Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Panicking! I'M PANICKING!!!!

AAAAAARGH!!!!! My entrance examinations are all approaching fast and I still haven't started preparing for it! I have not an inkling in the world as to what I will be doing! Is this a good time to panic? No?

I'm aware that I cannot afford to waste any more time dawdling about, procrastinating but... but.... AAAAAAARGH!!!!!! I'm panicking! I'm soooooo panicking here!

*ahem* So, I've decided. Enough with all this silliness! I am going to start preparing with earnest beginning..... today! Now! This instant! And it's about time I took this bull by the horns! BRING IT ON, BABY!!!!

Oh... and if any of you well meaning folks out there want to give me pointers on how I can prepare for the GATE and other entrance exams for Physics, please mail me...comment... psionically contact me..... DO SOMETHING!!!!

Pssst: if any of my friends abroad are interested, I might not write GRE this year. The entrance fee costs a bomb and well.... I'm just not ready enough! T___T

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Far North - Far too good!

What defines civilization? What separates humanity from the animal that he truly is underneath? Is Man truly not an Island?

Well... if you're wondering why I spew forth such philosophical warbling, I'll have you know that you'll be thinking along the same lines had you seen "Far North" by Asif Kapadia.

With a heavy-weight character cast that include Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean, Michelle Kruseic, this is one movie which will have you thinking about (and shuddering in a shocked but impressed way) for days!

A movie based on the book "True North" by Sara Maitland, the movie explores the human mind in its most basic and unadorned form. And the end will have the most confident critic shell shocked for sure!

And I'm aware some people think the ending is a little implausible. But, for the character in the story and the kind of events that she's been through, I'm sure it all makes sense.... and further more, had it been any different, it wouldn't be so beautiful!

And the cinematography and Music are aspects that just add to the beauty of the movie! All in all, I'll ask everyone not to miss this one!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Animal testing - stop it now!

When was the last time you went to the department store and saw that perfect shade of red lipstick that would look perfect with that new dress you bought the other day? Well... before your hands reach out to grab that tube and your mind itches to whisk out your wallet, there is something you must know... There is a great chance that the product you are buying has caused death to countless animals before it made its way to that counter from where it beckons you thither so seductively.

How many of us take the time to actually do some background research on the products we buy? How many of us think about the various procedures that go into the making of those products? I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in India, not many people. Here's where they could sell dog meat if offered cheap enough (and lied about... naturally!).

I must admit. A few years ago, I was just as ignorant as anyone on the streets looking for a good bargain. But now, I know what I want and what I want is some product that didn't result from the blood-letting of countless innocent and helpless animals!

These days, the people around me are atleast aware that I do NOT use products that are tested on animals or that I do NOT eat meat. And as for the former, they're more often than not, willing to hear me out and be enlightened. And as for the latter, they all assume I'm a brahmin. Oh well... Atleast they do so until I tell them the real reason!

And recently, I got into quite a flurry trying to find out which products used animal products and conducted animal testing and which didn't! But all my worries were put to rest by good ol' PETA!

And if someone from India is worried about the companies back home that test, here's one that tests for sure!

Unilever. And this means any brand that comes under this company (Lakme, Pepsodent, Colgate, Vaseline...the list goes on!) test their products on animals.

And then there are companies that don't test their stuff on animals -

Himalaya, Vicco, Revlon, Nivea... I'm sure anyone can find a helpful list online with just a bit of googling. =)

And recently, I even managed to get a few gifted items that were animal testing free. I should say the awareness is slowly spreading, eh people? ;D
Here's what I got!

I do understand that using animals for medicinal testing purposes has had its advantages in the past. But with the advent of newer technology and more innovative discoveries and inventions in the field of science (using human tissues from biopsies for cancer drug research than to induce cancer in lab rats and then studying them for example...), I'm sure in vitro experiments will be the thing for the future!

Anyway, here are a few site addresses that I feel will be useful for the discerning consumer.

Remember... unless you speak out, the animals will have no voice!