Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Apple is so evil!

My sincerest condolences to the family of Steve Jobs. But seriously, I must say that Apple on the whole is evil!
My iPod seems to have taken a mind of its own and shows the quintessential "White screen of Death!" and nothing I do can change the gosh-darned display! I hear the clickity clickity when I use the buttons but since I didn't memorize the menus and am not even sure if things play, I'm stuck here... with a 3rd generation device that Apple has long given up on. And for anyone who says it's time for a new swankier device, I shall gladly accept the same or the monetary assistance required to procure one from the said person.
Seriously... eeeeeeeeevil I tell you! Eeeeeeeevil!
And I definitely don't need this silliness right about now! I have a test to prepare for! Does the world and the fates know no mercy?!

Edit: Finally, I seem to have found the solution. And strangely, it just worked on its own. On the nineteenth attempt to reset, it just automatically worked! I shall never understand iPods!

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