Monday, September 28, 2009

And so.... it begins!

It's that time of the year again.... the time when application forms for various institutes are out and it's almost too late to start preparations for the various exams. Yeah well... I'm starting my preparations now and I'm sure it would've been better if I'd started earlier. But as the saying goes, "Better late than never!".... right? *echoing silence* -_-;

As usual, this means there will be a slowdown on the blog updates (As if they were on time to begin with... *ahemahem*), but have heart! I'll make sure I give a detailed account on my preparations for the exams here. And if I ever need some amount of encouragement, I'll have my wonderful readers to turn to..... right?........... *silence.... and random lint ball*

Oooookay..... >_>.....<_<.......-__-;;;

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gentlemen still exist! *le GASP*

It sucks sometimes... yep.... just like that.

Don't you hate it when you have so much fun one weekend, staying over with friends and then suddenly, when the weekend's over, you're all alone and it's miserable to think that the same place was such a wonderful place to be in just a while ago? Well.... if you do, welcome to the "morning-after-the-party" club! You shall receive your dossier and complimentary bath towels in counter number 2!

I had stayed over at one of my Best friend's place. With no parental supervisions and a house full of early twenty somethings, it is pardonable to assume things could've gotten out of hands. Especially when some of the early twenty somethings are guys! But this is where the assumptions cease to be pardonable, people!

Last weekend, I managed to meet some of the most exceptional guys I've ever known in my life! And to think that people like them even exist in today's society is news to me!

Wherever I've been to, I've met guys who think a girl smiling at them automatically means that the girl wants to marry him and have his numerous progeny without a doubt marring her brain! But thankfully, I've been friends (and still am) with a few countable individuals who're what one would call 'guys any girl would feel safe with in the middle of the night in their tank-tops and shorts!' or 'bodyguards'! :P (I know certain people will understand what this means!)

This post goes out to all those guys who're gentlemen when it matters! And all the others out there who think they're being decent just because they seem like it and nobody can see what's running around in their minds, GET A LIFE! This includes all those asstards who think passing pseudo-witty comments and other sexual innuendos at any mediocre-to-goodlooking girl that passes them by is actually a cool thing to do! I mean... haven't they left their tweens yet?!

I am so proud of the guys I spent the weekend with. And I hope I find someone just like them when I indeed look for love (if and when...) And somehow, it scares me when I see the kind of thought process that goes through my family (my relatives mostly)!

Oh Gentleman in shining armour... whereforth art thou?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The disastrous culinary encounters...

I sincerely dedicate this post to every single person who's living alone. This goes out to every single person who, having learnt the fine art of self sustenance through rigorous and sometimes very hilarious trial and error methods, is now comfortable and smart enough to live on his/her own.

I, recently decided to take the jump and stay at my friend's place for the weekend. Now, she's staying alone and has managed just fine! But, well... unfortunately, the poor thing fell ill when I went there. So, her gastronomical fate ended up in my hands and as if the fact that I happen to find making tea a complicated ritual, now I needed to cook rice and every other dish that I had taken for granted before!

It was definitely a time when I sent silent thanks to my mother and father who have been cooking for the family ever since I could remember! I was to make something edible for the invalid and I had no options as to replace myself with someone who wouldn't burn the house down trying to cook!

I had decided to make Dosa. I mean.... anyone who's eaten them would agree that they're heavenly and having seen my mom prepare it umpteen number of times, I was sure my attempts would actually be a little fruitful! But boy! Was I wrong! For those of you who are about to try out Dosa preparation for the first time, I tell you this - be patient like the Himalayas! You'll need to be. And also be great at multitasking - having extra pairs of arms might help!

By the time I was pouring the batter, the flame was too hot. And by the time I'd reduced the flame, the batter got stuck and by the time I had the flame and the batter in control, I was tired.

And if this wasn't enough, back in class, I, who normally didn't care too much about domestic chores, was actually thinking of what to make for dinner as my professors droned on about Quantum Mechanics and Ceramic Technology!

But thankfully for my invalid (and by now gastronomically critical) friend, her friends from school came over for the weekend as well and so, I found myself an unnecessary addition in the kitchen. But hey! I still did some noodles that everyone thought was edible!

