Monday, February 9, 2009


The past few days have been a potpourri of emotions and experiences... From the happiest to the most annoying...

I managed to meet up with a school friend of mine (two of them actually) and I now know I have good, well meaning friends... It's amazing how we've managed to be the best of friends for close to eight years! And I hope I continue to have their love and affection for many more years to come. One day was never enough to convey everything we wanted the other to know! And I am sure the others felt just like that...
The meeting leaves such a beautiful imprint on my mind and heart now that I think back to that day! =D

And now for the worst...well... not exactly 'worst' (I've seen worse!) but well... Ah fiddlesticks!

I'm not going into the details of what exactly happened. But let's just say there was a particular running into a person I know who gave me quite the cold shoulder... Ah well, if that person thinks feels it below their station to have a courteous conversation with me, nothing I can do to change that!

There is only so much a person can do to salvage a relationship and if it means one has to grovel and beg to be treated with warmth, I wonder if that kind of a warmth is indeed needed!

*sigh* I've had enough harrowing memories thinking of how I did not stand up to my desires and wishes just because I thought they would offend the people around me. And now I realize... the ones who are so deeply offended by my dreams when there is no actual reason to be so are not exactly doing me or the world a favour.

So, that's one heavy baggage off my back!

And now for a little confession from my side... I've observed how I let every single slight meted out to me take a hold over my thoughts... and how I thought of every single person who's made 'not-so-very-funny' comments of me as some sort of mortal enemy. I've also grown more aware of the fact that how I've felt a little heart-broken when people have forgotten I existed...when I was all alone when everyone else had a group to call their own.

And now as I sit in front of my system, tapping away at the keyboard, watching the words form, I realize the ultimate truth - GET OVER IT!

There! I've gotten over all the times when I never got a reply for my urgent messages... I've gotten over the times when being the 'everybody' meant being a 'nobody'.... I have gotten over the times when things didn't work out the way I've wanted them to... I've gotten over the times when I was forgotten.

And suddenly, I feel so much lighter!


  1. well... i kno dear hw it feels.. but rem that person who even i dislike from the core of my heart doesnt even deserve a piece of ur emotions.. just nt worth it.. just forget it... next time when u accidently bump into that person i shall remind u to give the same look back n i ll give u company in that..

  2. ah, somebody is growing up .. btw after u manage to beat up this other person, can I have her shades ?

  3. @ Soniya: Heheheh... Yeah... but hey, why waste those three seconds of our lives?

    @ Sido: LOL I'd rather buy you new and better shades than give you 'those'!