Sunday, September 19, 2010

Relative is the word!

I'm sure almost all of us have undergone some really moving and sad events in our life. And for that one moment, we believe we are the most afflicted life form in the whole wide world. And I, as aloof and funny as I may seem, have also had such moments in my life.

I don't say we're being selfish thinking so, but somehow, I feel in the face of adversity, we tend to forget the world around us and concentrate only on ourselves. If only were we to look outside and see some of the others who've had and have troubles that we can't even dream of, I'm sure our own troubles will seem like disintegrating dandelions in the wind! Truly, troubles are of the 'relative' kind! Emotional bereavement to one is sometimes more unbearable than the loss of life to others. And as for me, life lost is always the most unbearable, no matter how many sad episodes I personally go through... life lost somewhere still manages to dwarf my own troubles to nothingness!

Right now, I feel the best way I can be happy is by having the ones around me smiling! And knowing that I am the reason why they smile, makes me happy automatically! :D

Here's to good friends and a cruel world that teaches us such lessons of wisdom well earned!


  1. Well u really r adorable when u smile and especially when u try to stamp someones leg after they tease u...don't forget to smile. feeling great that i have witnessed u smile on few occasions in really short time that as friends we had together :)

  2. Dear Mr/Ms. Anonymous,

    Thank you! :D And you speak as though we're not going to be friends henceforth! :) Whoever you are, we're friends for life!