Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010..... here we come!

Well... 2009 is almost at an end and soon, a new year shall begin... Like many others out there, I hope and pray the year to come be fruitful and a pleasant one to remember when I shall look back at it. I'm expecting an unusual amount of Drama and excitement in 2010! So, I don't think I'll be too bored ;) Ah well... speculations sometimes take the fun out of life ne!

I'll know for sure what lies for me ahead as far as long term career options are concerned next year. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one! And I hope to make life on Earth a tad bit more bearable for all my animal friends out there! =D

And I also list out a few of the resolutions I hope I can keep up!
  • Study harder... I personally know how important this is for me!
  • Take things as they come... happiness... disappointments... I shall try my hardest never to be consumed by either!
  • Save more money! And that means no impulsive shopping... no excessive snack gorging and definitely not another set of earrings!
  • Stay in touch with friends! I'm missing a lot of my friends who I haven't seen for quite a while!
Aaaaah! I can't think of any more resolutions to keep! I guess these are the resolutions that I simply have to keep up! :D

Here's something from me to all you folks out there! =D

And with that, I'm signing off for this year folks! *squeal* the next time I post something, it'd be 2010.... Hmmmm.... for some reason, I'm not sad to see it go! =D

Just like that...'re back home after a long day's work and your boss seems to think you're the one reason the world shall end... your friends are too busy to answer your calls and you find you're out of ramen for the night! And then, there's a whine and before you know it, you're floored or atleast pushed back a little by that one individual you didn't even think about until a moment ago! Yep... I'm talking about your pet dog! =D

If there's one person you can depend upon completely, that'll be your dog, I tell you!

*sigh* All of you out there... all of you who have one of these wonderful creatures around, treasure them! You'll never know how much we need them more than they need us, until they're gone...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Viral woes! (a.k.a.) How Author-san fought and vanquished evil Viruses from her PC.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to tell you how to disinfect your infected system. I'm just describing what an ordeal it really was. If you need help, there are other "BETTER" sites out there folks! But if you want to have some moral support as you try to defeat the fiendish virus, read on comrade! :D

What do you get when you add poor unsuspecting Daddy dearest, a really convincing "check your PC for viruses" pop up and Internet Explorer? If your answer is Pandemonium, you couldn't be farther fro m the truth!

Dad had been downloading some Carnatic music from the interwebs (LOLSpeak for the Internet ;P) using IE when a gazillion pop ups come raining down on him and in an eager attempt to close them down, he ends up clicking on some obscure link and TADA!!!! I've 'Security Tools' installed in my Hard Drive!

I was busy letting yesterday's Butter Naan out when he started shouting like the house was on fire and I rushed outside (after completing the procedures completely! :D) to find so many "Your system is infected by yadda....yadda... blah blah... yaddadiyadda" pop ups, it was hurting my eyes!

Apparently, the cunning bastards who designed this malware disguised it as an Anti-spyware application and starts running the moment Windows was started! I, to be honest, thought it was a genuine Anti-spyware in the beginning but when I paid closer attention to the pop ups, I couldn't see any link towards the authors of the application or at least the name of the company responsible for the application.

I couldn't just click on the "Yeah, I know my PC is the Grand Central for all Viruses, Malware, Spyware... Now shut the fuck up!" option. If I needed to close all those gazillion pop ups, I needed to pay for a two year license! $50! Can you believe it?!

Well... I needed to be double sure if this was actually safe and so, I got online (after letting my Dad know he did a BIG boo-boo! :P I Love him to bits you see!) and I hadn't even completed typing the 'Tools' in 'Security Tools' when good ol' Google Search appends virus to it. Now, it can be safely assumed, I squeaked like those hideous squeaky shoes that people force their kids to wear and clicked on the first link that promised me a way out of this mess all the while negotiating through the myriad pop ups that still kept popping up like Hobbits on mushrooms!

I tried all the possible ways they advised me to follow (excluding swearing like a Truck Driver on a roll) and I so devotedly did! Let me tell you something at this juncture folks... the a**ho** who designed this stupid Virus is going to die of Dysentry!

The Damned thing wouldn't let me run any of the Malware busting softwares I'd installed... I tried so many different configurations that my system couldn't take it anymore and flashed a Blue screen before rebooting.

"Satrum manam thalaraaatha blog author," I rebooted my system in safe mode, weeded out the offending application's registry keys and then ran the Anti Malware software. TADA!!!! Security Tools has gone bye bye!

I'm having our Techie-guy (read the poor soul who repairs my poor PC whenever I fiddle with what ought to be left alone! :P) come tomorrow and have the latest Software Protection enabled! BRING IT ON, VIRUSES! MOMMY'S READY FOR YOU BITCHES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Blog roll added!

I've added a list of blogs that belong to friends... acquaintances... some of people I barely know but like none the less. I'm not sure how much of an increased readership they'll get because I'm displaying it here... Ah well! =D

Have fun you people!

From a friend in need to a friend indeed!

This post is dedicated to one of the most loved people in my life. And this is my way of saying thank you to him.

He might not have been the most conventional of friends but for the past few weeks, has been with me as I went through some really tough times. We never ever thought we'd be friends for he was from a different level altogether! Heck! I didn't even think we'd be socializing thus! I'm sure there was an animosity between the two of us at the beginning and now, as we sit beside each other, I realize that it was nothing but an instinctive defensive tactic that we both practiced so as to not get hurt... And, I'm glad that we took the time to approach each other. For had it not been so, I would have lost out on such a wonderful friend! I know he puts up with my nonstop badgering and does nothing to retaliate as I spew subtly, a hint of discomfort and annoyance onto him. And that has taught me such valuable lessons on patience and tolerance. I wish he could see this and know how blessed and truly honoured I feel to call him my buddy! =D

Lee, thanks for being there! =)

Monday, December 28, 2009


The past few days have been a whirlwind of sorts and has left me utterly confused! And to make matters worse, I met a few of my old friends who seemed to have completely forgotten they had at one time in the past known me and considered me a good friend. It made me sit and think... Who were my dearest and closest of confidantes? And the truth that emerges is that every one of my friends has been a very close to my heart... but somehow, I've never figured in anyone's "best of the best" buddies... Now, I know a lot of people shall utter disgruntled sounds of disapproval. But hey! I'm not complaining here! =) I am merely stating the facts, people. And I guess it's just the way I had moved with every single one of them. Maybe I hid a part of my soul from every one of them...

Ah well! Cest la vie! =D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Extraneous... is a good adjective!

Psssssst: This post might sound confusing and even disjointed at places. But this is just to get stuff out of me and I hope nobody gets burdened after reading this. If you are, forget it! There's nothing I want from you... not anymore. =)
Image © Perceval in Belgium via FlickrTruth be told, people! I am feeling so drained these days! And I'm not just talking about the tiredness that has set in thanks to the numerous project related debacles that fall at me every day!

