Sunday, March 1, 2009


I know it has been long and for those few souls out there who follow my blog, I am sorry! I was feeling a bit under the weather (and who wouldn't if one had to break steel rods and contend with silly professors who go on about something being 100 'degree' Kelvin!).

The other day, my university had this huge fest thingy where people from every other college and university were invited and people were having a splendid time (Apparently). It just happened that the conveners had invited a very famous actor to inaugurate the proceedings. Being in the masters course, I have come to terms with the fact that the main administration views us exactly like how they view an empty class room. Oh well... no big loss there!

And so, I think it's justified when I think that not many people from my class would go the fest. But dear Elbereth's polka dotted babushka was I wrong! Now, I didn't know that one of my classmates was a very big fan of this actor. And well, I don't know why, but recently a lot of text messages are doing the rounds with this particular actor as the butt of their jokes.

And so, as my friends and I sat, a day after the actor had dropped by, how we found the jokes funny and well... how the guy was such a dork at times (in his movies). I mean come on! I despise heroes who carry their hero image wherever they go... put on airs... make an already insufferable life a tad bit more vexing for the general public. So, I joined in with much enthusiasm.

It was then that I noticed one of the girls had a face that looked like she had just bit into a lemon. This girl was the same person who was die hard fan of the actor.

One should've been there to see the way she glared at us all... if only looks could kill! (And thank heavens her's could not!)

And this brings me to the topic of discussion. Why do people follow so madly and blindly after their 'idols'? I mean... come on! That is not real and they know it. But even then, they adulate them and wash their cut-outs with milk and other valuable edibles! And proclaim their love for them by starving sans food if the idol cut his pinky!

It is about time we woke up and looked around. In the end, as we are busy swooning over them, the idols are happy raking in on the moolah! In this fairytale world, only one person has a 'happily ever after' ending, ne?

And for those who are curious, the girl still acts a little coldly towards all of us and plainly, I couldn't care less!

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