began. Since it meant that all families with ration cards would be gearing up for the same thing, we knew it would be tough. And when we did reach the public school where the funds were being given out, we knew we weren't mistaken. The school had a really REALLY vast playground and the place was overflowing with people! People from all walks of life... rich ones who still wanted the money... not so rich ones (like me) who could use the money... and the poor ones who needed the money! But in India, when you have a lot of people all vying for the same thing and a very little amount of patience, things start to get interesting (or vexing depending upon your position in the whole ordeal)!

There were two queues actually... one for the men and another for the women. And the one for the women was actually twice as long as the one for men but surprisingly, the women were getting the work done twice as fast as the men were! Is this a sign that women are better or is it just that the women-folk tend to get what they want and no force known t man, God or whatever can stop them!(That gives me a very nice feeling, you know!)

And so I stood... and kept standing... and standing.... almost getting there.... Gosh... I think I've lost feeling in my left foot....there goes the right foot!

To be standing non-stop isn't that bad. But when you're forced to watch a cat fight in the making, it can get tiring! It all involved with these huge women (their BMI must've left the solar system a long time ago!) and how they sat down in the queues when they could stand no longer! (Can't blame them!) Now the queue is a dynamic entity... it moves. And so, these women would have to get up every five minutes or so only to plop their vast rear-ends to the ground half an inch away. So, these genius ladies overcompensate by sitting yards away. Having confirmed their position in the queue, they fall back in line when the queue's moved a considerable distance forward. Ah! Clever... so you'd think! But there are women who barge in along with the genuine members when the queue begins to move after a loooooooong time (think in hours here). And this automatically leads to cat-fights!

It's strange how these women find the energy to fight when they've been standing in the sun for four hours straight! The Human body and mind never cease to amaze me! And it makes me wonder... is the money worth all this trouble? And then I remember... I can keep five hundered from this amount! And I continue to endure the pain.

And by the time I'd gotten my hands on the two grand, I was strangely feeling very refreshed! This led me to walk all the way from the school back home. A walk that was atleast three kilometers long. Now that isn't exactly a marathorn distance... but when you've stood in the sun for four hours straight, had nothing for lunch and still accomplish the feat... now that's worth blogging about!

I know I will be sleeping like I'm brain dead tomorrow. But hey! I'll be a slightly richer brain dead person and I've gotta wake up some time or the other! ;D

Friday, December 19, 2008

Exams are over and done with! MWAHAHHAHA!!!

Ah! The exams are finally over and done with! What happiness and peace I feel when I think that I shalln't have to wake up at three in the morning to cram as much electronics or crystallography or fourier analysis into my teeny little head!

Yes! Until the fifth of january, this baby is going to paint the city purple! (psst... I know it should be red... but purple's better ne? ;D)

Oh... and a couple of my friends are starting blogs. And that means, Kikyo here will be preparing free banners for them! This is to get back the touch I had with photoshop. And moreover, they get a free graphic! Win-Win I say! :D

That's it for now people! Let me sit and lounge and marvel at the art of doing nothing! Ahhh... I am in heaven... or the closest I'll ever get to it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Karinui... beauty in despair

Now one may ask me, what I am doing, patronizing anime when I ought to be breaking my head over Statistical mechanics! And the answer to that question is........ fine! I don't have an answer! But that is not why we're here!

We're here to hear my views on Karinui - the ending song for the anime 'Jigoku Shoujo' (Hell Girl).

The story is about this Enma (a Japanese spirit from Hell) who avenges people for a fee (she gets to take the avenged to hell once they kick the bucket!). Strangely she's named Ai, which in Japanese means 'Love'.

She was actually brutally murdered by her village people who thought of her as a seed of evil. And they sought to bury her alive. The true blow fell when her good friend caved in to the pressure from the villagers and threw the first fistful of dirt into her grave. She rose from her grave soon after and burnt the village to the ground and as punishment for that act of vengeance, she was ordered to ferry spirits of the dead to Hell. And well... she's been doing it for more than 400 years now!

And I feel that the ending song - Karinui (Basting) suits Ai's personality like a glove.

It speaks of despair... of hope like a moth that's stuck in a spider's web... it struggles only to stay still again.

I'm including the lyrics of the song and the translation to let you guys know what I mean!