I have been thinking... and it suddenly occurs to me... I am surrounded by many people and yet... I feel as though I am all alone. Now before I have angry and distressed protests from well wishers, I'll clarify that I don't particularly mind.

Ever since my school days, I have seen myself drift through various groups of friends... I merely was a catalyst in bringing together people and then, when the rest of the gang was close enough, I moved on... in good terms with everybody as they stayed in touch while I was slowly forgotten. And before people scream that I sound like a brat who's whining non-stop, I shall apologize for having given that sort of an image.

Now for the surprise... I actually don't mind moving on... now that I think about it, there was never a person with whom I've shared all my fears and aspirations... And no... I shalln't be starting now. I fear it is too late for people to come knocking at my doors, hoping to be my confidantes and waiting for me to bare my soul!

I remember a time when I was younger... I had hoped all my friends would probably hear me out when I was undergoing my bouts of depression... but it was quite a wake up call when I heard someone discuss how much they wished I wouldn't whine... especially when I hadn't opened up at all... I guess that was when I had decided that if they thought so when I was merely being friendly... and well, a little under the weather, god forbid! What would they say if I did open up? I understand that I am quite the tough nut to crack and I am not going to help people understand me. Heck! I wish I knew how! =)

But ever since that incident, I have always been the epitome of cheer outside... the regular funny girl... the one who supplied all the laughs... while deep inside, I sighed as I thought of how many more people would just laugh and not look beyond the smiles... And it occurs to me. They never will. And strangely, I am relieved to know that!

Having said all this, I should also add that my cat probably knows more about me than any person does! Strange? I find it soothing.

Image © Perceval in Belgium via Flickr

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas Everybody! ^_______^.

Ahhhhhhhh.... I don't know why... but somehow, this year's Christmas seems so magical! Actually, I don't celebrate Christmas strictly... me not being a Christian is a good enough reason. But this year, as I sit and reflect, I realize I don't have to be one to celebrate! Heck! It's the spirit of Christmas that matters right? And this year, I've been singing Carols as loud as I can and am smiling at every family member as they consider if they should pack me off to the nearest Mental Institution... But who cares! It's Christmas! =D

And in this same high spirited note, I made a Christmas card for all you readers out there! I don't even care if many people don't come here! For the very few who do... or will be, here you go, folks! A merry Christmas to you all~!

Psssssssst! Did you know you could track Santa as he goes about distributing gifts to children who have been good? Oh yes! Official NORAD Santa Tracker does that exactly! ^__^. And for those of you who think I might be finally losing my mind, all I have to say is...... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^__________^.

Famous?.... So what?!

People are really... really funny creatures underneath all this facade of sophistication and suave. And I mean it in an endearing sense of the word!

The other day(quite a long time ago, actually!), I was out at the Mall to meet up with a few of my friends. It was one of those posh areas where most of the rich and famous came to do their shopping needs. And well, as luck would have it, a really famous singer was there shopping with his family. I shalln't say who he is but just so people get the idea, his songs are really famous these days and well, he comes from a musical family.

I am a person who believes in the concept that celebrities are human beings as well and that to adulate them to the level of mobbing them in public only show how silly we 'not famous ones' can get. And so, as soon as I saw him looking in my direction, I gave a small smile and turned away to do whatever I was doing before I had spotted me. And then, something really out of the ordinary happened. He went past my group not once... but thrice to see if anyone in our group would recognize him and go talk to him. It was a little sad when none of us actually did anything out of the ordinary and he walked away.

It set me thinking. Could it be possible that certain celebrities find it vulnerable not being recognized? Do they really mean it when they say it is a pain being recognized and surrounded by adoring fans? Well... from the action of our singer celeb here, it seems to be the case! =D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello there folks! It hasn't been long ne! But anyway... I just dropped in to say Hi... and well...there are a lot of things running around in my head at the moment. I'm at a particular crossroad in my life and I'm not even sure where the divergent paths shall lead me let alone having to choose one of the many roads!

Aaaargh... if only I could reach forward by a few years and know what would happen... I could easily resign myself to what I see... or could I?

And I'm beginning to really believe that my intuition is a very strong thing! I cannot explain what I mean by this... just that somehow, I feel a distinct connection with what is to happen... and that I am to a certain extent, able to realize the future... I know I'm making no sense... Ah forget it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Musings...just like that!

The other day, it had been raining a little heavily where I live and as expected, our garden was soon teeming with life that is normally associated with the monsoon. I was meandering towards the living room in an almost lazy way. And what do you think I saw in the landing of the stairs? A foot long worm trying to crawl into the house. It was a deep russet in color and as with most worms, I couldn't make out which end was which. I assumed it to be an earthworm and called for dad so that we could safely release the little fellow back into the garden. Dad got out a soft bristled brush and an iron winnow from closet and since I don't normally have an aversion for worms when they aren't the majority, I stood quite close to the little creature to assure that Dad didn't kill it accidentally. As soon as the brush touched the worm's body, it started writhing in an almost surreal way and started gaining ground towards the house. And I should confess, it was hilarious seeing Dad jump back like he'd been scalded! As it turns out, it wasn't a worm at all! It was a baby snake who had gotten lost and to be honest, I don't think Dad was too enthusiastic about sparing its life when he deduced the proper species of the reptile and deemed it poisonous.

But thanks to my persuasion, he did manage to get the little tyke out of the house and back to the garden's long forgotten corner. This episode got me thinking... why are we averted by certain things just by the sight of it? Take for example the snake... True... it could've been poisonous and Dad was scared of it. But wasn't the snake even more terrified of the two huge otherworldly creatures who were prodding him with a weird looking thing? And it can't be blamed for being slimy and 'unsightly'! Wouldn't that mean we're actually doing something that we advocate others and out children not to do? To judge something based on its appearance?

Ah well... for now, the snake's safe... somewhere... I hope! And I'm here, sitting deep in thought as to what must've passed through his snakey mind when he saw us let him go like that... it must've been quite a scary experience for the little one!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reflections from ages past...

I am sick... and I don't mean it in the emotional sort of way! I am sick as in, I am sniffling and coughing my way to glory here and if that's not bad enough, my time in front of the system is being cut short a little because of this. Not that I'm complaining... staring at the screen when your head feels like it's at the center of the Earth isn't the best feeling, let me assure you that!

And so, you ask me why I'm writing an entry when I'm feeling so bad? Well... sometimes, there are things you wish to share with the world and sickness or physical incapacity hardly is an obstacle.

.little things that matteRImage by 27147 via Flickr

Yesterday, when I was off visiting a relative with my entire family (and when I was a little better), we had to stop by a bakery store to pick up something for the hosts. And so, my grandpa and I got off the car and walked into the store. This store is near my old school and so, there were so many memories that washed over me as I walked along the same road I had used for nearly twelve years of my life... As soon as we got inside, I saw cream-buns stacked in rows, inviting those who saw them to buy them.

