Monday, December 20, 2010

The lonely psyche amidst the crowd

They always say that Man is a social island and that no man is an island. If I could find the person who first decided to quote this, I swear I’ll kill him slowly!

Today, even though we have a huge crowd around us all the time, deep down inside, each person is as isolated as one can get. And this sense of loneliness is worse than truly being alone.

Everybody needs to get ahead of everybody else. There’s no place for the strong and for those who feel. To actually act human is a sin in today’s world. If you were to smile, it must be for obtaining something. If you were to hug someone, it’s most probably because you want something from them. It could be as materialistic as their money or as subtle as their presence… We have ceased to love just because we do.

And now, as I sit and wonder, I begin to realize that I am being left behind. I found it absurd that one should smile at someone for whom only the deepest hatred stems from our heart… all because we need that person for something or the other. Or that we can throw away someone we cared for just because they no longer are of any use to us. But now, I realize that I am some of the very few who actually feel that way. And today, there aren’t many who truly need me and so, they seem to want nothing to do with me. But to be brutally honest, everybody acting this way hurt someone or the other. Somehow we run from those who chase us and chase those who run from us.

Strange… and yet so beautifully saddening.

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