---------------KARINUI (BASTING)-----------------

Omoide o tsunde kimasho Hana o tsunde kimasho
Mune no yami ni ichirin sashi kazaru no
Itsu datte ikidomari de Kesshite nigerarenai
Sora no tori e kanashimi nose tobasu no

* Koko wa karinui
Watashi o
Shibaru eien
Iki mo kaeri mo
Sugite yuku wa yume

Hi ga kurete kage o kakusu Hitori nakitaku naru
Kuroku nijimu hitomi no naka kowakute

Koko wa karinui
Sekai o
Anda eien
Iki mo kaeri mo
Tsuite kuru wa kaze

Sukoshi dake yorimichishite naita…

* Repeat


Let’s pick memories; let’s pick flowers
I’ll raise a ring to the darkness in my chest and decorate it
At the dead end all the time
I can never escape
I’ll let my sorrow ride on the birds in the sky and fly

* This place is the basting
The eternity that
Binds me
Whose going and returning passes by me is a dream

The sun sets and hides the shadows; alone, I feel like crying
The centers of my eyes that stain black will grow afraid

This is place is the basting
The eternity that
Knitted the world
Whose going and returning follows is the wind

I strayed away for a moment and wept…

* Repeat

I got the lyrics from here >>>Clickity Clickity<<<

The song is so poetic and sad... and the singer, Mamiko Noto, her quiet, soft and yet beautiful voice makes the song take on such myriad shades of emotions! The first time I listened to it, I was like.... Beautiful! Just... Beautiful!

So do try to listen to it guys! Even if you don't understand the lyrics... it will move you!

P.S. Karinui is most often seen in kimono where the fabric is not stitched on purchase but has to be sewn every time it is worn and then the stitches are removed on removal. This saves the silk from damage and the kimono does not lose resale value! (if you know how much a good kimono costs, you'll know what I mean! ^__~)

Hope you guys get to listen this wonderful song! Ciao for now!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Advents

"What shall we do tonight, Brain?
The same thing we do every night, Pinky! TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

I had my workshop exam today and all I'd like to say is - "PHEW!!!" Glad that's out of my system! And I had my library membership activated! Now all I've to do is swipe my ID card and I can have all the books in the world! MWAAAHAHAHA! (Okay... just four books at a time but...)MWAHAHAHA!!!!

And ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and give a standing ovation to my first library book(that's made it out of the library) from Anna University this year!


And he's a professor from the University of Tokyo! Talk of coincidence! ;D
If you want to know more about him, check this out! - >>Clicky Clicky!<<

And this is an excerpt from the conversation I was having with my friend, Sonia (Hiiii!)

Scenario: Canteen, CEG, Guindy.
There was this guy who was waiting for his coffee and well... he was a little good looking... all that deep and emotional type!
And we managed to see that!

Me: Hey... that boy there's quite cute! Or is it just me?

Sonia: Nope... it's not you. He is cute.
Me: Hmmm... okay...
Sonia: He seems so depressed and morose and homesick!
Me: Yeah... he's just waiting for some girl to come hug him tight and tell him all his boo-boos will go bye bye! But I'm scared how his stainless tumbler would scar my forehead.. so I don't think I'll go there!
Sonia: *sigh* all the good ones are either taken... or younger!
Me: Yeah... now that you've mentioned it! Darn!
Sonia: *gets up* Might as well go and bury myself in my misery!
Me: (ever the quintessential cheery one!) Don't worry! You just wait girl! You'll meet this really cute Japanese particle theorist and you'll fall in love and get married and discover the glory of GUT!
Sonia: *blank stare* (by now, she wasn't the only one doing that!)
Me:(Still oblivious) And just imagine what you could name your kids.... If I had a Japanese particle theorist for a husband, I'd have him name our kind - Ashon!
Sonia: Yeah?
Me and Sonia: Though judging from half the genetic makeup he'll have, Moron would be a better choice!
Me and Sonia: Oy vey!
And if you haven't guessed it already, my next exam's on Monday - *drumrolls* Classical Mechanics and Statistical Physics!

Sigh... for some reason, I feel like quite the selfish apathetic female dog that I'm not sure if I am...or not! Oh well... that's yet another story!

Ciao people!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am totally lazy right now to even think of some good title! And just so the general populace know... I had a slight accident that involves a back-stabbing backpack, a really sharp nail and the level crossing. So now I lie, in tank tops sighing my days away as I wait for a two inch long gash in my back to heal. (Oh and the tetanus shots are all done with...damn, I hate needles!)