As soon as I saw those delectable pastries, unbeknownst to me, I smiled as I remembered how as a small girl of seven, I would travel with my darling grandpa on a journey from my school back home... a journey that would have been a trivial one for anyone else... but for me, it was something that was a magnificent thing in itself... the sights and the sounds of everything around me, holding onto my grandpa's hands as he led me through the dangerous roads, my young eyes taking everything in through the glasses that did little to hide the world around me... only making it clearer... And then as we passed the pastry shop, I would involuntarily stop and tug at my grandpa's hand and he would stop and turn around to see me stare at the eyes wide with excitement as I would imagine their sugary taste on my tongue. And my grandpa would smile as he would oblige my unspoken desires and get me a couple of the coveted pastries and all would be well in the world as we'd trudge along again, with an additional spring in my steps as I would try to make the journey as short as possible... I needed to eat the cream-buns as soon as possible!

And now, as I turned to watch my grandpa ask for what he wanted to the shopkeeper, I couldn't help but notice that his face is more lined with wrinkles of the ages that has passed since I was a little girl of seven. He can't walk as fast and somehow, everything about him has taken on a slow pace that belies his age. But I could not help but smile... as I smile now, typing this out in my room....I love my family! It's an emotion that I cannot completely display... In the little things that we do for each other, I can see my love clearly reflected back to me. And for that, I am thankful!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music.... Yiruma.... Heaven!

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”
- Edgar Watson Howe

>How true... Recently, I've been fortunate enough to listen to Yiruma. He's a South Korean composer whose works are just mind blowing to say the least. Having had formal education in Music from places like the Purcell Specialist Music School and King's College London, he has a lot of reputed compositions to his name. As I sit here, listening to his "River flows in you", I forget all that is around me.... it feels serene... it feels beautiful... as though the world has lost all shape and form and all that exists is only the strains of music that cover me like the loving arms of a mother. And I feel, if I were to die now, I shall regret nothing... this would be the best way to leave... amidst heaven!

Ahem... so, you know what I mean when I say it's good. So, try getting hold of the album if you can guys... you shalln't regret it! :D

Monday, November 30, 2009

Exams are done with.... But still no respite

Today was my last exam for the third semester. And I am so glad it is over! The third semester felt like such a bitch for some reason... But somehow, in the end, I think I am a teeny tiny bit stronger on the inside... especially in the things that I've noticed and accepted in the past few weeks.

Ah... now we're veering off the topic, are we not! Exams are over and well... just when I think I can rest a while, I'm going to have to start my Project work as soon as possible... or so my project guide says. Now, my Project guide's a pretty decent chap and the fact that even though there are three people working under him for the final semester project, he sat me alone down and has given me a bit of an advanced field for study. While the rest are dealing with perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics, I'll be working out Path Integrals from Quantum electrodynamics for description on a periodic potential system.

Now I might sound like someone who know what she's talking about... but actually, I'm just as stumped as you guys are. Sure... I know the basics of Quantum Electrodynamics and well... I know a few things about it as an interested layman would. Now, I'll have to get down and dirty with the nitty gritties of mathematics.. and for some reason, I'm more excited about this than I ever can remember. I hope every single person who reads this spends a moment praying or wishing for me to live up to the expectations of my well meaning professor!

Ciao for now! I'll keep posting updates on how it's shaping up! =D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wallies and happy news!

Hello people! Remember the post where I'd mentioned about free high resolution Photoshop brushes that were being given away from Refer post here.

Well, it was only for a limited period. But due to popular demand and the enormous positive response that was there, the offer has been extended! Yep! Now, you can get those brushes for free for another two weeks! Yay for Jason Gaylor ne! And just so I can let the folks out there how awesome these brushes are, I've posted three 'arties' that I'd done with these brushes... It's not that great.... I know.... ^_^;;

The images are in 1024x768 pixel resolution. I don't know if you'll like it...but if you do, and want some more, I'll gladly make 'em!

I know I'm going to burn in hell for doing this when I ought to be studying Advanced X-ray analysis... But hey~! Cut me some slack here, folks! ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Invite designs from the past...

I was just rummaging through my stuff when I discovered two invitations I had designed for the Fresher's party at my University.

Being the seniors, we had to conduct the whole affair and apparently, this was the first time something like this was happening! Weird! I thought everybody followed the untold traditions - Second years give the first years a welcoming party and the first years return the favour at Farewell... Ah well... since we were the first set in twenty odd years to have a farewell for our seniors, we thought we'd break new ground with a Fresher's party as well...

And I decided to take up responsibility for the invites. And this is what I came up with... Heheh... Kinda lame... I know, but it sure did impress my HOD and the freshers! So, ultimately I have no complains!

It's like someone's opened the Graphic designing floodgates in me! Wooohooo! Feels so good! ;)

P.S. I'd used a lot of Brushes from Designfruit for these and you can see for yourselves how good they translate on paper! :)

Bookmarks for everyone!

Hello there people! I'm on a roll here, or what! Hehehe.... two consecutive posts one after the other... on the same day! Go me! =D

Okay... remember the post where I had given information about free brushes from for a limited period? Well... I had also mentioned that I may actually do something with the brushes. Well... I did and I did not... I mean I did make something... but just not with those brushes! I am saving 'em up for something really really good! But in the meantime, I did make a few bookmarks... they're made from a couple of brushes I had from a long time ago... and well, I don't remember where I got them... -__-;;

If you do see your brushes in these works and want me to credit you, let me know! I'll do it pronto!

Ah... the joy of making stuff! These are bookmark graphics that you can print on a thick enough paper and voila! bookmarks for everyone!

So, without further ado, I present to you... bookmarks!

Well.... some of these bookmarks were made with brushes from Obsidian Dawn, Designfruit and some from a myriad other places! =D I had published a few of these babies in an old (now defunct) blog of mine...

And of course, I don't think anyone is going to sell these designes anywhere... but if you are, then I think we'll be in trouble now... won't we? It's strictly for a non commercial purpose only and I hope all of you have fun with these!

Ciao for now!

P.S. If anyone out there would like me to help out with banner designs or such simple things as backgrounds and stuff for their stuff, I'm willing to lend a hand! And to the folks who're following me here... you know what I mean! ;)


Something good always happens out of everything... This is something I've come to believe very strongly in these days!

I find it makes life all the more bearable and in the long run, a very happy experience... ne?

If anybody out there is wondering why I am waxing philosophically thus, I'll tell you...

I am a very absent minded person in reality... I have walked into poles and walls when I was young (and I still do!). The very reason why I had lost a lot of valuable items in my life was because I've been absent minded... and for some reason, this makes me seem very aloof to people outside my head. I understand that I am a bit difficult to get along with... and well, if it is any consolation to the people I know, I do not do any of the things you might think to be hurtful intentionally.... I'm a baka as I am. I guess there aren't many people out there who can accept me for who I really.... truly am. But hey! Fine with me... I'm used to this kind of a feeling. =D

Anyway.... I had been checking my mail yesterday and horror of horrors! The GATE application I had sent has been earmarked because the photo I had sent was not of the best quality... well... since I had sent the same photo to TIFR and they didn't seem to have a problem with it, I thought I'd stick to that.

