Thursday, September 16, 2010

Words of Gratitute

I am surrounded by such well meaning people right now and somehow, their presence feeds my confidence and optimism beautifully! Thank you, dearest friends of mine, for what you do to me and my thoughts! And though there is a rough patch in every person's life, I'm sure they'll all be smoothened in due course! And yes.... matters of the heart will be eased and the estranged shall become close once more! :D

Mr. V, you are such a nice human being. And somehow, as a friend, it aches me to see you so worried. Worry not! All will be well soon enough - we'll make sure of it! And your plight affects me so much and though I know why, I cannot deem to reveal all that I know for fear of seeming all assuming! :) And my friend, she will be yours...for all your kindheartedness, she would have to be a fool not to!

Mr. A, I have never ever had the good fortune of being acquainted to someone like you before! And I thank the lucky stars that I met you when I did! And my sister is one lucky person! And I am truly happy for you. A, I have two words for you! - "You rock!"

Ms. B, being a person who's inspired me with your kindness and impressed me with your wit and charm, I cannot say how much I treasure you being my friend! Do continue to be who you are, sister in soul! :D

Ms. S, your purity of heart is something I shall always look up to. And you are just as precious as anyone else! Don't you ever forget that!

Mr.T, Dude.... it's amazing how much wisdom you have at such young an age! You have taught me that appearances are sometimes truly not what they seem. And I should say, you have such wealth of wit and wisdom within you, I shalln't be surprised if you aren't sought after for advice soon enough! :D

Thank you and continue to help me grow... as a person and a friend!

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