Saturday, June 13, 2009

Updates... updates!

Hello there dearies!
I know it's been long but well... I've hardly had enough time to get through the mundane activities of my life and just so the few people who actually read my blog know, I'm sorry for not updating much, ne!

Anyway... the post for the day is going to be about the Summer training I'm taking up in Advanced Physics. Ah, the nerd in me roars with delight! =D

This course is being offered by Madras University and has about thirty very privileged students from all over the State taking part in a month long sojourn that involved lectures on the most 'happening' fields in Physics and also trips to some really advanced Research Labs in the vicinity!

Altogether, it's a really wonderful dream come true for me. And well... I can say my Quantum Mechanics is stronger than ever before and suddenly, I feel some sort of purpose in my life! Yay me!

It also gives me an opportunity to interact with so many students who have differing ideals about their futures and what they wish to pursue. It's a really wonderful experience, I should say.

Anyway... I'll be attending this course till the nineteenth of this month and they plan to take us to IGCAR next week! I can hardly wait! =D

And just when I was wondering if I should actually continue with a literary venture that i was pursuing, I am receiving a lot of wonderful and supportive comments from a lot of readers! Thank you folks! I love you all! =D

P.S. Stark from Bleach kicks ass! :P

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