Thursday, February 5, 2009

VG Cats! And Fanfiction!

Ooookay... Maybe this is a little bit dorky... or maybe it's not!

I just came across this webcomic strip that goes by the name : VG Cats. It's just a parody on the world of Video gaming. Worth checking out actually!

:D And all the main characters are cats! Double bonus, I tell ya!

>>Clickity Clickty!<<

And I finally managed to update stories on

I understand that Fanfiction's not that great a thing and all... but well, it's one of those quirks that I enjoy! So, yay!

Apart from that... nothing's been happening. All universities and other educational institutions have been closed until further notice because of the fighting in Sri Lanka. Ah! When I think of the backlog that will form because of this little hitch, I wish the fighting would stop already!

Ah well... Cest la vie!

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