Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got a new phone!

Hello folks! I bring with me happy news! I've gotten a new phone! yes... the very same model that was lost! Remember that post?

>>Clickity Clickity<<

And I seriously hope the bitch who stole my phone ends up getting bitten by rabid monkeys! And for all you prospective phone thieves out there, you'd better keep your stinking hands off my phone, bastards... or else, there'll be trouble abrewing for ye, I say! >=(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthdays and wishes

I recently celebrated my Birthday and let me tell you... it was such fun! For the very first time in 22 years, I cut a cake and had friends around who'd arranged for the whole thing... cheering me on... letting me know how much they loved me. And at that moment, if I could have had one wish come to pass, I would've wished for all my friends, wherever they are... however they are, to be happy! I hope all their dreams come true!

I love you guys!

Psssssst: And I know I haven't been updating that very religiously these days! I've a million assignment deadlines and entrance exams coming up! Gomen ne... Oh... and I got a really pretty purple and black backpack! I'm so Hap-py! =D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review for Aayirathil Oruvan

Before I even begin, I'd like to inform the general populace out there that this was one movie that I was waiting to see for quite a while. And today, I got to see it with my family. Yep... I saw a Selvaraghavan movie with my family!

The first thing I loved about this project was its soundtrack. The songs moved me like few had done before. And so, you can imagine how peeved I was when I saw that most of the songs weren't even in the movie! Songs like 'Maalai Neram', 'Thaai Thindra Mannae', 'Pemmanae' and 'Intha Paathai' were all omitted either entirely or were just a few lines long. Not that it's a big crime... but some of the songs that weren't featured would have made the storyline more gripping if they had been used.

Though the director might try to vehemently deny it, the movie does draw certain elements from some of the Hollywood classics like 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'Mackenna's gold', 'The Myth' and so on... It's not entirely a bad thing... I mean, if it works for the story, it shouldn't matter... right?

The first half of the movie was pretty interesting. The funny and gab-gifted Sugumaran (Karthi) makes up for the lack of a separate comedian with his timing. There are times when it appears like the Director is trying too hard to use as many 'swear' words as he can in a given sentence... and it can be a little uncomfortable listening to all of that when I'm seated in the middle of my parents! But hey! What gives?

Then, there comes the second part of the film...Hmmm... this is where things start to look bleak. The story did have potential... yes... it was a hitherto untried genre... but on screen, it seemed as though the director seemed to have lost interest near the end and didn't know a good way to end the movie.

Reemma Sen has quite an interesting character to portray. And well, she does a good job as far as emoting is concerned. But she needs to pay attention to lip synching if she needs to appear more convincing. I did enjoy the Chaste Tamil that was spoken by the remnant Chola Refugees... almost seemed to give me pangs of nostalgia as to how those ancient times must've been like. Parthiban as the present day Chola king, oblivious to the changes that had happened since the time they settled in that little island, does a marvelous job portraying the savagery and the rawness that is expected out of him. And when he realizes that he'd soon be returning to his homeland, and also when he realizes the treachery that had been played on him, his eyes do all the talking. Mr. Parthiban, I must admit, King Rajendra Chola III would've been proud! But I am afraid, his talents weren't utilized fully.

There are a few things that most people might not understand but selvaraghavan's films were always a little difficult to comprehend by the general public. Ah well...the story transition could've been a little smoother... Heck! The images I had in my mind when I was listening to the songs were much better actually!

I personally like the way Karthi remembers his true destiny. But too bad he's not given enough importance later on. Andrea is just dragged along wherever the other characters go and I must say, she sings better than she acts. Not that it cannot be improved! The final few scenes of the atrocities of War was a little too graphic. But I guess reality isn't exactly cozy and comfy either. It motivated me personally to make sure I do all I can to stop innocent people suffer when countries fight!

Since there's a sequel that even the director accepts to exist, I'm wondering if the screenplay can be made tauter atleast there and if the story ca be salvaged.

*Sigh* if only Selvaraghavan had spent a little more time thinking the story and the scenes through before he shoots them...

I'll give this film a rating of 5 out of 10. And I'm being very generous here!

Selvaraghavan, if only you were in front of me, I'd ask you... "Why? Why not?"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gives me Hope!

Hello there folks! The past week has been a rollercoaster ride of sorts. I've just gotten back from a trip to Madurai and let me tell you, I needed to get away for a while.

If any of you is feeling a little down, I have some really cheerful news for you!