They had sent the mail five days ago. But I have no idea what happened, I had received it only yesterday. And the URL they had given me for uploading a better photo would expire that night... that very night that I had seen it for the first time! Rest assured... there was pandemonium in the house with accusations aplenty thrown in my direction that I hadn't been attentive enough the first time... wringing of hands in exasperation as I tried explaining that I hadn't seen this mail the last time I'd signed in.... all to no avail. Finally, I managed to get a proper photograph with the proper pixel size and resolution and uploaded it around nine in the night. And today, I try that URL and it shows a message telling me it had expired and that I could do nothing...

Phew! Boy oh boy! Instead of cursing the higher power for giving me such unwanted anxieties in the last minute (including some really tensed conversations with my parents ;P), I am thankful that I had seen the mail when I had... Imagine the horror if I had seen it today! *shudder* GATE is my only hope right now... and if I wasn't even allowed to try it, I don't know how I'd feel... :(

Ah well...I just hope all my classmates who had applied haven't faced such problems. For once, I hope nobody's been as flaky as I was! ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hello there people! I know I haven't been blogging for quite some time now... but, I bring some really awesome news to make up for the lack of posts recently!

If there is anyone out there who's a hardcore Graphic designer (or wannabe graphic designer like me!), you'll love what I have to say!

Now, I'm sure most of those who're atleast a little into the design arena will know how wonderful and kakkoi Photoshop can be and when you have brushes that you can actually use to make awesome art, do you need to ask for more now? ;)

And if there's one person I know who makes some of the most beautiful and awesome brushes that I've seen in a lot of Billboards in my city (yep! Here... in lil' Chennai!), it has to be the one.... the only Jason Gaylor!

You don't have to take my word for it people! Do drop into his website (and such a marvelous one at it!) and see for yourselves!

Now, for all those out there who're like me (broke but with a million dreams in our eyes), you'll be well on your way to high heaven when you hear what I'm about to say!

Jason Gaylor is giving away free brush packs (bundles of three complete brush packs - not the itty bitty sample ones, which are just as great! =D)!

But this offer is only for a limited period! I mean.... these brush packs that are worth $40 are free for the next three days! Now, if you're happy and you know it, hug the nearest person you find and pass the love!

I still can't believe this is actually happening... and for good reason! For the past six months, I'd kept my graphic designing ideas (crappy ones... but still...) to myself and haven't touched my Photoshop software in ages. And today, I'm just checking out all the favorite websites I've hearted and I find this! Divine providence or what! ;P

And a really BIG thank you to you, Mr. Gaylor! You ave no idea how grateful we all are! (or maybe you do... he he...)

And as soon as my exams get over, I might make some decent looking wallpapers out of these babies and I'll post some of them here! And if you still haven't grabbed this offer with both hands like you ought to, poo poo.... shame on you! :P (or maybe you're rich enough to get it for $40 later on! ;D And if that's true, say.... can I borrow a ten? ;P)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am aliiiiive!..... well.... for now!

Hello! I know.... I know.... it has been too long since I've written anything. But life's been in a such a difficult phase right now.
So, I'm pouring it all out here... I guess it should make me feel better a little... right?

I've lost my second phone in a month. Now, the first phone was well on its way to cell phone heaven when I'd lost it. And I'm sure the person who flicked my first phone is still cursing me to the ninth circle of Hell... but the new one... *sigh* it was a phone that I loved and adored. And when it was stolen from me from the Ladies restroom, where it was taken right from my closed bag, I felt a little betrayed by society in general. I mean, come now.... just a month ago, immediately after losing my first phone, I found one lying along one of the numerous corridors of my University. And I dialed one of the recently dialed numbers and informed them about the misplaced phone and waited till they came to claim it. I guess I was wrong in assuming everyone in my campus atleast were that courteous.

And the person who stole my phone has been cunning enough to divert all calls made to the phone to a friend of mine. Since I had used her phone to try and reach mine, she got almost all calls that I was directing to my lost cell phone, hoping against all hope that maybe.... just maybe the person would return it back... (baaaaaaka...... I know! T~T)

And I've lodged a complaint with the local police and even went to get my old number back. And let me tell you this... The police were well meaning and promised to do all they could. And the jerks at the Vodafone office are all going to rot in hell.... alongside my asshole of an HOD. The least they could do was try being polite. I don't have to take their bull shit right now.... or ever! the way they spoke with me was as though I had stolen something and was called for an explanation. But it was kinda hilarious. The guy who was 'helping' me had not even the rudimentary grasp over the English language. And I was being all polite and stuff. But when I was treated rudely, I started being rude myself. I'll remember his face and the next time I see him somewhere, I shall surely make plans to step on his foot or accidentally kick him where the sun doesn't shine. >=)

Ah well.... shit has happened. And all I can hope is that I get my phone back. (There's a better chance of a dog doing the samba.... wait there is a dog who dances the samba! Hmmm....maybe I might get it back... sigh...)

And here's the picture of the phone I lost.... *sobs*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

*The author is laughing her butt off and so cannot insert a Title right now.. so, insert your own title here!*

It has been quite a week here... what with Lab and a nut for a professor... it was at the least amusing at times but mostly irritating!

We have Dr. Kappochino (pun heavily intended!) who is in charge of Lab sessions for the Second year Masters students (that means us). And we are slowly beginning to wonder and gape with astonishment as to how in the name of the "Holy Plunger that the Great Balooga uses", she got her PhD.!

I mean.... come on! It doesn't take an IQ of 140 to figure that the metal Copper will not melt at 110°C! I mean... if it did, we wouldn't be seeing so many metal furnaces around.... would we? Of course, the melting point changes with variation in the atmospheric pressure, but in a normal environment where the butt of your experiment is open to the elements, I guess it is relatively safe you won't end up with copper goo when you heat it up to 110°C!

And for some reason, I think she hates me from the core of her rotten and black organ that in no way resembles a heart! And this particular hypothesis is strongly supported by evidences where she refuses to sign my lab observations stating I was absent for one friggin' class! Well.... Screw you, bitch!

But seriously.... how can she be taken seriously when I know how she got so badly screwed by her Research Guide who thought dancing monkeys with bananas in their assholes could get their PhD's before she could! Ah well....

I've begun to realize just what a small place my Department is. I met with a friend who's escaped (read graduated) from the Department last year and is now in a better place (I shall not mention where), who's told me how much credentials these bozos hold outside the department. And in a way it makes sense! No professor worth their pinch of salt would actually lord over their students in such an ostentatious manner unless they were worth shit outside their petty realm!

And to this hoard, add a professor who made his research student a scapegoat for a research paper he stole word by word out of a poor bloke from Stanford and how he asks us not to plagiarize for our seminars! BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh! And another bloke who bought his research student her PhD and just made her sit there... probably being his secretary for six friggin' long years!

