Monday, September 1, 2014

Oy Vey!!

Today was a day of mixed feelings… just like almost any other day. But the difference is that today, I managed to feel the best of feelings with the worst!

H-chan, my soul sibling, (One of my soul siblings! But you get the point!) is back from Shanghai. It was quite the surprise when I walked into work today, already tired of all the imbeciles that I encounter during my commute and more inside office, when I see his refreshing face and that dazzling smile welcoming me to work! Sure, he’s going to be around only until his work permit is ready but hey, I’ll take what I can and be mighty grateful, thank you!

And then there was the horror that was a meeting with the higher ups who were smarting after having received a 3/5 feedback score from our Japanese clients. Now, they want us to come to work at seven in the morning and also work on Saturdays! If only they could see that people hardly have to interest to work five days a week in this project and they’re slowly beginning to loathe all things Japanese!

From the looks of it, I guess I had better start looking for other jobs. Changing two trains and then getting into a bus just to get there at an unholy hour as 7 am is just not happening! I’d have to board my first train at 5!

Why do things always go south after a vacation (even if I didn't go anywhere!)?!

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