Friday, March 6, 2009

Noh dancer, this fall

It has been long! I know... but right now, my life seems to be stuck in this rut and for some reason, it is almost like I am expecting something drastic to happen. But the event eludes me like the plague!

Ah well... things will happen when they do! If people reading this blog don't already know, I am crazy (read rabid fangirl crazy) about Japan and her culture. And it is one of the first things in my 'To Do' list of my life that I go to Kyoto and be the audience of a Noh drama. And yes. I didn't say Kabuki... I said Noh.

I don't know... sometimes I feel like there is a very strong unexplainable bond between me and that city... almost like I have something waiting for me there! It's an eerie feeling at times but I sometimes feel as though it is my destiny to go there and wander around the numerous shrines and temples there!

And as I was in this state of mind, I managed to write down what I felt in the form of verse. I'll say it isn't that great or anything. But hey! I'm not Emily Dickinson! :P

The swirl of the autumn leaves to the ground
The sound of the thunderous applause before...
My feet that lace the wooden stage
A Noh dancer presenting tales of yore.

They see no expression save that on my mask
They hear no lament beneath
The tale is all they'll know for now
But none of the sorrows burried deep.

My eyes may shed unseen tears
My heart may cry out unheard
The unbearable weight of the soul
And the solitude dreaded and feared

They crush my hopes and blow them asunder
They sneer as they back me against the wall
But the applause once more before unseeing eyes
For me, a Noh dancer, this fall.

(I know it has a twinge of melancholy and sadness. But for some reason, I always feel a little sad yet content when I think of Noh... the same way I feel when I think of Shinto priestesses. Ever wondered what runs through an actors mind as he goes through his story telling? The stoic expression makes the performer immune to such guesses... but somehow, I view his heart as an even more vulnerable thing because of this aspect!
Ah well... I know I'm making little or no sense whatsoever! I hope you liked the poem. =D)

P.S. I know the poem is not that great that someone would be tempted to plagiarize it. But just in case you feel like doing it, I'd advice you to draw inspiration from this and write something of your own. Believe me, it gives you such a wonderful feeling!

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  1. woman... i know exactly how u feel... not to woory u ll surely make it there some day... n if things dnt happen this day then v ll go to some tourist spot kidnap a japanese n get u married... not to worry!!!