Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm finally finally finally.... getting ANIMAX!!!! KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :D

Are you the kind of person who gets the "oh-god-she's-at-it-again-like-a-ten-year-old!" stares on a regular basis? Are you the type to fall madly in love with an Anime character and go out professing your love for all to hear irrespective of there not being anyone who's listening? Are you the one cries when your favorite character dies or worse... finds a girlfriend? Well, that means you're an Otaku!

For those wondering why I'm rambling on about Anime and Otaku now,
And I, for one, am one! Wooot! :D
I'm really over the moon to let you all know that I have access to Animax once more! Yayayayayayayayayayay!

For those wondering what Animax is, were you living under a rock or something?! It's the only Anime oriented channel in the country and goes out to show how different Anime is from *pfft* cartoons! Exactly why there is an Animax apart from a Cartoon Network, people!

I remember a time when Animax was a free to air channel and suddenly, I felt like I actually belonged somewhere amidst all those characters and I didn't need to be someone else as my other 'real' friends expected me to be, most of the time. And then, Fate dealt me the "Hand of Death" and Animax went bye bye into the land of paid channels. And suddenly, I was left with nothing but mindless soap operas and silly reality shows! To make things worse, I didn't have anyone around who appreciated my need for Anime and everybody I turned to tended to laugh at me and tell me to grow up. (In spite of my constant reminder that Anime was NOT a Cartoon!!)

But today, I finally saw some of the old shows I'd watched years ago and suddenly, it was like being home... Sure, there were minor changes here and there.... but still.... the love is still there... the characters have not changed. Ah... to see Inuyasha battle it out with Naraku over the final shard of the Shikon no Tama, stuck to Housenki's body... Ah... to see Sesshoumaru fight for his brother even though he claims not to give a damn! Ah, Bliss!!!

Now if they only decide to air Gintama, I'll definitely die of Happiness! Hey, folks at Animax.... are you listening? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

P.S. Excuse the raccoon nose digging pun... and if you didn't get it, I guess you haven't watched Gintama yet! Go watch it NOW!!!

P.P.S. On second thought, Ali the Raccoon looks more like a fox! -__-;;;

P.P.P.S. I'm going to shut up now! :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Grammar Nazi... Nit picker... over enthused nerd... so many names for a single person.

And though I know I drive people away from me for being right, I refuse to change. Afterall, I shall be the one who shall laugh the last laugh.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm sooooooooooo out of Hoppy right now!

Aaaaaaah.... I have no idea what's wrong with me but these days, this picture below surmises how I'm feeling most of the time!
I feel like a balloon that's having the air let out ever so slowly.... with that distinctive "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" added for good effect! I can't seem to find the strength to do almost anything right now! Hopefully, I'll be on my feet soon enough! And if you guys have any idea how I can get my energy back sooner, do share it with me, ne? :)

P.S. That bunny's cute! :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of itchy faces and boils that itch.

I have a really huge boil along the inner lash line of my eye. And god knows how it got there! But I'm really averse to show this to the family because they'll think I'm putting something to my face that's causing a break out. Kinda strange for a person who hasn't purchased Talcum Powder for years now!And to make matters worse, my face looks like that of a pubescent teenager! And it itches so much!

 And I'm really wondering if I should go get that facial everybody's been goading me to get! Why can't pimples and boils just be? We could reach an agreement! Why do they have to itch so much and why should my face turn almost red after a couple of scratches? What is wrong with the world?! T_T

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blame... Blame.... Blame!

I've some very sad news to share. An 18 month old child was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in Bangalore. My deepest condolences and the kindest thoughts go with the mourning parents of the deceased. And I know that nothing can ever make the pain go away as far as their loss is concerned. You can read more on that story here.

But I've also been seeing a lot of "Anti Animal Rights Activist" thing going on. It's like almost the entire country is bashing the animal rights activists for having brought about the ABC law (Animal Birth Control law) into existence. And though I know the incident was extremely sad and unfortunate, there's really no need to bear up the arms against the activists!

Now, let us ask ourselves a few questions before we begin the activist bashing. Alright?

Who's to blame here?

The dogs? The guy around whom the dogs hung around? The parents?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And finally, I'm boldly going.... where I've never gone before! :P

Well, after many coercive and persuasive pleas from my near and dear ones and a close relative's wedding looming close, I am going to do the one thing I thought I would never! Yep... shop for make up!

Apparently, I don't have too much of an indulgence in preening myself and a few of the ones around me seem to think that might not be good for a girl in her early twenties. Ah well... I've always thought my face was something that was up there and if it were to break out, I always thought it can't be helped.

Well, it can be.... or so they tell me. I'm going to get a facial... that procedure where they lay you down on a reclining chair thingy and slather mysterious creams and lotions onto your face and then tell you it's all for the best!

Well.... well.... well! I'll be the judge of that, thank you! Gosh, why is it so hard being a girl? I mean.... why can't men be force to look pretty or whatever?! And does it really matter how I look?

Sure, I don't know the difference between a foundation and a concealer and it sounds ridiculous to spend thousands on a single lipstick! But then again... it's a bit rich coming from someone who spends a fortune on a single notepad! :D Ah well, I guess to each their own! Who knows! I might end up enjoying all of this! :)

Ah well, just to get your minds off my rant, I'll give you a kitteh to look at! :D
Ah... if only I were this cute doing a boo boo like that! :P

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letting go

Sometimes, we know that the hardest choices ought to be made. And we know there is no other way. And right now, it has become abundantly clear that I should let go of everything... of the people who've disappeared over time, the hands that promised help but vanished when I needed them the most... everything that had me fettered to the ground.

