Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shame on you, Indian government!

I know that the title is pretty vast in interpretation as the Indian government is known for shaming itself on numerous accounts. But today, I'm talking about the Government of India cancelling the legitimately granted visa of Ms. Kobayashi Maya who is a survivor from the Fukushima area in Japan.

Now, I, surely believe that Nuclear power has immense benefits and the proper utilization of the same can grant us power without putting another whooping hole in the Ozone layer. But this has to come with the appropriate safety measures. Though I'm against the numerous agitations and demonstrations against the construction of a Nuclear Power Plant here in Chennai, I should clarify my stand. If someone has been granted visa legitemately and then have had it revoked purely because what they say might not please a few corporate honchos, it's about time the government went and hung itself!

Let them give everybody a chance to voice their opinion and let them take a decision that's best for the people....but then again, the Indian Government hasn't given a rat's renal area what the people want! Shame on you, Indian Government!

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