Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Toaster is here!

It's been such a dull week.... not quite the start one looks for in a new blog eh? Oh well... cest la vie, I say!
I don't even know why I started this weblog and just in case you people are out there wondering what a kitchen toaster has to do with it, I find that object very intriguing. You don't think so? Oh well... it's your point of view and this is mine!
Life's kinda weird at times and people do weird things with no apparent reason... but there will be a common logic that guides their actions... maybe that's the case here. So until then, the almighty Kitchen Toaster is here to stay! And yes... I've other blogs... places where I don't seem to be myself... and yet they continue to exist. Hmmm. But something tells me that here, I'll be myself.
However, a facade is an important thing to have at times so for all those unsuspecting souls who stumble on those other blogs that I own, I'll be the epitome of grace... worry not!
That's it for now... The toaster shall return!

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