Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kalafina's Magia... Clearly it's "lumos" in Music Land!

It must be obvious by now that I have been completely smitten by Kalafina and for good reason as well! :) Those people actually make good music and hopefully, will maintain their standards and style of music even after getting dizzyingly famous (which, they most definitely will! :D). They've released Magia which is their newest singles album and I should say, if you haven't heard their songs, you should! And not understanding the language is never an issue in music. My Mom is almost as conversant in Japanese as is my next door pure bred Tamil Neighbour who's never been outside the state! And she found Magia amazing... so amazing that she's been humming the tune without the words.

Their previous styles of music incorporated a lot of layering as far as composition is concerned and the same is the case here. But this time around, percussions are in focus. The beats will leave you tapping your tabletop with random eraser tipped pencils! :D And the guitar bridge in the middle... I'm sure most of you people out there have heard better stuff probably. But it was good... aweinspiring and strangely, made me more enthusiastic and optimistic. In a "I-can-kick-ass-and-look-good-doing-it" way!

And Keiko.... Darling Keiko... She gives me hope, I tell you! I'd always been shunned in my School and College choire for having a voice that bordered on Baritone. But now, seeing a well accomplised artist perform songs on that basal pitch and not being forced to squeak just so she'll sound feminine... It was a very nice thing to observe! There's hope yet, for girls like me who cannot sound girly when we sing!

I want their CDs! I want! I want! But I can't seem to find a place which will ship to my place of residence and I also recall the cute but empty wallet I possess... *sigh* I'm always open to people gifting me stuff out of the kindness of their hearts.... So.... *cough* you know.... *cough*

Gimme! Gimme! XD
P.S. Did you know that archaic purses when washed actually look pretty? -__-;;;

P.P.S. If people don't understand the pun in the title, I should say I'm not responsible!

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  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.