Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On how I lost control and found it again!

Why is it that when something has the probability of going awry, it does most of the time? And why is it that these things happen when you're least expecting them?

Yesterday, I was busy reading my Japanese vocabulary words and practicing my Kanji when I absolutely had to find the kanji one used in the word "Omawari-san". I didn't find it in my dictionary and so, decided to hit the internet. And you know what happens when we go online, looking for some specific piece of information... I'm a person who has the attention span of a housefly! And so, one thing led to another and soon, I was downloading opensource fonts!

That's when my mother decided to call me. I only remember turning around in my swiveling chair and then a loud CRASH! My computer table's protrusile desk-ette lay on the floor and my mouse and keyboard seemed to have taken to bungee jumping!

My mom had the sagacity to ask me if I was okay. And that was when my eyes fell on the shiny thing on the floor beside me... Keyboard keys... worn away with years of typing to a brilliant sheen. They seemed like tiny damsels in distress. I believe this was when I screamed. And my mom seemed to think I must've amputated a finger in the accident. She rushed to where I was, kneeling on the floor, scouring it for any other keys that I might've missed.
I heard her ask me once more, what the matter was when I shouted,

"I lost my Control! Help me find it, mommy!" She stood there, staring at me thinking I'd finally lost my noggins when I gave another cry and held out the retrieved item for her to see.

"I got back my control! The gosh darned key went missing! Imagine trying to cut, copy or paste without the control key, amma!"

I distinctly remember her glaring at me and then pick up the pillow. But everything beyond that... is a very hazy blur.

So... why do things go awry all the time?

Monday, July 25, 2011

My wishlist of jewellery!

Despite the fact that I cannot distinguish an NC from an NW (They're skin tones apparantly... don't ask me, I'm stumped!), and not being capable of applying the basic foundation or concealer without ending up looking like a yurei from Ju-On, Aaaaand despite the fact that I am not the greatest fan of bubblegum pink (I run in the opposite direction whenever I encounter this colour!), I do love cute things... and if that makes me a girly-girl, so be it!
I was just going through the internet, unmindful of where my browser took me (my browser is overrighteous and shall never stray from the path of goodness... or so I hope!), when I chanced upon one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery every crafted!

Now, I'm a real sucker for hand crafted jewellery and though I hardly have the monetary means to pay for  these babies, I would love to buy them one day... when I can afford them. It sucks to be stuck with little money... especially when your materialistic dreams are not that very avaricious! I mean, I don't ask for gold or diamonds! Why can't I afford to buy something this cute once in a while? And why do the brands at my place overcharge just because they have an air-conditioned store in a posh mall?! Not fair...

Aanyway, just to let the entire world know what I love, I'm posting pictures of the jewellery I was drooling over a while ago. And for the makers of the jewels, I'm giving you guys some free advertising! Can't you spare me a piece? :P And for all the others who can afford to buy them and wear it for everyone to see, darn you!!!!!! Ah... have fun.

The first one is from Enchanted Leaves. I've always had a thing for Autumn! And somehow, the name Enchanted Leaves reminds me so much of burnished foliage and the general magic that surrounds that time of the year. Unfortunately, we don't have autumn where I come from. It's Summer all through the year with muggy rains in between. Ah, one of my life's dreams is to be in the midst of the maple and oak trees when their leaves turn! 

I found their website to be incredibly awesome! Like I said, everything seemed so autumn-y. And since it's one of my favorite seasons (the other being winter), I was instantly hooked! Aaaanway, all pictures below are from the enchanted leaves website and clicking on any of them will direct you there! :)
A cute little acorn that'll brighten your day!

I've a thing for Seahorses!

Like I said, I've a thing for Seahorses!

And feathers... pretty feathers!
And leaves!

wings... mothwings! Who doesn't love these whimsical things!
And lastly, this is from Etsy. I'm definitely not the only one who goes through the shops drooling over the very pretty and cute things they have there! And how can I not have one featuring one of my all time favorite creatures? The Dolphin! I love these wonderful beings from the bottom of my hearts! It is also said that dolphins bring good luck to travellers... I mean, how can they not? What with their sweet dispositions and the ever present earnestness to help? Bless their doplhiny souls!

This beautiful necklace is from AgHalo.

