Sunday, October 9, 2011

I got to help!!!!

Today, there was a test at the Japanese center and listening practice! N4 Kikitori is so much tougher than what we had for N5. The people who speak in those clips just keep going and going! Most of us had to say "Mou ichi dou!" which means "One more time!" to Shimizu-sensei and she, being the epitome of patience and goodness indulged us by playing a few of the clips for three or more number of times! Seriously... she must be one of those really nice people who're actually undercover angels! :D

And I also got to help sensei with a few Malayalam translation works. Not much, actually... but I felt so good being helpful to her for once! :)

And I'll be more than happy helping her again and more so in the future! :)

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