Sunday, March 8, 2009

After those little things in life!

A very warm and heart-felt hello to everyone out there! Now one may wonder as to why I am so chirpy. And the reason is, I have no specific reason to be happy. And nobody needs a reason to feel a smile. Now do they?

It just occurs to me... in the process of nitpicking over the small details, I've been missing the main joy of life. And that is to enjoy whatever I have. And I have plenty! I have a friend who gets angry if he feels I'm being tread over... I have another friend who threatens to kill me if I get myself killed (That, is a loooong story!). And there is yet another friend who consoles me, telling me she'll kidnap a japanese particle theorist for me to wed!

Now all this might seem silly. But then again, isn't the joy of life truly hidden in all these little things? And one shouldn't need many things to make one happy. And I'm glad, I'm still smiling even if I don't get the things I want immediately. It just means that I need to cheerfully work harder or patiently wait for it or something better!

If only we could follow this philosophy wherever we go... whatever we do... imagine what a happy place we'd be living in! =)

And so, in this spirit of goodwill, I present to you some of the things I wish to accomplish before I bit Adieu to this life -

  • Learn the Violin
  • Take a P.hD. in High Energy Physics
  • Go to the Kyoto and visit the Fushimi Inari Taisha atleast once!
  • Watch a Noh Performance in the beautiful city of Kyoto
  • Be a Shinto no Miko atleast for a day!
  • Visit the Stonehenge
  • Learn to play the Biwa
  • Sing in the rain
  • Play in the snow
  • Fish in a waterfall
  • Build a shelter for destitute and old stray animals
  • Write a novel
  • Wear a furisode
  • Watch the sun set from the Alps
  • Camp out in the Kalahari
  • Cuddle up with eskimos
  • Help save Olive Ridley hatchlings
  • Drink Sake
  • Learn to cook the heavenliest payasam!
  • Die at 70!
Hmmm... not quite the complete list if you ask me. But for now, this will do! I'll keep the world updated as I accomplish one task after another from this list!

And strangely, I feel like I'm on the top of the world! =D


  1. great one... and believe me i feel great too reading this... so now on v ll look for small things for happiness... n i shall accompany u to the second floor of our dptt to look fr happiness.... ha ha.. u r getting it rite!!!!

  2. Googling comparisons between Top Ramen and Maggi (random duh) landed me on you blog...and I LOVE it.

    And I'm also interested by the evident Nipponese connection. ;)

  3. Hello. And Bye.