There you have it folks! My love for all things jewellery! :D Now, if only grooms in India and their parents accepted brides decked with such jewellery! Oh well... wishful thinking!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of the sites listed above and these are just my personal opinions. I am not being paid to write about them. 

And thus I sign my mails!

It seems like the "save the environment" movement has finally got the people's attention here where I stay. They're making a move to ban all plastic bags. I say, it's about time someone did that! And the next best thing would be to utilize recycled paper for printing newspapers and for government funded textbooks! Oh, and using recycled rubber and aluminium for road construction. Oh, if only they choose to do so, there are so many ways one can make a difference!

And I, in my own little way am doing my bit. Sure, I don't use plastic bags when shopping and I also make sure to send all my plastics and papers (those that can be saved) to be recycled. And then I decided, if there was a way in which a teeny tiny message was conveyed to everybody I corresponded with, it would be great, ne?

And thus was born, my new mail signature!

You guys can use it for your mail signatures as well. If you like what you see, do donate whatever you feel like donating to your local NGO or Animal Shelter! To have been a cause for your good deed is more than enough for me! Oh, and also do let me know in comments! :D

If anybody likes these kind of things and would like more, let me know... I'm thinking of creating banners, buttons and things of that ilk soon enough. Some inspiration is always welcome!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new Favicon!

Yep! I guess nobody noticed but I've changed my favicon. That's the usual icon that comes before a webpage's name on the address tab or on the top of the browser... you know what I mean! :P It was about time my blog got it's own favicon! I mean, the old one from blogger seemed so drab and did not distinguish my blog from the million others on the site! Now, every time you see that cute little toaster in a backdrop of black, you'll know Kikyo's close by, typing posts away in a frenzy! :D

Where's the love?

Nope... this isn't an article about some love lorn teenager or about some PMSing lady blasting her ex. This is about an incident that happened a few days back and it set me thinking.... a lot!

It was raining here and the two kids from upstairs were at my place, wanting to play. Now, I was busy with some work and asked thme to play between themselves till I could join them for a game of Uno. As it happened, they went their separate ways and the younger one went outside and played in the rain while the elder one stayed with me and kept asking me questions about what I was doing. As we were talking, the younger one drops in fully wet and wanting to play. I had her march back to her mom and dry herself, lest she catch a cold. I was just returning back to my work when the elder one remarked,

"Why do you trouble yourself so much, let her catch a cold! Who cares?"
The tone was casual and bordered on spiteful.

And I asked her in return,"I'm concerned. That's why. Aren't you?"
And pat came the reply, "No. I don't care."

As I tried to regain composure over my shock, I asked her, "Don't you love her? She's your sister, isn't she?"
The eyes went cold as she replied, "Nope. I just play with her. Other than that, I don't love her."

I decided not to carry on with the topic and changed it to lighter veins. But I could not stop thinking about the incident.

Sibling Rivalry, much?

I'm an only child, so the dynamics of a sibling relationship are altogether alien to me. But then again, I've had cousins who're just as close as real sisters and we do love each other and care for each other. What is it that caused that child to be so vehement in her proclamation about her indifference bordering on hatred for her younger sister? Is it sibling rivalry? Does she feel threatened that everybody seems to dote upon her younger sister and that leaves her to do desperate (read nasty) things to get the spotlight back on her? Is she feeling lonely?

I wish I could ask her these questions. But I don't know if she'll open up. Maybe there is no problem at all and I'm just over sensitizing the issue. This is when having a sibling would've helped! I have no personal experience to actually give an opinion. A single word to their parents might have them looking at me with scorn. I mean, they would take it in the sense that I'm trying to teach them parenting! Not a good idea! Ah... I hope age mellows her down and makes her wiser!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aid for Ariel.... in my little way!

I'm in desperate need here! I am broke.... I've mostly been. But right now, I seem to feel my inability to do a few things like never before! And so, I'm doing the next best thing possible! 

As many of you might or might not know, there lives a lion in brazil who goes by the name of Ariel. And he is in desperate need of Funds. What would a lion do with money, you ask? Well, Ariel has a rare autoimmune disease that paralyzed his hind legs. And so, he depends on humans for survival. And as if this wasn't bad enough, his monthly medical expenses leave his caretakers dizzy with anxiety. I wish I could donate. But right now, I'm not exactly in the monetary freedom to do so. This is why I'm spreading the word. And well, I'm not even sure how many people actually visit my blog! But something is better than nothing, right?

