Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twin Spica

Ah... to actually get back to something that's been a part of one's pleasant past memories!! And this time, I want to mention one such memory of mine.

I recently managed to get hold of the Manga version of a Japanese Anime that I adored that goes by the name Twin Spica.

It's a heart warming story of a little girl Azumi Kamogawa whose desire is to go to space as an astronaut and the trials and triumphs she faces and achieves along her way towards the dream. The story is interlaced with numerous other characters that lend such a lovable sheen to the series! Especially, Lion-san...

I must say, I cried the first time I saw the episode that dealt with the past of Lion-san. It was so sad yet... there was a distinct tinge of hope that shimmered through all the bereavement associated with it! And for some reason, I'm very proud of myself for being capable of feeling these myriad emotions when I see that episode!

I'll tell everyone reading this blog to give that manga or anime (or preferably both! =D) a chance. It's not exactly the 'boy and girl falling into love' kind of story. It's different... unique... bittersweet.... full of hope... and so many other things that I wish I could express as words!

Though the anime can get a little draggy in the middle, I'll advice you to stick to the end. You will NOT regret it!

So, while I drown myself in this series and cry a river thinking of time gone by and the flowers that have wilted, make sure to get yourself a copy of this Manga or Anime as soon as you can!

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