So, I've decided to take up cooking lessons from Mom very seriously! Lest I be stuck alone and I don't even have an invalid friend to help me out!

And I'd like to thank all those nice and enduring souls who put up with my culinary disasters with such bravado! You guys rock!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kandaswamy.... romba overa ventha swamy!

There are sometimes when we do somethings that are just so silly that we can do nothing but laugh at ourselves later on. Well, family and I decided we'd go watch a movie tonight and against my better judgment, we gave Transformers a miss and went for Kandaswamy instead.

Three words are all I have for that movie.... Oh. My. God!

And those three words can be taken in a lot of different contexts depending upon which aspect of the movie we're discussing here.

The Actors: Vikram did full justice (as much as he could humanly do) to his role. But when the screenplay doesn't support you much, there isn't much you can there? But I have to say, the scenes where he imitates a rooster are just plain hilarious! I ended up laughing out loud in the theater when everyone was so busy being all intense and stuff! But he looked real smart when he wasn't wearing the chicken suit! =P And Shreya.... well... erm.... she has a great body. Nothing more. I know that every actress wants to be considered for more than what they look like... but come on! Anyone who's seen the movie will know what I mean! It's kinda obvious everybody's seen Shakira's music videos. But people... this whole belly dancer thing is getting old. I mean... she belly dances her way through all the songs! And furthermore... she can't be sexy to save her life. Such a waste for someone who's got the stuff. Too bad she can't strut it!

The Story: Your typical "Robin hood" plot. The hero steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Blah Blah... a fight here... a narrow escape there... more blah blah... no evidence, hero is released. Too bad reality ain't so rosy-posy!

Screenplay: it sucked! It sucked more than anything in the history of Screenplays; in the history of sucking! The way the plot's taken about makes even the most ardent fan of the franchise yawn. And I was more than tempted to just leave! I'm sure Transformers would've been better in this department! At least they would've had fighting robots, which are cooler than some bloke in a chicken suit any day!

Direction: Susi Ganeshan has spent quite a lot of money on this one! And the direction could've been a tad bit slicker. As much as the movie talks about how the rich don't think about how they earn their money exploiting the poor, it is kinda ironic, we're being charged for watching this movie and making the ones who made it richer!

Music:Well.... remember the time when your grandma warned you not to overdo the spices and spoil the biriyani? Well, guess what? Gramma sure knew what she was talking about! The music's good at places but then, the music director tries to bring in too many genres of music into the same song and voila! Before you know it, you're covering your ears and cringing, thinking of where the melody evaporated to!

All in all, I'll give the movie four out of ten and I'm being generous here! Ah well... next time I watch a movie, I'll be thinking twice before I shell out money to sit in a theater where the lady next to me gives me the heebidibajeebies all because I'm wearing capris and the AC is out of control! But all that is another story altogether! Chennai sure is a funny place!

Life and its 'what ifs'...

After incessant goading from my friends' part, I finally managed to listen to the song 'Maalai Neram' from Aayirathil Oruvan'. And I should say.... I was very much impressed - the song opened up floodgates of emotions from within me!

And before anyone asks me what emotions exactly, I'll have you listen to the song.

It's beautiful.... it has this urban feel to it and Andrea's voice suits the mood perfectly. And after listening to that song, it made me wonder. Actually, whatever relationships we're in right now (excluding blood relations), are all with us because two people were there at a particular time at a particular place.
And if any one those things had been different, how different our present would be? I'm sure there are a few people out there who know what I mean... It sure is scary to think of how things could change so drastically if only we change a few seemingly inconspicuous events in the past. Like my dad missing an appointment with my mom on their first meeting.... I wouldn't be here!

If Chitty-chan hadn't called me at twelve in the night and persuaded me to attend the Physics Olympiad in CMI.... If I hadn't had the courage to scrap Sido, thinking he'd never remember me.... if only I'd done some things earlier than I actually did.... *sigh*

Ah well... I'm sure I'm the only one who's warbling on like this. And I guess I need to be happy for the numerous things I have in my life.... loving people.... great friends.... a cool (at times) family.... a few special bonds....

Even then, my heart still feels a strange twang whenever I think of things that could've been. Silly ne?