Visit this site and if you can donate, please do. And if you can't, spread the word! :)

Whatever little we can, we should!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry.... just doesn't seem to age!

I finally managed to see the latest Harry Potter film in 3D. If only they could make these glasses lighter! By the time the movie was over, I was sporting a headache so huge, it felt like Voldemort was tap dancing inside with all his Death Eaters!

And what's with everybody looking the same 19 years later?! I mean, come on! It is so difficult adjusting to the fact that they're old... and actually.... OLDER THAN I AM when only a moment ago, they were 17! ARGH.... It's just not natural! But my mom was actually glad they retained the younger actors with a few prosthetic double chins and wrinkles because it would apparantly be confusing with difference actors! That's where a good screenplay comes into picture... isn't it?

Aaaanyway, when I was watching the 36 year old Harry and his similarly aged friends, I couldn't help but think of small kids putting on their parent's clothes just because they feel it's cool... it's cute but something's definitely off. Something like this -

I should take up Illustrating, don't you think so? :P

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My observations of the day

Yesterday, we had two kids at our place. They're sisters and stay on the first floor as our tenants. For as long as I could remember, I was always told that the elder sibling always is very considerate and nice while the younger one is more pampered and hence is a little difficult. But you know what? I think that's pure bollocks!

The elder one was very pushy, tried to boss her sister around, got on my nerves, being extremely spoilt and twisted her words around just to get away with bad behavior. And surprisingly, the younger one was sweeter, kinder and always seemed to think of her sister when asked if she wanted something to eat or do something fun; a trait that was absent in the elder one, who always tried to isolate her younger sister from games or other activities. This just goes out to prove that being kind is not circumstantial. It comes from within irrespective of what the circumstances are. You could be rich or poor, pampered or abused, but to be kind or not to be does not depend on these things.

One of my dictums

And so, if you're one of those people who's nice out of choice, power to you! :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Why I Hate the French Language

Firstly, let me tender an unconditional apology to any person who might be offended by this post. And might I also add that these are my personal views... they aren't meant to showcase any trend or spread any sort of animosity between the people of the world.

Ah... Now that, that's out of the way, let me continue with the post on

I've been an avid learner of the foreign tongues and let me assure my darling readers that I find learning a country's language is surefire way of getting to know the way that country's people think. And having said that, you can ask me what is it about the French language that I hate so much. I shall explain.
This might sound weird and even irrational to many of you out there. But it's just that any person who's even distinctly connected with that language, that I know has turned out to be an a**hole of gargantuan proportions.

I had a friend from school who shared similar interests with me in Anime and Japanese. And well, we got along well. Then, I noticed that she was quite the dominatrix and did not brook any challenge to her superiority. Now, I've always been the renowned pacifist among my friends and put up with this person for somewhere close to five years. In those five years, I defended her idiosyncrasies, her misplaced ideals of self-worth, her haughtiness towards me whom she thought of as a vassal, her tantrums, and her French.

It all started when, after we left for college, she decided to take up French. Now, I was surely excited when I got to know of this from her and was even thinking of learning the language myself. And thanks to the interest in Anime, we'd enrolled for Japanese classes as well. Now, don't get me wrong. If I were to meet any of you, I'd introduce myself in English and only when I know that the person who's talking to me is proficient in Japanese will I switch to Japanese. Most of my friends ask me to speak something in Japanese when they come to know that I know the language. But with her, that was not the case! I was bombarded with so much French and snootiness that within a week of Japanese classes, I was sporting a migraine and a general viciousness towards most things French. In the end, I stood up for myself and she moved on to other minions whom she could terrorize. That was the first time when I encountered French.... and well, it left a very very bad taste in my mouth!

The next case has to do with another friend of mine who took it as a sort of personal mission to teach me French. That involved having hourly revisions of declensions and pronouns and not to mention, construction of simple sentences. The fact that both of us were working at the time and this meant I couldn't concentrate much on my work didn't seem to make a dent on my friend's enthusiasm. He gabbled on and on in french and his lessons were always laced with anecdotes of how his super-rich girlfriend had gotten him a flying saucer and how she had fifteen different cars to choose for her daily ride. This also meant that I had to put up with his incessant drabbling about how rich she was and how rich he was and how they didn't need to slog hard for money to go around.