Gives me hope - A site where people share touching to funny anecdotes to let the world know that Humanity still isn't a lost cause! =D

Operation Beautiful - A site which encourages its readers to post anonymous notes telling whoever comes across it that they're beautiful (or any other encouraging thoughts). I can only imagine how meaningful it would be to someone who's feeling depressed or anxious as they read the thoughtful words of some stranger... knowing that there are people who care for them, even if they don't personally know them!

I just might start leaving anonymous notes around in my University! Who knows! I just might reach out to some person out there who needs a kind word more than anything!

Spread the cheer people! =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Wait...

The steady hum of the Air Conditioner above me seems to be the only sound as I enter the Computer room of my University's Library. And for once, I am aware of the stares that I get momentarily, being the new person to enter the room and to provide the ones inside with a moment's distraction. Soon, their eyes train back to their respective screens as they bury themselves in multitudes of EBooks and mails.

I find myself a system and seat myself down... Unbeknownst to me, I open my mail though I had sworn to myself that I would be looking at obscure scientific Journals on Path Integrals. I look around once... the room is silence except for the steady hum from the walls...Somehow, I feel a little insecure. The page loads and soon, I see that I have no new mails...and somewhere deep inside, I hear my heart race for some unknown reason. You're not there... you're miles away... I know... But somehow....I hope... keep hoping.

My eyes then trail to the list of contacts online. Your name is a dull grey as the cruel fact that you're not online hits me in the face like a bag of bricks. I sigh... And I wait... But I know you'd have a million other things to do than to speak to me... But I still wait...

And I am still waiting...A million thoughts run through my head as I sit here, staring at your name...Do you think of me as much as I think of you? Do I cross your mind every time you close your eyes? Is my face the one that smiles in your dreams? And then I realize, you'd have a million other things to think of than to think of me...

And I wait...

Pssssst: I'm so jobless I write such incoherent things... Hehehehehe....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Little things that matter.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Mary Angelou
Today, I realized the truth behind the quote above! My family has always seemed more conservative than we're actually... sure, I don't go to parties every weekend! Heck... I don't leave home much. But that's not because I'm not allowed... merely because I don't prefer to. I've had a few friends who still think I'm being held "hostage" by my parents most of the time. LOL... But I wouldn't change a thing about my parents... My mother is probably the best friend I've always wanted. And the way my parents and I talk, it's more like being in the midst of friends than in front of parents! And I cannot thank God enough for such a wonderful family I'm blessed with! =D

And so, today, as I was browsing the net just like that, I stumbled upon some song from the eighties titled 'Cars'. This was when I remembered something my mom had told me ages ago... some eight to nine years ago. She had said how she really loved a particular song "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. I guess I wanted to bring a smile onto her face and so, I decided to hunt the song down for her. A few frantic clicks later, I managed to find the video on YouTube.

You should've seen the look on her face when she saw the video... It was something small.. heck! It was nothing compared to what people gift their mothers! But somehow, I knew she would love it... It would take her down memory lanes... back when she was young... back when she didn't have to worry about a family... back when she was a bit free! And when she told Dad on how I'd searched for a song for her and having remembered it even after all these years, I couldn't miss a hint of pride in her voice... And that, my dear friends... that was more than what I need to keep me going. God, I love them! =D

And here's the video from YouTube...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Why? Oh why?

Today, as Mom was getting ready to leave for office, I asked her, "Why are men so attracted to women? And why are women so attracted to men?"

She laughed at this and just went about arranging her dress for the day.

And so, I'm left without an answer... why are men and women so attracted to each other? I'm sure it's something more than the need to procreate... I mean, if that was the case, we wouldn't go through heartbreaks. Isn't it amazing how something we take for granted has so many interesting facets to it?

P.S. I need coffee... and a puppy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My newfound love...

Yes... I am smitten, my dearest people! And before you start dreaming of the author running around in green pastures with some stunning male specimen of the human species, let me make myself very clear. The new found love that I speak of is Tamil Sangam literature. I am aware that I know nothing whatsoever about the magnificence that is Tamil... Why, it *almost* rivals Sanskrit in lucidity, beauty and antiquity!
Just as I start to believe that Tamil has finally hit the dust, thanks to the amount of butchering the people in Chennai have subjected it to, I am showed glimpses of what it used to be and how many mind blowing, things were back in the days of the ancient Tamil emperors!

And amidst the numerous wonderful works that still have no parallel in literature, I found the Ettuthokai (எட்டுத்தொகை) to be really interesting. It is a part of the oldest surviving Tamil Poetry, Pathinenmaelkanakku (பதினெண்மேல்கணக்கு). It was probably compiled during the last Sangam period...say about 300 B.C.E.

