Thursday, March 8, 2012 are, good sir!

Today, I had a revelation of sorts. Today, I met a person who's managed to baffle me within five minutes of me hearing him speak. And I don't know what to make of it all!
Imagine this... this person seems to have such strongly grounded ideas about everything and some of the things he'd let out were purely unimaginably rude! And it pains me to see how skewed his perception of today's world is! I've realized, thanks to listening to him that when someone has three words to use, one should use a single word to convey the meaning.
And I personally come from a family that never boasted... ever! And being proud in whatever I do has always been an alien feeling for me. But I'm realizing that not everybody need share that philosophy. Today, this person was going on about how things were so much better and his loved ones were the ones who have done so well in life and when he knew I had people in the same field as his relatives seemed to singularly strive to find something to say that would make my point seem trivial. Seriously... it's okay! I've always known there are better people out there and so, there's no point trying to bring down another person. In the end, it only goes out to show how little I can seem when I indulge in such silliness.
Oh! art of conversation... thou art a stranger to that gentleman, aren't you?
In the end, now when I think about it, I'm happy I didn't just bite the bait and try proving him wrong. There's no point in doing that! Obviously the both of us are so very insignificant in the grand scale of things and reality is what we make of it. And the ultimate reality does not depend on what either of us thinks. Hmmm... sometimes, the best conversations are in the midst of even breaths and silence.

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