As it turned out, he was kicked out of the company for nonperformance (How do you say, "I saw that coming!" in French?). Aaaaand, almost everything he told us turned out to be a lie. He'd been spreading discord amidst a few people in the office and since I seemed like the closest friend he had (how did that happen?!), they were a little wary of me as well! But then, they realized I wasn't wily enough to harm a gnat let alone spread rumours and act bitchy. Even now, the jerk tries to call me and I'm dreading if he might just want to continue the French lessons! Eurgh!

The third case happens to be of a milder sense. And strictly speaking, this is the only case where I might be a little prejudiced. But what the heck! This is in relation to a friend of mine who's currently working in France. And though I actually have nothing against the bloke, sometimes the way he talks and the way things go, it makes me wonder if he even wants me around as a friend anymore. And the fact that this "rift" happened after he moved to France might just be a coincidence! Or he might have become one of those afflicted Parisians who're notorious for looking down on tourists and anybody who's not similar to them to such an extent that there's actually a psychological disorder named after their city! If it's the latter, well... all I can say is, peace out!


I jest you not when I say they have a psychological disorder named after Paris! Google "Parisian Syndrome" if you don't believe me!
And does all of this seem harsh? Are you French and feel insulted? Please don't! I did not say I hate the people... just the language. I'm sure there are many out there who'd kill Sanskrit if they could! :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

It ends here!

Today, I have been completely disillusioned! And I'm thankful it happened now! Seriously... it's never too late to get away from someone who's just trying to use you for their own selfish ends, right? Well, I deliberated if I should actually write about this episode... you know, considering it involved another entity other than me. But maybe... just maybe through this post, there might be hope for others who might be ensnared by this vicious beast that I had the misfortune of being acquainted with!

For those still in the dark as to what I'm talking about, it's about the cosmetics industry. I should accept. I've never actually been too much of a cosmetics addict. As a matter of fact, I still don't know what the difference between a foundation and a panstick is. I don't know why one should spend a fortune on some silly brand that is overhyped and goshdarned overpriced!

But even then... recently, thanks to a gazillion of my friends getting married and getting all prepared for that with make up shopping and what not, my interest was piqued. But even that rudimentary interest has waned away to disgust and disbelief after reading this Blog - Beauty and the Bullshit

I've known the cosmetics industry actually didn't give a rodent's hiney about the real women out there (irrespective of what they claim) and all they're after is money... but I never knew they'd stoop this low! And to think that they pay reviewers for good reviews with freebies or paid vacations, my disgust level has just hit a record low.

So henceforth, I am not giving a damn about cosmetics. I'm sure I'll survive. And if and when I want something desperately (read: threatened to purchase a lipstick, with a cattle prod while suspended above a vat of boiling oil), I shall go for some brand that is not in the list comprising of "companies" that are so despicable in what they do that I shalln't despoil any language in the world by calling them names (except perhaps French.... that's a lost case, anyway!).

And an itty bitty plea, do spread the word and have everyone you know how these "people" are taking consumers for idiots! Seriously... the nerve of those people!

She gives little... but she gives all she has...

How often do we gnash our teeth and throw sand over our foreheads claiming that love has departed from this world and that nobody actually gives a damn what happens to his fellow being? These days, people find it extremely difficult being magnanimous and kind to the ones from the same species. So, it is only imaginable how extremely hard it is for someone to be kind to something supposed as trivial as a dog or a cat! WRONG!

I was going through the morning paper when something caught my eye. It was the story of a seventy year old lady from Ambattur who was finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet but still went out in the sweltering weather to feed stray animals near her place and another place where she used to live before. She had a broken marriage but instead of just hating the world for it, she decided to love... unconditionally... completely!

It was heart-wrenching reading her tale when she said that when the biscuits for the dogs got over, she'd give them her food, stating she could live on water for days but she couldn't bear seeing the strays go without food.

It's amazing how the truly great at heart can give so little but they give everything they have. And truly, God lives on in people like her. I should be thankful for having had the opportunity to come across this dame and her work. And if there's anyone from Thiruvanmiyur who's reading this and has a house for rent, wouldn't you consider her for a change? :)

For more on this touching tale, go HERE.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My nails... are being weird and my mom's being weirder!

