Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally...Photoshop CS5 Extended has arrived!

Yesterday was a pot pourrie of mixed emotions.... I managed to bring to light the fact that I absolutely suck at spectroscopy and have the most interesting habit of forgetting the simplest formulae in Math when I need it the most. But on the positive side of things, I managed to procure Photoshop CS5 Extended! For all the nit pickers out there, I downloaded it from the Adobe site and intend to have some really close friends get the legal copy for me as soon as the trial period expires! :)

Ever since I'd lost my software collection to the Virus Demons of the Netherworld, I've always felt that my computer feels like a patient with selective amnesia! It's the same... but somehow, saddeningly different! But having Photoshop in my Iris' brain again feels so good... Finally, she shall remember herself to be the Majestic and Uber cool computer that she was!

And so, without further much ado, I proudly doth announce,

And so, while I try mastering the ancient art of preparing for a PhD and enjoying life at the same time (can it be done? :D) while I simultaneously take time for my hobbies of designing and writing all at one go, you can be rest assured that there'll be more on it's way where this came from!

P.S. I know the picture looks very simple and not exactly as flashy as is to be expected from someone who's gotten their hands on the latest copy of Photoshop... please bear with me this once. I'm still reeling from the shock of finally having it with me! :P

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