Ettuthokai contains seven anthologies(and hence the name). They are

  • Ainkurunuru(ஐங்குறுநூறு)
  • Akananuru(அகநானூறு)
  • Purananuru(புறநானூறு)
  • Kaliththokai(கலித்தொகை)
  • Kurunthokai(குறுந்தொகை)
  • Natrinai(நற்றிணை)
  • Paripaadal(பரிபாடல்)
  • Pathitrupatthu(பதிற்றுப்பத்து)
You can bet that I shall be writing on this topic more often now! But I would also like to sound the necessary disclaimer ne! =D
I'm just beginning to study on these anthologies and I am not even assuming expertise in any of the works I've mentioned! Heck! I feel so humbled and enlightened when I see how simply yet powerfully, the people of ages past, were able to convey the most subtle and tangible of things... something that after eras upon eras of 'development', we're unable to emulate... atleast not to that scale of magnificence.

P.S. I'm aware my GATE exam is advancing like the menacing army of the great Rajendhra Chola the First! Yikies.... ciao for now, ne!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The final semester has begun at last and today was my first class... Advanced Materials.... *cue yawn* It's not like I have anything against the subject or the professor! But... come now... when I could've taken up something as interesting as Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos computing, I'm stuck with Advanced Materials! And as if this wasn't enough to have me running around in circles, tearing my hair apart, I had some major WTF moments today!

Moment #1:
The professor who takes Advanced Materials started the first class with questions on what composites were. Now, we'd brushed up a little on what composites are and their basic properties. But, come on! The first class? The first thing he utters is a question?! *sigh* And well... I had the answers for most of his questions (I could be wrong... but I had answers! :P) and was about to say them... but before I had plucked up enough courage to even open my mouth and utter at least more than two words, he had left the question and hopped on to the next one. And well... I decided I would get this one out at the very least. He asked us what the need for composites were. I had just started the answer and before I could complete, he said "Exactly!"... I'm sure he's either telekinetic or really wanted to end the class as soon as possible!

Moment #2:
One of my friends from another course under the same department as mine wanted a change in his electives. Now, for the uninitiated, my HOD (Head of the Department) is the kind of guy you wouldn't want to mess around with. And for as long as you are under his roof, you will just have to smile and bear with whatever bullshit he puts in front of you. I know it's not exactly fair... but hey! Who said life was all fair to begin with?! My friend is the kind of person who does not take these kinds of dilly-dallying lying down. (But the HOD has far less control over his degree than he has over mine! -__-;;;)
And so, he spoke in less than diplomatic ways in front of HOD and finally, after a consensus was reached, another professor (let's call her Mrs. Dawn) had asked him if he wanted to do his desired elective with us. But he vehemently went against the idea and when asked why, he told her that the folks in my course were a little of the arrogant side. Her immediate question was if he meant a certain tall girl. Now, I'm the only 'tall girl' in my class as the others are basically 'slightly less to normal' height. Why would this qualify as a WTF moment, you ask? Well... because the lady has never ever spoken to me and doesn't take any classes for me. So, I am at a total loss as to how she could be the judge of my character. And further more, if I was as arrogant as she thinks I am, I wouldn't be taken for granted by so many people in that god damned place!

*sigh* I just wish to be done with that place once and for all! =/

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last semester.... is finally here!

My last semester starts tomorrow... and understandably, I'm a little nervous today. It could be due to the fact that this would be the first time that I'm doing some serious project work... And also due to the fact that... well... a lot is riding on this last few months of Graduation. Aaargh... 2009 was all wrong in so many levels! I got onto the wrong side of certain influential people for absolutely no fault of mine... and to make it worse, I still have an entire semester left before I can get out of their hairs... or they out of mine (Einstein's relativity works even at social settings!).

Ah... I've finally managed to seriously start my GATE preparation. And for all those who don't know, GATE is my ticket out of so many drab and mundane things that I'm having to deal with right now! And for the love of all things Holy, I'm hoping of going out of the state to begin with... and if possible, out of the country. But judging from the kind of luck I seem to be blessed with, I'm very doubtful if any of this shall happen. Ah well... I can only give my very best and hope everything else falls into place! Wish me luck folks! =D

Friday, January 1, 2010

May we all be happy....

Hello people! This is my first post for the year! And well... I thought I'll make it some sort of a Universal Prayer! This is a very famous Sanskrit proverb/wish which is taken from the Upanishads.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु

मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥

May we all be happy.
May we all be free from diseases.
May we all see the good.
May none suffer from miseries.

I hope everybody gets all that they need this new year!