Ah fey news, my friends!

It seems like some sort of infection has set in on my little finger nail on my left hand. The nail seems a little detached from the skin and has this weird domed appearance with void between the nail and the skin. And this is halfway from the nail bed. The nail seems to have developed a conscience of its own and is growing at an angle to the rest of the healthy nail. It doesn't hurt much. But at times, there's a sense of tingling and numbness that sets in and is discomforting at most. I had reasonably long nails (read one centimeter) and I've cut it short, thanks to it snagging random stuff and driving me insane with pain and causing me to break stuff! Ah... how hard I'd worked to get those nails... and how pretty my fingers looked! Now they just look like shorn lambs.... cute... but not quite there!

If anybody knows what one can do to alleviate this awful malady, do write in!

In other news, my mom's threatened to write a suicide note implicating me of ruining her life if I were to develop pimples and end up crashing the wedding because of it. Really... wow! And now, she wants me to call my in-laws-to-be just for the heck of it. I have no idea what I should be talking to them about and suddenly, having my mom screaming at me for being so detached... it's a tad bit unnerving. What will I talk to them about?! Why can't they call them and then direct the conversation my way which will seem far more convincing. They seem to be those sorts who frown upon pretentious people and me calling them when I have nothing to talk about makes me feel all wannabe. Oy Vey! God help us all!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Selfishness was never a virtue

DISCLAIMER: I know this post is a bit harsh. But it's about time I did this! And anyone who's going to send me correspondences arguing against my views shall be patiently listened to. I shall be that gracious, worry not!

I read a post on one of the blogs I follow and it dealt with the author's inability to actually stay with a specific group of people. About how nobody was good enough for that person. And it got me thinking... When is something good enough? Why do we have such impossible yardsticks to measure someone's worth?

If I don't like what someone's doing, I tend to not tell them and just grin and bear it. I know it's not a nice thing to do. I know it's much better to actually voice your irritations when someone calls you at two in the morning to ramble on about their ex-flame and their general distorted views of life. And honestly, when all they do is complain, it does tend to wear one's patience to a fine strand.

So, here's to everyone who thought they were misunderstood by the world and actually called someone in the middle of the night to tell the poor half-asleep soul that "arrogance is the only true virtue and to be selfish is the only way to actually get what you want", GROW UP! Arrogance is a vice. It always has been. It always shall be. Just because you inhaled a full cylinder of Helium, it does not make you the surveyor of all that moves and all that doesn't! And the next time you walk away to rant about how people actually don't give a damn and disappoint you because they're all that you thought they were, remember... the line has two ends and more often than not, they moved away because you told them "selfishness was in!" I sure am no communist! But if I found someone who actually celebrated selfishness and was being all haughty just because they believe they've accomplished so much in whatever field they're working on, I'd gently tap their shoulder and point them towards a myriad others who thought the same and are lost in the crown when a few who still held their heads firmly on their shoulders ended up famous and actually doing something worthwhile.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Of Illustrators and Tablets....

My feelings exactly when I draw!
If you haven't noticed it yet, I'm currently focusing a lot on drawing stick figures and other...erm... illustrations for my posts. I'm quite proud of the fact that I can actually draw coherent images that don't resemble a mammoth's hiney when in reality I intend to draw someone's face!

But all that being said and done, I must also admit that drawing with the mouse is quite the pain in the nether regions! Oh, how I long for a wacom tablet! :) Will there be no one for me who can gift me that? Hmmmmmmmm......? Will this artistic talent be left to rot in the back alleys for the simple fact that she could not afford a tablet? Will there not be a saviour who shall provide the said tablet and release onto the world, a talent so pristine and wonderful that the world shall look at that person like a messiah?!

Okay.... I know that's pushing a bit too far... So... yeah... that's about it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of susuwatari and those silly childhood dreams

How often is it that we realize that in this rat race that we call life, we sometimes lose sight of the things that matter the most? I remember a time when, as a wee sapling, I'd play in my own world filled with imaginary friends. I had one particular friend who had kept me company throughout my childhood and adolescence. She was an awesome, witty and kind person who was like me in appearance. She guided me through moral tangles and had a word of rebuke whenever I did something I ought not to. She and I had fights... we danced together, she was always my sidekick when I was a super hero. And her name... I called her Muse. Why that? I never knew.... somehow, that name personified her.

