Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back with a Bang! (quite literally)

Hi folks! I'm back! Did you guys miss me??? Hmm... I choose not to hear the answer! BWAHAHAHA!

And now, to explain why I was missing for ever so long (er... how long has it been... I don't remember! ;D)

I had my glasses removed. And the post operative procedures (read: rabid Doctor with a very sharp eye for indiscipline) forbade me from even thinking about being in front of the system! But now that my eye's beginning to heal really well, I am back with a bang!

And while I've been busy facing the evil Laser rays, Mom has gone and broken her back. *sigh* people these days!

It's a well known fact that my mother is in the process of evolving and so, she finds it redundant to place her entire foot down when she walks. Our servant maid thinks "madam" is flying on air. And well... friction (or lack of it) and gravity finally caught up with her and right now, she's wincing every time she laughs (and me being around, that's bound to happen every second minute) and watching TV from the comforts of the bed.

I should say it must be pretty painful for the poor lass. And here I thought, I'd be the invalid around whom people will flock and fall over themselves in their earnestness to take care of me! Damn! And since I wasn't exactly capable of service (I had my cornea burnt, excuse me!), it was all up to Dad to feed us both. And I should say... he's doing a pretty good job at that! He's gotten even better than Mom!

We've consulted with a really famous and competent Orthopedic surgeon about Mom and it seems like she's had a 'burst' fracture in her spine. (Way to go, Mom!) She literally 'sat' on her hiney when she fell. And I'm wondering... she's a little on the plump side. And even with all her 'blubber', she managed to get a chink in her spine. If it had been me, I'd probably be in an ICU (Intensive care Unit) right now. And a LASIK surgery wouldn't even be as serious as the surgery I'll need to put my shattered spine back in place! Ouchies! And I'm having serious 'phantom' pains whenever I hear people talk about surgery! It's weird. I can watch a gory accident without batting an eyelash. But 'talk' about it... erm.... it makes me queasy!

Okay!FOr now, we can only hope things go smoothly for Mom.
That's it for now! Oh... about my surgery... later! ;D

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