Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pride... Prejudice... and Sensibilities!

I have finally managed to read the Complete and Unabridged version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. And I should say, I've been floored! Absolutely overcome! I've read Austen's "abridged" versions but to read the original version was such an eye opener. It gave me an insight into the customs of those times... of the sensibilities that were most appreciated when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (or people like them) must've walked the earth. And it also - I don't know - kept me enraptured in ways the abridged versions couldn't.
Le Siiiiiiiiiigh!
Ah... I must say I've rekindled the fondness I had for Mr.Darcy after reading the book. No wonder the entire feminine populace goes GAGA over him! Hmmm.... It's such a close competition between him and Colonel Brandon! As for me... well, I cannot choose either of them for none would choose me! Thank goodness for arranged marriages!

Depressing thoughts aside, if you can, do try the unabridged versions of Jane Austen's masterpieces. I'm sure you will not be disappointed! I'm off to get the unabridged version of Sense and Sensibility next! Too bad they didn't have Persuasion!

P.S. Every single time that I tried to type Jane Austen, I inadvertently typed Jap and then corrected myself! (T-T) 

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