The other day, I watched Tonari no Totoro and Spirited away for the hundredth time and somehow, this time, I was really attracted to the teeny tiny little soot sprites... the susuwatari... or as the little sisters named them, the Makkuro Kurosuke. After watching the movies, it got me thinking... Isn't it saddening to know that the innocent worlds of our childhood is so abruptly demolished by the "accepted world" of the teens and adults? Back when I was fifteen, it was okay not to have a boyfriend. It was okay to still play with the boys, it was perfectly fine to be a child. But these days, children as young as ten claim to have boyfriends, claim to apply makeup and get dressed the way adults do. And parents, amidst their busy schedule, forget that their children are still... children. They want them to grow up as soon as possible. They want them to be ready for a world that's unforgiving and brutal. And yet, they fail to realize that when they're out there in that cruel world as adults tomorrow, it's only those memories of a carefree childhood that keeps them going.

I should say that I was blessed to be born when I was. I didn't know the internet before I finished school. School reports were meticulously researched and hand written. Wikipedia was unheard of and the only source of information was the old "Tell Me Why" books and the jolly old library. Cell phones were unheard of and reality TV meant the live news. It was a glorious time to be a child. Too bad the kids these days lose that sense of innocence and child-likeness the moment they're seven or so.

What I wouldn't give to go back to those days... those days of wanton bliss when I didn't have to worry about outward pretenses and mortgages... I didn't need to care about dinner and running a family... when I could be me... with my muse and the tiny susuwatari for company.
Indeed they are...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where's a paper bag when you need one?

Today, we'd gone to the temple for the monthly prayer customs (vazhipaadu) that we do from our side. And I seriously wished I had a paper bag to wear!

As many would know, arranged marriages these days happen over the internet through a few matrimonial sites. Now, for those who're thinking about sites where men try for easy pickings, these are not dating sites. These sites do the job of the erstwhile broker who matches the girl and the guy based on specifications. The only difference? This broker has really powerful computing speeds and a very exhaustive database and a secured interface. And so, getting married these days isn't exactly as difficult as it was during my parents' times. (yeah right!)

My parents had registered a profile for me with one of these sites and we'd been getting quite a few messages where the boys or their parents expressed interest in my profile and well, most of them had to be rejected because of some or the other criteria not matching - if it wasn't the height, it was the age; if it wasn't the age, it was the horoscope; if it wasn't the horoscope, it was the family and so on...

Thus today, when I saw one of those "rejected" guys standing just a few feet away from me at the temple, you can be rest assured, I did a double take and ran for my life (read: walked fast). It was quite the coincidence, actually. And so, I told my folks about the guy all the while unmindful of a black tee shirt clad guy who was giving me strange looks. After our duties at the temple were done, I turn around to find the same black tee shirt-wala and the other guy I was so earnestly trying to avoid staring at me, talking to another elderly lady, whom I assumed was his mother. This had me so flustered and I half dreaded that they'd come and try talking to me (that's plain paranoid, I know!) that I nearly bumped into another guy. And to make matters worse, I said "Oh gomen nasai!" (in japanese! I never learn!) and then openly hit myself on the head for that, completely forgetting the fact that, that guy was still there, wondering if my cranial screws were missing!

By the time we'd started back for home, I was sorely missing my handy paper bag!
It was soooooo embarrassing! >__<;;;

Minu's getting engaged! Yayness galore!

My friend is getting engaged tomorrow! Everybody, please pass your best wishes and prayers her way! It's about time she got some happiness in life!
And I prepared a silly little card for her. This is the first time I tried my hand out at stick figures. Believe me... I am NOT a great artist. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Yay you, Minu! :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

On why I am literally scared of the common cold!

I hate the cold... I absolutely positively hate the common cold. I despise it. The very thought of that vile disease makes me want to make punching bags in the shape of the rhinovirus and beat the crap out of it!

Yesterday, I had the dams of my nasal cavity break and that made me sound more like a blue whale than a person. Dad, being the wonderful conjurer that he is, conjured up a tub of steaming water, some really pretty green capsules and a huge blanket. I'm not sure how many of my darling readers know this fact... but I'm acutely claustrophobic. Put me in a closet and I might just scream and claw myself to insanity. And so, as can be imagined, covering my head with a blanket and taking in the steam wasn't exactly the most appealing prospect for me. And I had been putting it away for as long as I possible could with discretion. But fey fate! My excuses ran out faster than the snot that oozed from my confounded nose and soon, I had Dad stand there with the blanket on his shoulder and his hands on his hips, his foot tapping at the floor with an impatient rhythm.