Aaaaaand the head of them all who's a pretty nice guy underneath... but well... you know.... you just can't like him! He's as enjoyable as that boil you got on your hiney the last time you went out for a sunbath!

And these asstards expect us to take them seriously.... Surely you must jest, Dr. what's-his-face!

But having said all of this, I must say there are still a handful of faculty left in my department who still hold some amount of respect in my sight. It just pains me to see those few good and worthy souls trapped in the middle of this circus!

To add to this pandemonium, I have a bunch of total Dickheads for classmates (except a few genuinely nice people!)... wait... they can't be dickheads... that would make them sensitive! Nope... they are more like the feces that leaves your asshole when you're constipated! Yep.... that's more like them! They'll smile at you and smile at you and smile at you while they think of a way to hack your guts open so they can be done with you. Now, I don't say that everybody should like me and treat me gently.... Heck, hate me? Be my guest, fella! But please.... have the balls to do it to my face! I wasn't born yesterday and all that synthetic smile's making your butt ugly face look botoxed!

And if some of those idiots think that hogging the system just so I can't code and will have to face the 'wrath of Dr. Kappochino' again... get a life! How hard is it to source the software out and load it in my PC... in my room.... where I can code while listening to LP..... singing out loud.... without having to worry about when the HOD (a.k.a. the boil in the butt) would drop in and literally punch my headlights in for singing in the Lab? Now.... the same people, who boast on being the class-toppers (give them the Telephone Directory and they'll tell it back to you in an hour... extension codes and all! Just the thing needed for creative research!) don't know what 1 mole of a substance is!

Psssst: Dr. Kappochino hopes to get us screwed for not completing MATLAB on time! I think I wet myself from laughing too hard!

Monday, September 28, 2009

And so.... it begins!

It's that time of the year again.... the time when application forms for various institutes are out and it's almost too late to start preparations for the various exams. Yeah well... I'm starting my preparations now and I'm sure it would've been better if I'd started earlier. But as the saying goes, "Better late than never!".... right? *echoing silence* -_-;

As usual, this means there will be a slowdown on the blog updates (As if they were on time to begin with... *ahemahem*), but have heart! I'll make sure I give a detailed account on my preparations for the exams here. And if I ever need some amount of encouragement, I'll have my wonderful readers to turn to..... right?........... *silence.... and random lint ball*

Oooookay..... >_>.....<_<.......-__-;;;

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gentlemen still exist! *le GASP*

It sucks sometimes... yep.... just like that.

Don't you hate it when you have so much fun one weekend, staying over with friends and then suddenly, when the weekend's over, you're all alone and it's miserable to think that the same place was such a wonderful place to be in just a while ago? Well.... if you do, welcome to the "morning-after-the-party" club! You shall receive your dossier and complimentary bath towels in counter number 2!

I had stayed over at one of my Best friend's place. With no parental supervisions and a house full of early twenty somethings, it is pardonable to assume things could've gotten out of hands. Especially when some of the early twenty somethings are guys! But this is where the assumptions cease to be pardonable, people!

Last weekend, I managed to meet some of the most exceptional guys I've ever known in my life! And to think that people like them even exist in today's society is news to me!

Wherever I've been to, I've met guys who think a girl smiling at them automatically means that the girl wants to marry him and have his numerous progeny without a doubt marring her brain! But thankfully, I've been friends (and still am) with a few countable individuals who're what one would call 'guys any girl would feel safe with in the middle of the night in their tank-tops and shorts!' or 'bodyguards'! :P (I know certain people will understand what this means!)

This post goes out to all those guys who're gentlemen when it matters! And all the others out there who think they're being decent just because they seem like it and nobody can see what's running around in their minds, GET A LIFE! This includes all those asstards who think passing pseudo-witty comments and other sexual innuendos at any mediocre-to-goodlooking girl that passes them by is actually a cool thing to do! I mean... haven't they left their tweens yet?!

I am so proud of the guys I spent the weekend with. And I hope I find someone just like them when I indeed look for love (if and when...) And somehow, it scares me when I see the kind of thought process that goes through my family (my relatives mostly)!

Oh Gentleman in shining armour... whereforth art thou?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The disastrous culinary encounters...

I sincerely dedicate this post to every single person who's living alone. This goes out to every single person who, having learnt the fine art of self sustenance through rigorous and sometimes very hilarious trial and error methods, is now comfortable and smart enough to live on his/her own.

I, recently decided to take the jump and stay at my friend's place for the weekend. Now, she's staying alone and has managed just fine! But, well... unfortunately, the poor thing fell ill when I went there. So, her gastronomical fate ended up in my hands and as if the fact that I happen to find making tea a complicated ritual, now I needed to cook rice and every other dish that I had taken for granted before!

It was definitely a time when I sent silent thanks to my mother and father who have been cooking for the family ever since I could remember! I was to make something edible for the invalid and I had no options as to replace myself with someone who wouldn't burn the house down trying to cook!

I had decided to make Dosa. I mean.... anyone who's eaten them would agree that they're heavenly and having seen my mom prepare it umpteen number of times, I was sure my attempts would actually be a little fruitful! But boy! Was I wrong! For those of you who are about to try out Dosa preparation for the first time, I tell you this - be patient like the Himalayas! You'll need to be. And also be great at multitasking - having extra pairs of arms might help!

By the time I was pouring the batter, the flame was too hot. And by the time I'd reduced the flame, the batter got stuck and by the time I had the flame and the batter in control, I was tired.

And if this wasn't enough, back in class, I, who normally didn't care too much about domestic chores, was actually thinking of what to make for dinner as my professors droned on about Quantum Mechanics and Ceramic Technology!

But thankfully for my invalid (and by now gastronomically critical) friend, her friends from school came over for the weekend as well and so, I found myself an unnecessary addition in the kitchen. But hey! I still did some noodles that everyone thought was edible!

So, I've decided to take up cooking lessons from Mom very seriously! Lest I be stuck alone and I don't even have an invalid friend to help me out!

And I'd like to thank all those nice and enduring souls who put up with my culinary disasters with such bravado! You guys rock!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kandaswamy.... romba overa ventha swamy!

There are sometimes when we do somethings that are just so silly that we can do nothing but laugh at ourselves later on. Well, family and I decided we'd go watch a movie tonight and against my better judgment, we gave Transformers a miss and went for Kandaswamy instead.

Three words are all I have for that movie.... Oh. My. God!

And those three words can be taken in a lot of different contexts depending upon which aspect of the movie we're discussing here.

The Actors: Vikram did full justice (as much as he could humanly do) to his role. But when the screenplay doesn't support you much, there isn't much you can there? But I have to say, the scenes where he imitates a rooster are just plain hilarious! I ended up laughing out loud in the theater when everyone was so busy being all intense and stuff! But he looked real smart when he wasn't wearing the chicken suit! =P And Shreya.... well... erm.... she has a great body. Nothing more. I know that every actress wants to be considered for more than what they look like... but come on! Anyone who's seen the movie will know what I mean! It's kinda obvious everybody's seen Shakira's music videos. But people... this whole belly dancer thing is getting old. I mean... she belly dances her way through all the songs! And furthermore... she can't be sexy to save her life. Such a waste for someone who's got the stuff. Too bad she can't strut it!

