Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yes! Yes!! YES!!!!! I've finally read Bleach! And I should say.... WOW! THAT'S JUST AWESOME!

Ahem... I am raving about the world famous Japanese Manga series 'Bleach' by Kubo Taito. And if anyone's wondering what it's about, it's about a teenage boy who stumbles upon a secret world and suddenly... he finds himself responsible for some really serious turn of events. The summary sounds a little cliched doesn't it? Well... so did I. But boy! Was I wrong!

I thought Bleach wouldn't be that different from DragonBallz... I have nothing against DragonBallz. But I somehow feel that it has too many 'guyish' things. Bleach has its fair share of fights (and awesome ones at that), but Taito-san has given just as much importance on building complex psyches for his characters. And its interesting to note that here, not everything that 'looks' evil is actually so. And not everything that looks 'nice and harmless' is what it seems.

And furthermore! There isn't much what you'd call 'mush' in it! It focuses more on Friendship and I've been dying for a series that's like Bleach! It's not completely 'Shonen' (guy stuff) or 'shoujo' (girly stuff)! Strikes a really nice balance between the two!

Right now, I'm going through the anime episodes of the series. And Hmm... not bad at all! No wonder Bleach is the second most famous anime (Darn that Naruto!).

You can get free online episodes of Bleach HERE.
And the Manga can be read (scanslation) HERE.

I hope you guys enjoy Bleach! I sure did!

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