I guess the wound was kind of unsightly because as I shrugged off the pain and proceeded to college, I could find a lot of my friends going 'sssssssss'. One of them dropped the bottle of water she was holding... makes me wonder... Hmmmm.... maybe it's time I concocted vivid narrations as to how I incurred the wound. *evil grin*

And as for the exam I had on the same day... I think I'll pass. It was getting a little difficult as I had a bruised back, a full bladder and the inferno known as Gauss divergence theorem to deal with - at the same time! You do the math people! (No pun intended... and if you didn't get that well...eheh...)

I've got Workshop Technology tomorrow or as my dear friend Sido would say - "a man's job!"

Makes me want to wish I'd get sucked into some parallel dimension where I'll be crowned the saviour of their universe and never have to worry about another lathe or drilling machine or some other horrendous contraption along the same lines!

*Sigh* like many other things in my life... wishful thinking!

Ja... I'm off people! Will keep you guys posted... If I live through the ordeal that is! MWAAAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, December 8, 2008

On and indecisiveness!

I was checking a friend's half-dead blog and guess what I found there! Two ads about 'Dog Bowel movement' and 'puke'! And all because the only post that was there was about an unfortunate incident involving drunk friends and vomit! And many of the other relatively more active bloggers are awaiting their Adsense approval! (Not me! No way Jose! I'll be dead before there's an ad in this blog! ARR!!!!)

I guess I should advise my other friends to start writing about puke now! ;D

And my parents are hunting for a good car! And their indecisiveness is driving me a little up the wall! DECIDE ALREADY!!! For once I'd like to tell them - 'You're selecting a car! Not a life partner!' But then I realize that my next meal depends on my dad's cooking skills and Mom's dough and rubbing them the wrong way will not exactly work in my best interests!

So I shall endure! I SHALL ENDURE!!! *thunder and lightning in the background*

We're open for business!...Kinda!

Ahem... This is to let everyone know that I'm quite ready to make free banners for blog headers and stamps and the likes starting from twentieth of this month! If you want something done for your know! Just let me know! =D


(It's not technically business as there isn't any commerce involved! Oh and a link-back to my blog would be appreciated but isn't mandatory. I just don't feel like asking people to do that. I don't like advertising much strictly speaking =|)

It's strange how things go....or don't!

Last night I was up till one in the morning (that makes it today morning ne?) talking to my really close friend and his friends and it occurred to me. These guys are so free and well... asymptotically bonded! it's almost like everybody I know is a quark...either in twos (mesons) or as threes (hadrons) but somehow, I've managed to gain the role of the lepton here. What's in me... I don't know! I don't even know if there's anything in me!

Hmmmm.... Makes me wonder how people around me see me. I'm really trying hard to find a group for myself but somehow, it's like trying to break all rules of Elementary Physics trying to do that - leaves me totally drained and well... off the mark!

And last night... I seemed to have regrets regarding a lot of things... something I normally don't have. And all of this makes me want to just lock myself in a well padded room and bang my head really hard! LOL this is so unlike me.... but what's like me? Is what I believe myself to be what I really am?

And yesterday's comment... there aren't any readers for my blog except for perhaps one person who comes now and then when he's immensely bored... well made me think... It's not like everybody else gets scores of Anonymous comments. Mostly it's from friends! Does this mean I *GASP* am friend-less?! Or is it that *GASPITY GASP* I'm boring?! Oy Vey!

Argh... I think group theory is getting to my head! And life was so much less complicated when all I needed to worry about was what Hotohori would say about this! Why did I have to grow up!!! How I wish I could just stay twelve for the rest of my life and dream of meeting the fourth emperor of Khonan sometime in the distant future never to come!

Ahem... I think I've ranted enough! Thanks for dropping by... if you did that is! =D
(P.S. None of these rants should be remembered for more than a minute post reading! Heheheh...a clown...that's what I am! =D)

When points of view differ!

I was surfing the net the other day just like I do most of the time! And I found this picture on one of my favorite blogs -

Hmmmm.... it is true what they say.... Points of view are meant to differ! I mean come on! I shall vehemently not believe you if you were to tell me you didn't think of what I know you were thinking!