The Story: Your typical "Robin hood" plot. The hero steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Blah Blah... a fight here... a narrow escape there... more blah blah... no evidence, hero is released. Too bad reality ain't so rosy-posy!

Screenplay: it sucked! It sucked more than anything in the history of Screenplays; in the history of sucking! The way the plot's taken about makes even the most ardent fan of the franchise yawn. And I was more than tempted to just leave! I'm sure Transformers would've been better in this department! At least they would've had fighting robots, which are cooler than some bloke in a chicken suit any day!

Direction: Susi Ganeshan has spent quite a lot of money on this one! And the direction could've been a tad bit slicker. As much as the movie talks about how the rich don't think about how they earn their money exploiting the poor, it is kinda ironic, we're being charged for watching this movie and making the ones who made it richer!

Music:Well.... remember the time when your grandma warned you not to overdo the spices and spoil the biriyani? Well, guess what? Gramma sure knew what she was talking about! The music's good at places but then, the music director tries to bring in too many genres of music into the same song and voila! Before you know it, you're covering your ears and cringing, thinking of where the melody evaporated to!

All in all, I'll give the movie four out of ten and I'm being generous here! Ah well... next time I watch a movie, I'll be thinking twice before I shell out money to sit in a theater where the lady next to me gives me the heebidibajeebies all because I'm wearing capris and the AC is out of control! But all that is another story altogether! Chennai sure is a funny place!

Life and its 'what ifs'...

After incessant goading from my friends' part, I finally managed to listen to the song 'Maalai Neram' from Aayirathil Oruvan'. And I should say.... I was very much impressed - the song opened up floodgates of emotions from within me!

And before anyone asks me what emotions exactly, I'll have you listen to the song.

It's beautiful.... it has this urban feel to it and Andrea's voice suits the mood perfectly. And after listening to that song, it made me wonder. Actually, whatever relationships we're in right now (excluding blood relations), are all with us because two people were there at a particular time at a particular place.
And if any one those things had been different, how different our present would be? I'm sure there are a few people out there who know what I mean... It sure is scary to think of how things could change so drastically if only we change a few seemingly inconspicuous events in the past. Like my dad missing an appointment with my mom on their first meeting.... I wouldn't be here!

If Chitty-chan hadn't called me at twelve in the night and persuaded me to attend the Physics Olympiad in CMI.... If I hadn't had the courage to scrap Sido, thinking he'd never remember me.... if only I'd done some things earlier than I actually did.... *sigh*

Ah well... I'm sure I'm the only one who's warbling on like this. And I guess I need to be happy for the numerous things I have in my life.... loving people.... great friends.... a cool (at times) family.... a few special bonds....

Even then, my heart still feels a strange twang whenever I think of things that could've been. Silly ne?

Psssst: I'm going to go kiss the girl who persuaded me to listen to the song in the first place. I am so much more aware of the various aspects of my life now! Weird.... what one song can do to you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

True feelings emerge...

It hasn't been a day since they found out the remains of the dead Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and his party people have already started fighting over who would be the next CM. And thanks to his demise, I got a day off today. And I'm already feeling bad for feeling thankful! How can we be so callous when it comes to 'others'? We feel when someone close to us dies. But for some reason, that feeling is absent when some stranger dies.

I don't think we can be blamed for that. I mean, we're human after all! To feel sad for every death would make our existence a dreary one. But I still cannot digest what those politicians in AP are doing. I'm sure YSR's family are feeling disgusted by what they see. And all I can say is that, I feel for them.

I hope YSR is finally in a happy place, away from people who've used him or given him a bad name. Rest in peace, sir. And as for all those other people who're fighting it out for the post of the next Chief Minister, You guys'll die one day too and then we'll see how many people feel sorry, seeing you go!

Kids these days!

Before people start complaining that I'm being overly unfair to kids the world over, let me explain that I have nothing against kids. Yeah.... we all need them! And they're a joy to have. (I especially love some of the kids I've come across in my life...the angels that they are!)

But the tenants in my place have two children who're.... brats! I mean, they barge into the house, ask (read order) you to change the channels to whatever they want to watch, take your things without permisson and still do things you request them not to!

I am normally very patient with strangers. But.... this is just too much. And if this wasn't enough, I had one of my own cousins steal from me right before my eyes and get caught red handed. It makes me wonder... why do they do it?

I remember a time when I was a seven year old and I was taught never to enter a house without asking, or to take things that weren't mine. Sure, kids these days are smart. But really.... that doesn't mean they shouldn't know the basics of manners! I don't ask to be treated with respect. The least these kids can do is behave in such a way that years later, they will not be remembered for the trouble they caused!

And in all this, I believe the parents are the most guilty. I agree that kids are influenced by the various media that loom around these days. But it is up to the parents to try and instruct and make their kids understand what is right and what is not! And I believe the kids these days are smart enough to understand if it came from their parents in a very logical and calm discussion - they don't even have to be paddled!

Sigh.... all this makes me wonder about another issue... I would make quite a weird mother... a mother who thinks her kids have all grown up the second they're born! Another reason why I shouldn't bring in another life into this world for it to be just misunderstood by the very person who gave it life!

Hmmmm.... I could bring up pets! What say? =D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day in which I lost my umbrella, my phone and gained a happy-happy!

What does one do when one has lost one's umbrella in lab, one's phone in the bus and feels like the whole world's on to something?

Well.... I've been through this recently and just so everybody knows, I do not like it!

But to be positive (or realistic), I think my phone's just been misplaced. It rings when I call it. So, I think nobody's bothered flicking it. And I wouldn't blame them... well... that phone looked sickly and old (in phone terms). So, now, it says switched off. And I think it's because of the low battery.

Heh heh... I would love to see the baka who flicked it (if it was flicked in the first place!). I mean.... you can do nothing with it! Not use it without giving it the correct security code, not change SIM cards without giving it the correct security code or even switch off and switch it on without giving it the darned security code! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So, I'm presuming they just threw it away without bothering too much about that.... Hmmmm.... Asstards! And they forgot to flick my iPod that was in the same place as my phone! HAH! ASSTARDS!!!

And then there's this problem with my umbrella. It was an old one (but a sturdy one!). And I think someone who comes sweeping our classrooms has flicked this one. Keh... bitches! Hope their progeny dies from diarrhea!

But to be honest, the day wasn't exactly all that bad. My best friend has finally found her soul mate and I am probably one of the happiest people on earth right now! She deserves to be loved and cared about! And I totally approve of her guy(like she needed my approval! =P)! All in all, I'm having a happy-happy right now (and a hungry-hungry as well).

