Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exam Blues...

Oookay.... Had my Entrance Exams for Anna University on 25th. And for some weird reason, I don't think that went very well... But there's a catch. I'd answered most of the questions and as time goes by, I'm coming across those problems and I presume I've answered most of them correctly (intuition? genius? Naaah... Plain Luck I tell ya!). But there's this subtle fear that gnaws me. Just don't want to hope for a lot and end up with naught.

And Pune University's entrance is on 4th. I downloaded my admit card today and seeing that piece of paper finally in the physical realm of 3D, it gives me the hibidiba-jeebies! I suddenly realize what I've prepared for is not going to get me through. Maybe that's the truth... may be I'm being paranoid. Oh well... all will be clear on the "day of doom".... 4th of June... Now's when I wish time dilation works at a really really observable level for velocities that aren't as fast as Light's!
Which reminds me! Must go work out the Lorentz Transformation! @___@

Just wish I got through!

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