Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Swarna-saaaaaaaaan! Arigatou!

I've an all important test coming up in my Japanese class and though I've been studiously preparing for it, I'm that type of person who tends to forget everything at the right moment and end up staring in despair at the crack in the wall at the exam hall! And so, for the sake of not embarrassing myself in front of the people who think that I am really interested in Japanese (and that's a fact!), I'm putting in extra effort this time! And for every single person out there who's ever doubted my resolve in Japanese or has thought of this vocation as something bereft of monetary advantage, this would be a wonderful chance to get back at them and show them that I'm truly happy doing this!

But... as though the fates were testing me, I was sitting with the mails that my sensei gave us when I had an idea to clear the sent folder. Now, the tech savvy amidst you might already be having the "LOL" face but for the sake of the others, I'll describe what happened next! I didn't think that when I deleted messages that were my replies to emails, it would send the entire conversation with the original mail into the bellies of a horrid Black hole where it's shredded into indecipherable 1s and 0s! And the moment I saw those messages vanish from my Japanese folder in Gmail, I felt like the entire world was coming to an end. There are other resources out there and I'm sure my sensei must've sourced it from somewhere out there in the Interwebs himself. But still... I cannot bring myself to ask him again! It was my own fault for not saving them beforehand. And so, when I'd lost all hope of ever seeing those precise and condensed resources with pearls of knowledge scattered for me to partake, I have my darling friend Swarna-san call me!

It was almost like the gods were feeling sorry for me and had sent me a saviour! And after hear me incoherently blabber and rant about the missing resources, she has promised to mail me her copies! Isn't she the best?! :)


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