And there you have it folks! I guess I'll be phone-less for a while now! (DARN! I WAS HOPING TO USE THIS PHONE FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS! so what if it would be in pieces by then?! I'm broke!)

And if anyone out there would like to gift me a phone or an umbrella or both, I love you~ ^_^.

Ahem... that's it for now folks!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Panicking! I'M PANICKING!!!!

AAAAAARGH!!!!! My entrance examinations are all approaching fast and I still haven't started preparing for it! I have not an inkling in the world as to what I will be doing! Is this a good time to panic? No?

I'm aware that I cannot afford to waste any more time dawdling about, procrastinating but... but.... AAAAAAARGH!!!!!! I'm panicking! I'm soooooo panicking here!

*ahem* So, I've decided. Enough with all this silliness! I am going to start preparing with earnest beginning..... today! Now! This instant! And it's about time I took this bull by the horns! BRING IT ON, BABY!!!!

Oh... and if any of you well meaning folks out there want to give me pointers on how I can prepare for the GATE and other entrance exams for Physics, please mail me...comment... psionically contact me..... DO SOMETHING!!!!

Pssst: if any of my friends abroad are interested, I might not write GRE this year. The entrance fee costs a bomb and well.... I'm just not ready enough! T___T

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Far North - Far too good!

What defines civilization? What separates humanity from the animal that he truly is underneath? Is Man truly not an Island?

Well... if you're wondering why I spew forth such philosophical warbling, I'll have you know that you'll be thinking along the same lines had you seen "Far North" by Asif Kapadia.

With a heavy-weight character cast that include Michelle Yeoh, Sean Bean, Michelle Kruseic, this is one movie which will have you thinking about (and shuddering in a shocked but impressed way) for days!

A movie based on the book "True North" by Sara Maitland, the movie explores the human mind in its most basic and unadorned form. And the end will have the most confident critic shell shocked for sure!

And I'm aware some people think the ending is a little implausible. But, for the character in the story and the kind of events that she's been through, I'm sure it all makes sense.... and further more, had it been any different, it wouldn't be so beautiful!

And the cinematography and Music are aspects that just add to the beauty of the movie! All in all, I'll ask everyone not to miss this one!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Animal testing - stop it now!

When was the last time you went to the department store and saw that perfect shade of red lipstick that would look perfect with that new dress you bought the other day? Well... before your hands reach out to grab that tube and your mind itches to whisk out your wallet, there is something you must know... There is a great chance that the product you are buying has caused death to countless animals before it made its way to that counter from where it beckons you thither so seductively.

How many of us take the time to actually do some background research on the products we buy? How many of us think about the various procedures that go into the making of those products? I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in India, not many people. Here's where they could sell dog meat if offered cheap enough (and lied about... naturally!).

I must admit. A few years ago, I was just as ignorant as anyone on the streets looking for a good bargain. But now, I know what I want and what I want is some product that didn't result from the blood-letting of countless innocent and helpless animals!

These days, the people around me are atleast aware that I do NOT use products that are tested on animals or that I do NOT eat meat. And as for the former, they're more often than not, willing to hear me out and be enlightened. And as for the latter, they all assume I'm a brahmin. Oh well... Atleast they do so until I tell them the real reason!

And recently, I got into quite a flurry trying to find out which products used animal products and conducted animal testing and which didn't! But all my worries were put to rest by good ol' PETA!

And if someone from India is worried about the companies back home that test, here's one that tests for sure!

Unilever. And this means any brand that comes under this company (Lakme, Pepsodent, Colgate, Vaseline...the list goes on!) test their products on animals.

And then there are companies that don't test their stuff on animals -

Himalaya, Vicco, Revlon, Nivea... I'm sure anyone can find a helpful list online with just a bit of googling. =)

And recently, I even managed to get a few gifted items that were animal testing free. I should say the awareness is slowly spreading, eh people? ;D
Here's what I got!

I do understand that using animals for medicinal testing purposes has had its advantages in the past. But with the advent of newer technology and more innovative discoveries and inventions in the field of science (using human tissues from biopsies for cancer drug research than to induce cancer in lab rats and then studying them for example...), I'm sure in vitro experiments will be the thing for the future!

Anyway, here are a few site addresses that I feel will be useful for the discerning consumer.

Remember... unless you speak out, the animals will have no voice!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Industrial Visit! Here I come!

We're finally FINALLY heading out on the much fabled yet hardly experienced IV or Industrial Visit! Sure, it's to some place that's a stone's throw away from my house. But to actually head out there with friends and have an awesome time while we're at it makes it all so much better!

And we're having another department join us as well... the M.Tech-ies! Actually, this is their IV. We're just tagging along so that we don't have to waste out Rs. 500 completely! Oh well... somethings are better than nothing... right?

And not to mention, there are people from the M.Tech department who'd rather jump in front of a burning and accelerating electric train than actually sit in the same bus as us, I'm not exactly sure how funny tomorrow is going to be! But oh well... it can never be dull.

So, I'm off people! I'll try posting pictures if I'm allowed to take snaps! And until then, toodles!

Psssst: I still have to say.... my HOD was born with his brain in his anus!

When in trouble.... stuff a samosa!

Being a person who's pursuing a masters degree in Science, I have attended my fair share of PhD viva-voce sessions. And I just realized that most of the people who present their thesis... have no idea what they're talking about.

And the people under my HOD (Head of the Department) seem to be the dumbest of the lot! The grad students were also called to attend the viva-voce of some bloke who was presneting is final thesis after quite the struggle. His topic was on X-Ray analysis on the various acridenedione samples and other hitherto unheard of compounds!

That was one of those few times when I was in the presence of a person who couldn't even read his own thesis topic without referring the slides! I mean... seeing the slides every now and then is fine. But this person was not looking away from his laptop - ever!

And to make matters worse, the expert panel had some really learned and experienced people that included his guide, my HOD. And they started grilling him with questions. I know it must sound ridiculous that a person who's spent a lot many years doing something doesn't have the answers for some of the simple questions in his supposed "Specialized" field. But guess what people.... that's exactly what was going on. He didn't even have the presence of mind to think on his feet; but then again... I shouldn't expect that from a person who doesn't even know his own thesis title by heart!

This is the second time I'm seeing someone who's done their research work under my HOD fumble so blatantly. But to give my HOD his due credit, he was helping the poor bloke as much as he could humanly do! When the questions got more and more basic and the answers still wouldn't come, he came up with the most brilliant of diversions! Samosa! He was almost about to stuff the snack that was served for everybody down the questioner's throat.

Quite some hospitality there, KSK! ;D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

But maaaaa..... I don't wanna get married!

If there are any early twenty-something Indian women out there who are not interested in getting married right away, this post shall interest ye!

And if you're a parent of an early twenty-something Indian woman and you feel it's about time she got off to her husband's house, this post shall sound like a Rant.

I'm twenty two years old. And as with any normal Indian family, my parents are already being riddled with offers from various 'eligible bachelors from good families' who would make good husbands and for some reason, I find the whole idea pretty amusing.

