Monday, September 2, 2013

Time to come out of the closet!

Before anyone decides to assume things, this post is not about my sexual preferences!

This post is about the recently discovered fact that has me gaping in desperation!

I am a shopaholic!

It all came down to the morning when my mother sat me down and asked me just how much I had saved in the eight months that I've been working! When I ought to have at least fifty grand stowed away for a rainy day, I am literally penniless! So.... where is all the money gone? Where? WHERE?!!!

I sat down and did a check up on exactly where the money was going. And needless to say, I wasn't happy when I saw the results!!
The pattern was inevitable! I would save for a month and spend two month's worth salary on clothes and accessories!! And that, basically took me to square one! (or square 0.5, I don't know!!)

And majority of the clothes were T-shirts and shoes!
For someone who survived on a single pair of shoes for a good five years, (I kid you not!) I've bought three pairs of shoes that I find no use of beyond two or three wears!!
And as for clothing, I'm splurging on jeans! I've all but given up on traditional Indian clothing. Give me a good pair of jeans and a multitude of T-shirts that will keep me going for a week atleast! All the better when it comes to laundering the mess.

But then again, thanks to the fact that I have a body that is unlike any normal person, I cannot just buy random things off the racks. And anything that fits me ends up costing a lot more than it should!

I did have a reality check, a month into the job and I've been maintaining a record of how much I spend on Evernote. But I hardly see any improvement. All I do is cry at the end of the month looking at how little I have managed to save!

Oh God... I need divine intervention... or a pay hike! (I'd very much like the latter!!)

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