Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sienna Miller wears a scrunchie!!! *GASP* Biiiig Deal!

Yeah well... I just don't get it! I positively do not get it people!

Sienna Miller was spotted wearing a scrunchie. And suddenly the whole of the fashion Industry is after her asking her to take it off. I want to ask... what's so bad with wearing a scrunchie? I mean... it serves its purpose... it's comfortable, keeps hair out of the way and well... it isn't exactly a hazard to health! So tell me, what's so wrong wearing one of these things?

Makes me wonder again. What exactly is fashion anyway?
There are so many people out there who aren't glued to Vogue or Elle (some people would rather feed themselves with the money it requires to purchase these magazines... I would!) and they don't care whether *he* was wearing speedos with rhinestones underneath his tuxedo or if *She* was caught wearing a scruchie!

I've enough hair ties to last me another ten thousand years and well... I can't say no to a good scrunchie. So, I seriously don't see what's the big deal about!

*sigh* I guess these silly rules about what to wear and flaming celebrities who do faux pas will not exactly stop. But seriously... I feel sorry for them! If someone told me that they'd burn my scrunchie down, I'd probably accompany the person to the hospital to have my fist removed from his nose!

Again Ms. Miller... I sympathise with you... and well.... power to you for wearing what you want to wear!

(P.S. There's a link within that page that slams that poor lady(read: Ms. Miller) for reusing her scarf... Riiiight. Now people can't even reuse their clothes huh? She may be rich... but atleast she's not being stupid! Oy vey! Is it just me or did we just lose sanity to the aliens?)

(P.P.S. And I don't wanna hear people slamming me down for this post people! I'm not a Miller fan here. And I would've said the same thing no matter who the celebrity was. So, peace! =D)


  1. I'm a scrunchie fan too and I think they look nicer than those cheap thin elastics that make your hair fall out. Scrunchies have personality and thin hairbands don't. Your hair is only cute if tied in a bun or side ponytail with a scrunchie. I even know a lot of guys who think scrunchies look hotter on girls than thin hairbands

  2. I had nothing to tie my hair with cuz I ran out of normal thin black hairbands so I wore my old hot pink scrunchie to school and my bf said it looked rlly good on me and I got lots of other compliments from mostly guys. So yeah. I guess they probably gttin back in style!!!!!!! :)

    I like them now because I get attention, but I thought they were tacky before.

  3. Scrunchies are ugly.

  4. NO THEY'RE NOTTTT!!!!!!!! I agree with anonymous and Katie because when I started wearing scrunchies, so many guys told me I looked cute and 3 of them asked me out ( I said yes to one). Scrunchies are pretty, brittany, whether you like it or not! Even sienna miller thinks so!!!!!

  5. I love how u people commented on this 3 years too late. xP

  6. Stop being mean britany. And you commented late too. Scrunchies are cute and sienna looked great in them

  7. Callette aimee BrookeJune 6, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    Want a boyfriend/husband? Start wearing scrunchies! It totally works! And scrunchie haters suck! Sienna miller can wear whatever she wants!!!