I mean... come now people! I am hardly old enough to live on my own and they think I'm mature enough to start a family?

Which part of I AM NOT READY FOR THIS YET!!!! don't they understand?

For all those parents out there who want to get your girl married off just because you don't want to see all those good alliances pass you by.... Stop being so silly! We want to be respected for some achievement that 'WE' have done. Not because our husband is so and so or does this and that! And as far as society treating us as old maids is concerned, we couldn't care less! To hell with that hypocritical piece of fecal matter that practices whatever it condemns!

I mean come on! How can anyone expect me to get married to this random stranger and spend the rest of my life with him?! I mean... it's not like I can back out of it like in the case of bad friendships! This is a life long deal people. I know not all men are that bad. But for now, I don't want to take the chance. I want to prove myself to the world... I want to find my own prince (If there is one that is) and I want to live my life according to my code of ethics.

I might be wrong.... but then I would be the only one responsible! And there's always some special connection with the decisions one takes by oneself! A sense of independence... a feeling of individuality. I need that feeling to survive! And so, I've decided.

I will get married 'IF AND WHEN' I am ready and that's the end of it.
I am actually glad that my parents haven't given in to the pressure yet. But hey... I decide my future - for better or for worse!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So what's wrong if I respect and like Kikyo?!

KiKYO 桔梗Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR via Flickr

Why do people hate Kikyo so much? WHat is it about her that makes scores of Inuyasha fans build Kikyo haters club? I don't understand. As far as I am concerned, she is one of the most beautiful and most misunderstood characters of all time!

I mean... come on! All those people out there who call her a bitch and many other names that I shalln't mention here seem to think she had it easy! Hers was a life that not many would want! An eighteen year old girl who is held in this pedestal and thus is completely alienated from all those around her. She was a highly respected person. But all she ever wanted was someone to understand her. And then, someone who's a misfit like her drops in and she thinks she's finally found happiness. But even then, her dreams are shattered.

She's only human! And furthermore, she was a miko who'd fallen in love. Mikos of the Sengoku Jidai weren't supposed to fall in love! And her powers weren't their natural best because of this. And in her dying last moments, she sees the very man she chose to trust kill her. I'm sure I would've killed Inuyasha had I been in her place! But all she did was seal him away. I believe that shows that she actually loved Inuyasha truly and there were dregs of trust left in her soul when it concerned Inuyasha.

And just when her soul should've finally rested in peace (inside Kagome), she's resurected and thrown into the ensuing confusion. Kinda sucks doesn't it? I say she's deep, pretty and always does things for a reason that even though isn't always evident to us lesser mortals.

And so, I hereby proclaim that I am a die hard Kikyo fan and I don't care what people might think of me for this. I respect her and revere her while at the same time empathize her.

Pssst: I seriously doubt if I was similar to her in certain weird inexplainable ways... But... oh well... let's not get that out. =D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 100th post! Ah.... ah... Achooo!

Yay me! This is the official 100th post of this blog. I can't believe it's really been that long! Anyway, I don't feel like celebrating much actually. Blame it on my yearly bout of viral infection.

I'm really really sick and have missed two days worth of classes already!
And as if this wasn't bad enough, I'm being asked to submit my seminar topic pronto. I mean... what kind of a moron would actually keep this up until the last minute?! And the answer is -- My HOD!

And I heard that someone else was taking up a topic I was interested in. Can't really blame them though... nobody knew I was actually going to take up a talk on Carbon nanotubes! And so, now I shall talk on Fullerene Chemistry!

Yay me! *cough cough* Excuse me while I go bang my head somewhere and think up of a way to prepare a twenty something number of slides by tomorrow morning! Keh... like anybody's bothered! (Me... least of 'em all!)

Oh.. and I heard one of the professors doubts if I reeeeally actually have Viral infection or if I am bluffing to escape lab. Gee people! I actually am rather interested in coughing my lungs out than working with a He-Ne laser that pulses when it shouldn't and a lab group where they'd rather feed me to the vultures than help me out (Hmmmm.... maybe being sick isn't so bad afterall! >=D)

Psssst: I don't know where I got the sick ducky from. I hereby proclaim that was just used to portray how sick I was feeling and that I am not the owner of that piccie. It's either that or me puking buckets of bile people... pick your poison! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Achoo... Oooh... gooey!

Hello world... I've been waiting for a chance to see your face! uh~whoaa... hello-*coughspluttercough*

Ahem... Hello there people! It's been quite a day today. I'm feeling slightly under the weather (which is normally... as always HOT!) and I just realized that I tend to get head-colds more during hot days than during chilly ones! Right now, I've a clogged up nose that runs (I don't know how it does that... it's clogged up when I try taking deep breaths but the oooeey-gooey still does come out!)

And to top things up, I need to finalize my Seminar topic by tomorrow. And nope... my idea for presenting higher symmetry groups in Physics was turned down because the dodo of a professor doesn't understand the subject! So now, I'm contemplating whether "fracture to the skulls of silly professors and its characterization" would be good enough or if the "diminished viscosity of nose snot" will be better!

Ai Elbereth! I need a break!

Saturday, July 11, 2009 silly fool...

Dearest Dide,

How is it possible for you and your minions to so easily make friends and then discard them away when you've done using them up? How effortlessly you show how 'low' you are when you cut off all ties when someone you know gets something better in life? How can you accuse others of misunderstanding every bloody thing you do when you don't ever leave that silly pedestal of yours and look down upon everybody around you? How can you go about thinking of yourself to be a Tennyo in disguise when deep down inside I see the true Oni that you are?

How can you be so.... you?

Just so you know... He was a really nice person and you've lost out on his friendship by being the 'person' you are. And I shalln't repeat the same mistakes you've been foolish and selfish enough to commit. He has been a good friend and like a brother to me. I've had enough people being snatched away from me thanks to you and your ploys. I refuse to lose anymore!

Your friend who still can't believe you're being such a prat,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy times at the beach!

Today, we went out to the beach with my Uncle and my niece! It was an awesome way to spend my Saturday! Here are some snaps that I managed to take!

My Niece - Varsha

Mom with Varsha. Dad's somewhere in the background, glaring at tiny crabs! =D

Random Photographer being photographed!

Dad, still glaring at the crab!=P

Random people at the beach

A log floated ashore and suddenly, a lot of Nikon toting dudes were almost lying on top of it trying to take its pictures!

Uncle dearest and Varsha

Daddy (finally let go of the crab ne!), Uncle and Varsha

Mom, dad and Varsha

Random kite flying so high.... *dreams away*

"The Log" that traps unwitting photographers to snap a picture of its magnificent self! Who was I to resist?! ;D

Magnificent Horses that won't take you places!

Samosa Channa! YUM YUM!

Kintama! ROFL

Chili Mala!


The sunset in Marina

Daddy contemplating how to get the car out from behind fifty rows of parked vehicles!

All in all... it was a wonderful trip!