Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have finally fallen

After all the precautions I had undertaken to prevent this from happening... I was so foolish to have underestimated the power of the opponent. Yes... he is very clever... as clever as they come! And now, having fallen for that one thing that I promised myself I wouldn't, I have nothing to say in my defence... except that I LOVE IT!

I should say... Hmmm... Not bad.... not bad at all! I had remained apprehensive if it would indeed be to my genteel tastes. I needn't have worried so much... The entire experience was one exciting, enticing, pleasurable ordeal! ;)

I the end, do I have something left to say?

Naruto... is a good Manga, DATTEBAYO! :P

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I danced... I actually DANCED!!!

Remember the concert that I had mentioned in my previous post? Well... hehehe... I actually did attend it. It was awesome - Just the thing I needed to drive my blues away! And to make it even more memorable, I actually managed to dance. And if anyone is curious, I've always been under the impression that I possessed two left feet! And now, my impression hasn't changed much... but I guess in the dark, where people are least bothered about what you're doing and too engrossed in the the singer on stage, dancing like a dodo isn't such a bad thing! :P

Well, I wasn't alone in this endeavour! We were a group of seven to eight people and we all managed to dance like nobody was watching! (and mostly they weren't... so... I guess that part holds true!)

The only flip side to this situation.... right now, my whole body feels like I let a herd of African Elephants on it! Ooooooh.... the pain! LOL... but that's hardly any reason to never do it again!

Hehehehe.... So, everybody out there, that's one other thing off my 'TO DO' list... dance like an idiot! :P

Monday, February 15, 2010

A crashed GATE and what happens after that.

GATE has been done with and I should say this was a disaster of magnificent proportions. I'm slightly down in the dumps because of that because... well... it wasn't that I hadn't studied at all... sure I didn't pull allnighters two months before the exam and sure, I wasn't running around with the Text book glued to my hand. Maybe I should have...

Ah... well... nothing I can do about it now. Right now, I'm in college and have plans to attend a concert that's part of the Cultural Extravaganza that is Techofes! (Stupid name, if you ask me!) Some really famous singer's supposed to come. But somehow, I have half the heart to leave without seeing the damn thing... I guess I'm just having a lot of issues... or whatever! But if I see another baka in red converse sneakers and jeans loose enough to fit a huge refrigerator in it, trying to act cool and mushy in front of some air headed doily, I swear I just might end up killing somebody! People.... GET A ROOM!!!

And if this is not enough, I'm still trying to search for my elusive Project guide who seems to have been abducted by Aliens for further study. (or he's hiding from me... but why would he do that?.... Ah.... well... he would... but that's not the point!)

Riiiiiight.... now I must be off to track my guide down and meet him no matter what happens! And also to keep an eye out for Red Converse sneakers toting half-witted, baboons in baggy clothing... I'm in the mood to kill! BWAHAHAHHA....*cough*...*splutter*.... *asphyxiate*!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

GATE's tomorrow! AAAAARGH!!!!!!

Tomorrow, by this time, I'd be in my Exam hall, writing my GATE exam, wondering as I doodle away on my hall-ticket as to what in the name of Nel's cute booty am I doing here in the first place!
Ah... for now, my mind is blisfully numb...but there's this slight gnawing in one corner of my head... a tiny little voice sqeaking "You wasted your time away! Now suffer... Nyah...Nyah... na..Nyah... Nyaaaah!" Ah. well.... we'll see how things go...

P.S. My right shoulder's sprained and I'm typing this with just one hand! I'm such a nice updater ne!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ai laaaaaaaaa!!!!

Hello there folks! Today was a 'meh' sort of day... the only nice thing was the fact that I saw really good looking guy board the same bus as I did. Aaaaand, why would this be something worth blogging about, you ask? Well, it's because I managed to have a glimpse at the teensie tattoo he had on his left forearm. It was in JAPANESE!!!! Yay! Someone from my university is probably just as crazy about Nippon as I am! And I did manage to read what the tattooed kanji meant... from what I could garner, (As discreetly as possible), it reads either
Tsuki (moon)
Ken (to look)
Mei (bright)

I'm not sure which of these three it is... but oh well! =D

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tumbleweed in my head!

Classes have started again and right now, I have so many things running around in my head... both on the academic and the personal front. I'm not sure if I'm good enough for certain things.... and for others, I wonder if I'm too good for it. Ah.... I need a break... a really nice peaceful break where all I'll need is my System and unlimited supply of Anime, Fanfiction and an occasional outing... But I guess reality isn't so nice and dandy!

Just so everybody knows, these are few of the things I've been doing the past two weeks -

  1. Perfecting my Ninja skills as I evade my Project Guide so as to prevent any uncomfortable questioning as to what I've been working on. Actually, I have been reading diligently. Just that, I can't understand the thing perfect enough to convince him!
  2. Trying to spend as much time inside the Library for the free cushiony seats and the Air conditioning. And not to mention the free Internet!
  3. Hiding whenever certain male species from my University walk my way. Recently, I've been caught red handed for staring at a few people. And truth be told, I wasn't even interested!! I mean... can't a girl just stare? Does she have to be madly in love with a guy if she just looks at him for more than five seconds?!
  4. Trying to stay connected with certain friends who're a little too busy to talk. I understand they have a life of their own with far more interesting acquaintances. But somehow, it's nice talking to them. And I hope they think of me once in a while!
  5. Mulling over how to evade wedding talks from relatives. They're so well meaning that I can't even be rude and stop it once and for all. I pity whoever I am to marry.... sometime in the distant... REALLY DISTANT future. If you read this fella, I feel so bad for you!
  6. Trying to not to get too depressed about the down parts in my life (that constitute a rought estimate of 87% of my entire life!). Ah... I need a break I tell you!
There you have it! =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

At Sunset...when I think...

Time slides around me as I sit beside my mother, looking at the people in the streets before us go about their daily work. I am sure most of us have had those moments of pleasant silence with our loved ones... just taking in the moment. And strangely, I can just be around only a handful of people. Without any need to fill in the silence with mindless banter... just be...

And as I take in all that is happening in my life right now... the mistakes that I've made, the paths I've trodden... the people I've influenced, the ones that have influenced me... the ones I love, the few who love me back...

I understand a lot of expectations are upon me... and I know there are so many things left unsaid between a lot of people and I... words... almost tangible...almost conveyed... yet, for now, we all let them be.

Somehow, I understand things will change... drastically, yes. But hopefully, for the better.