And kinda funny how there aren't any women buying snow shovels! Hmmm... I guess it IS a man's world out there after all! =D

(P.S. No sentiments were meant to be hurt in this post. And if you feel hurt, how about I buy you some candy and we forget all about it? ;D)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

And I "supposedly" resemble...WHOM?!!!

Okay! Okay! I know this is getting out of hand! But hey! I had nothing to do with it! There was this website that took your photos and worked on resemblance with 'celebrities' based on reference points and guess who I resemble! Jessica Alba! (Did I just hear something crash there?-_-;;)

Okay... this does do my self-esteem a little good. But truth be told, there are certain facial structures between the two of us that are kinda alike - like the shape of the eyebrows, the cheekbones, shape of the eyes, basic nasal structure... But somehow, I don't think I'm gonna get calls for acting in Hollywood just about yet! (I cannot believe I'm actually saying this! I've completely gone crazy!)

And the other celebrities that I resembled were -

  • Jessica Alba - 83% (And somehow I don't think this is going to end well for me!)
  • Beyonce - 80% (I'm gonna get killed for this!)
  • Kajol - 78% (Yay! An Indian!)
  • Audrey Tautou - 73% (the Lady who acted in "The DaVinci Code"! I thought she was so intellectually pretty!)
  • Nicole Linkletter - 72% (She's some really famous American model...this is getting weirder by the second!)
  • Alicia Keys - 71% (Hmmmm.... Glad I didn't get Amy Winehouse! ;D)
  • Anna Paquin - 71% (She who was 'rogue' in X-Men the Movie. Ahem...The Dali moment just set in, folks!)
  • Diane Kruger - 68% (German born actress and model!)
Well... Atleast this is better than what my friend got! She apparently resembles Daniel Radcliffe! Ahem... Okay... Dali moment just got Dali-er!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'so-round-about-that-I-might-just-go-back-to-the-past' confessions!

Ooookay! Before you guys get your hats off in a jiffy and start crackling with interest (or turn and run away imagining some mushy letter to a loved one), let me get this straight - I am not talking about my secrets here! (not like I have many interesting ones, anyway!)

The other day, I was browsing through different blogs here, in Blogger, when one particular blog caught my eye. It just said, "Letters" and well... I was intrigued (I can get intrigued by the littlest of things, I tell you!).

So, naturally, I clicked on the link and was soon on my way to that said blog. When I did get there, I found that it was a blog that a random Indian girl was maintaining and it was in the format of many letters written daily. And no cookies for guessing who they were all addressed to.

It goes without saying that the whole blog was very sentimental, passionate and kinda too mushy for my taste. And she went on to mention (to 'him' but I was reading get it?) that she was writing all that she felt about him in that blog...all that would hurt him if he came to know or things that she was too hurt to talk about.

It makes me wonder now... I wonder how many such blogs are out there? And I don't understand how they can have such patience to sit down and pen down such feelings so... so... I don't know... constantly!

And I don't think things shall bode well for her if her guy ever comes across that blog! I think he'll feel asphyxiated! But hey! he could be on of those types who likes all the attention he gets!

It is amazing how humans act when in love! These people could be those typical Indian couple who act all proper in public but deep down inside would love to hug and cuddle in public. (And I have nothing against public displays of affection - except when I'm having PMS! ^__^;;) and online, this person gets all the anonymity to express themselves! If what they feel is so strong, why don't they say it out right at the face than go about a 'so-round-about-way-that-I-might-just-go-back-to-the-past' way?! I know I would! (But then again... subtlety was never my forte!)

I know for sure, I wouldn't be thinking of my boyfriend 24/7! And heck! That would mean I'm obsessed! And though there are a lot of things out there that would get me obsessed, I don't think men fall under that category (nor do women...if you catch the drift! ;D).

Does that mean I'm not normal? Or does that mean I shall lead the Human Race to its destiny? (oookay... too far fetched! I know!)

For now, I think I shall just sit here and freak out about Fourier Series and if I ever get interesting things happening, I'll drop by to let you all know! :D

Ciao for now!

My Exams are on their way!

Yes! Finally, I shall be having my semesters (about time!). And my practicals have already been done with... it was today and I got IC7805 regulated 5Volt power supply.

Hmmm... was pretty easy actually! Now I must muster all strength to give my best in the exams to come! :D

Wish me luck people!

P.S. The transport system in Chennai (the buses) can be such a pain in the rear end! (literally...try their seats, you'll know what I mean!)