If being stuck under a blanket, dreading suffocation which could be mere seconds away wasn't enough, my dad had to hold my head in place just to "the steam would effectively clear my nasal passage"! It was almost like he was holding my head underwater! A word of caution to all those who've never tried this method, it makes your gooey thingies crawl out and if you're someone like me who can't stand having anything trickling down your nose, you'll be tempted to go "Ew! Ew! Ew!", don't! It only makes it worse! There is a very great chance that you might end up letting it into your mouth. Ugh.... the very thought of it makes me want to puke!

But to give the heathen practice it's fair share of credit, it did make me feel better and I should say I can actually breathe through my nose now! But if you'd pay me a million bucks to do it again, I'd just scream and run away.... far far away! Oh the Horror!

P.S. When I tried opening up the PNG file of the rhinovirus in Photoshop, it froze..... Like I said, I hate that stupid, rotund, bundle of proteins to Tatooine!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's so wrong with my salad?!

It's a sad sad day for me, folks!

As many would be aware of it, I'm on the verge of kissing single-dom goodbye once and for all! And well, culinary lessons seem to be in focus right now. But somehow, nobody at my place wants to taste my cooking! How am I supposed to get better if I don't know how well I am already? Something tells me they're being over cautious! My parents feign headaches and diarrhea to get away from tasting my soups or salads... Everybody who's feigning diseases just to get away from my cooking are such meanies! Something tiny in me just died today..... :(

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The weather and women are so much alike.

The common cold is the vilest disease ever to plague Mankind! The climate at my place right now is exactly like that of a PMSing lady. It's sunny for a while and then, as though the the sudden floodgates of hormonal hell had been unleashed, we have torrential rains. And in the middle of it all, like the poor henpecked husband who can't seem to figure out what hit him, we have.... ME!

And to make matters worse, it feels as though the right side of my face is revolting to be a completely separate entity altogether! It hurts like all the cells there have finally had enough being just the face... it's almost like a revolution! As if that's not enough, the nasal snot is showing some pretty weird properties! The darned thing is really viscous but still free flowing. I've already done a post on that, so for the sake of my own sanity, I shalln't got there again!

To every single soul out there who's traumatized by cold or the weather or PMS-ing wives or girlfriends, Keep your spirits up, folks! That, and pass the broth, if you please! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

To the "duuuuuuuuuude" over there!

I watch them as they flit about.... their hands wave in articulation though the ones they speak to shall never see it. I smile as I am wished happiness and express my gratitude as best and honestly as I can. It has been nearly a week now. The fates have decided. And almost everyone around smiles when I daydream. They think I dream of him. How can I tell them that I do not? That my dreams are not fettered to a single person? That not every person who is in my position needs to think of it all the time? That... I have a life?

To that other soul out there who's probably going through the same... or not, I have just this to say,

"Duuuuuuuuuuude! I feel the pain, man!"

Official rant of the day!

Alright.... All right..... AL&*#(&%RIGHT, DAMN IT!!!!

There's only so much crap any person can take and from the way things are happening around me, I've half the heart (and the entire mind) to perform some serious "Tameshigiri" on a few folks that call themselves my relatives.

For once, after a horrible time of two years, I have some sort of good fortune smiling my way and I don't ask these uncouth specimens to actually sigh dreamily and wish me happiness. But the least they can do is not bitch about it! Why is it that we have so many people smiling at us in what they think is "an understanding empathetic smile" when we have boulders falling from the sky? And why is it that they suddenly turn their noses up and dismiss you like some common arthropod crawling around in their kitchen sink when you tell them something that even remotely resembles "good news"?!

Seriously... Grow the F#*@! UP! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

And so..... it happens!

Well, yesterday was heckling of sorts and today, as I sit in front of the system, yesterday merely a memory, I am happy the way things turned out.

Hmmmm.... Looks like the tale moves to swifter tidings now.  Some very interesting days lie ahead for sure and I shall be in the midst of it all... hope to see you there! :)