Psssst: I'm going to go kiss the girl who persuaded me to listen to the song in the first place. I am so much more aware of the various aspects of my life now! Weird.... what one song can do to you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

True feelings emerge...

It hasn't been a day since they found out the remains of the dead Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and his party people have already started fighting over who would be the next CM. And thanks to his demise, I got a day off today. And I'm already feeling bad for feeling thankful! How can we be so callous when it comes to 'others'? We feel when someone close to us dies. But for some reason, that feeling is absent when some stranger dies.

I don't think we can be blamed for that. I mean, we're human after all! To feel sad for every death would make our existence a dreary one. But I still cannot digest what those politicians in AP are doing. I'm sure YSR's family are feeling disgusted by what they see. And all I can say is that, I feel for them.

I hope YSR is finally in a happy place, away from people who've used him or given him a bad name. Rest in peace, sir. And as for all those other people who're fighting it out for the post of the next Chief Minister, You guys'll die one day too and then we'll see how many people feel sorry, seeing you go!

Kids these days!

Before people start complaining that I'm being overly unfair to kids the world over, let me explain that I have nothing against kids. Yeah.... we all need them! And they're a joy to have. (I especially love some of the kids I've come across in my life...the angels that they are!)

But the tenants in my place have two children who're.... brats! I mean, they barge into the house, ask (read order) you to change the channels to whatever they want to watch, take your things without permisson and still do things you request them not to!

I am normally very patient with strangers. But.... this is just too much. And if this wasn't enough, I had one of my own cousins steal from me right before my eyes and get caught red handed. It makes me wonder... why do they do it?

I remember a time when I was a seven year old and I was taught never to enter a house without asking, or to take things that weren't mine. Sure, kids these days are smart. But really.... that doesn't mean they shouldn't know the basics of manners! I don't ask to be treated with respect. The least these kids can do is behave in such a way that years later, they will not be remembered for the trouble they caused!

And in all this, I believe the parents are the most guilty. I agree that kids are influenced by the various media that loom around these days. But it is up to the parents to try and instruct and make their kids understand what is right and what is not! And I believe the kids these days are smart enough to understand if it came from their parents in a very logical and calm discussion - they don't even have to be paddled!

Sigh.... all this makes me wonder about another issue... I would make quite a weird mother... a mother who thinks her kids have all grown up the second they're born! Another reason why I shouldn't bring in another life into this world for it to be just misunderstood by the very person who gave it life!

Hmmmm.... I could bring up pets! What say? =D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day in which I lost my umbrella, my phone and gained a happy-happy!

What does one do when one has lost one's umbrella in lab, one's phone in the bus and feels like the whole world's on to something?

Well.... I've been through this recently and just so everybody knows, I do not like it!

But to be positive (or realistic), I think my phone's just been misplaced. It rings when I call it. So, I think nobody's bothered flicking it. And I wouldn't blame them... well... that phone looked sickly and old (in phone terms). So, now, it says switched off. And I think it's because of the low battery.

Heh heh... I would love to see the baka who flicked it (if it was flicked in the first place!). I mean.... you can do nothing with it! Not use it without giving it the correct security code, not change SIM cards without giving it the correct security code or even switch off and switch it on without giving it the darned security code! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So, I'm presuming they just threw it away without bothering too much about that.... Hmmmm.... Asstards! And they forgot to flick my iPod that was in the same place as my phone! HAH! ASSTARDS!!!

And then there's this problem with my umbrella. It was an old one (but a sturdy one!). And I think someone who comes sweeping our classrooms has flicked this one. Keh... bitches! Hope their progeny dies from diarrhea!

But to be honest, the day wasn't exactly all that bad. My best friend has finally found her soul mate and I am probably one of the happiest people on earth right now! She deserves to be loved and cared about! And I totally approve of her guy(like she needed my approval! =P)! All in all, I'm having a happy-happy right now (and a hungry-hungry as well).

And there you have it folks! I guess I'll be phone-less for a while now! (DARN! I WAS HOPING TO USE THIS PHONE FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS! so what if it would be in pieces by then?! I'm broke!)

And if anyone out there would like to gift me a phone or an umbrella or both, I love you~ ^_^.

Ahem... that's it for now folks!