I am finally letting go.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am who I am.... by choice!

I've got to admit. India is a wonderful place. The culture, the food, the colours... it's a very beautiful place. But there's just one thing that seems to bug me a little. Don't get me wrong! The people are just awesome! And to think I'd even imagine them being hostile would be blasphemous. But there still is a lot of xenophobia here.

Being an Indian myself, one may wonder what's so "xeno" about me that might scare those around me. Well, when I mean xenophobic, I don't mean someone from an unknown place but rather someone with hiterto unknown ideals and principles.

Just the other day, I was out with a few friends and relative strangers  to the mall and it was time to choose one of the numerous stalls at the food court. I seriously don't understand why anyone would be awed by McDonalds or KFC too much but everybody seemed to squeal at the sight of the aforementioned stalls and ran towards those. Now, being a vegetarian, I just couldn't bring myself to order food from those places and so, I told them I'm heading to a sandwich counter to get myself a vegetable sandwich. And as soon as I had said that, they sniggered and giggled. For the life in me, I didn't know I had cracked a joke. I guess my dazedness must have caught their attention for they went on to elaborate.

"Veggies and salads are for the cows and goats!"

Right... that was probably the funniest comment ever! That means we as a nation are a nation filled with cows and goats. I just shrugged it off indifferently and walked away to get my sandwich, leaving my friends to giggle like a bunch of teenagers in the KFC alley.

It got me thinking... everytime I tell someone that I am a vegetarian, they ask me why I would choose to avoid something when I have never tried it. They automatically assume that I've been a vegetarian all my life. And then I tell them - that I chose to be a vegetarian. And then, they look at me as though they're in the presence of something hitherto unseen and unheard of.
Then the barrage of questions begin. Don't I miss meat? No. I don't. I'm actually happier and healthier now. Why should anybody be vegetarian just like that? No. You shouldn't be a vegetarian unless you absolutely want to. Why would I hate meat so? I just have my preferences. And so on....

But there's one thing that gets to me. This sudden sense of hostility from the other person. As though I had affronted them somehow by following my heart! It's actually funny. Why is it that a meat eater is always offended when someone tells them that they've turned to vegetables for good? I mean, I do not ask anyone to give up meat just because I did. I find it a better way to live - and I also find that I can sleep better at night. But I am not imposing my way of life or my principles on anyone else ever!

So, I think I'll appreciate it better if certain people were to stop taking offence in me being a vegetarian and be comfortable in their own choices. Makes me wonder... why the sudden defensive offense? Why the twangs of guilt? You're enjoying that meat aren't you? Then why bother what anyone's telling you. But that also means that you can keep your "anti-vegetarian" jokes to yourself.

Like I mentioned earlier... India is a wonderful country. But sometimes I wish we'd stop scorning the few people who have the guts to stick to their principles.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My two cents

Have you ever been through a phase in life where you find that the people around you seem to realize you're existent only when they need something done through you? Are you one of those "best friends" who never get any replies to your "Good Morning!" messages or your casual well meant "Hi! What's up?" Well.... what can I say, people! Join the club.

I've had more friends than I care to count who've only smiled or spoken with me when they needed something done or when they were extensively bored. It's a funny thing, actually... I have a maximum of four or five "real" friends who'd actually turn up if I told them I was in an alley being mugged! And most of them would probably tap the mugger over the shoulder, hand him their wallet and grin at me as they join me, hands raised. It's a silly metaphor.... I don't even know if it is one! But that's deviating from the topic. You get the message... a handful of friends who would actually give a damn.

But even when I realize this, I don't let the others know how much of a jerk they're being. And anyone with a logical turn of mind would probably scoff at me right now, thinking what a Dodo I'm being. But hear me out before you pass your judgement, ye smart ones in the crowd!

Sure, they take me for granted. Sure, they don't return calls or texts and are perpetually busy. Sure, they suddenly seem to have remembered you at the same opportune moment when their project needs a fitting Preface and their puppy needs a new home. And I can get all vindictive and refuse to do whatever it is that they want me to do. But if you think that will drive in a point, you're mistaken. If they had that pinch of sensitivity, they wouldn't be trampling on well meaning friends, would they? Oh no... they'll have someone else who'd do it for them. And then, they'll return back to the ways of ignoring you completely... the only difference? Now, they have a "legitimate" reason to do so.

I prefer to help them in any way possible. Keeping it to the point without any of the friendly pleasantries friends would normally dabble in before getting to the topic, I give it to them, as they wanted. If I were to deny help, I'll be pulling myself down to their level. I will help people... not because I have to but because I can... And what others think of me when they ask me a favor is entirely their business!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blah....Blah.....And more Blah!

Don't you feel that sometimes people tend to over-embellish what they write? I mean, it's okay to convey the meaning in simple terms... a few extravagant synonyms are okay. But to write an entire post with a propped up thesaurus, hunting the most obscure word ever and to preen over the fact that nobody can understand what's being said.... it defeats the entire purpose of writing, doesn't it?

And now I dread, have I been doing the same unconsciously? Have I fallen prey to the same grouch of using the most obscure meaning even when a simpler one would've sufficed? Have I been a "Thesaurus Freak"?

And then I realize, it's been ages since I've even opened one! =D

P.S. I sense a trend a'brewing where almost every verbally gifted friend of mine with a blog is trying their hand on deep, philosophical and often morose topics that deal with the Human Psyche. And I should say, I have been indulging in similar veins myself! Hmmmmm.... Is this a global phenomenon?