Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Panicking! I'M PANICKING!!!!

AAAAAARGH!!!!! My entrance examinations are all approaching fast and I still haven't started preparing for it! I have not an inkling in the world as to what I will be doing! Is this a good time to panic? No?

I'm aware that I cannot afford to waste any more time dawdling about, procrastinating but... but.... AAAAAAARGH!!!!!! I'm panicking! I'm soooooo panicking here!

*ahem* So, I've decided. Enough with all this silliness! I am going to start preparing with earnest beginning..... today! Now! This instant! And it's about time I took this bull by the horns! BRING IT ON, BABY!!!!

Oh... and if any of you well meaning folks out there want to give me pointers on how I can prepare for the GATE and other entrance exams for Physics, please mail me...comment... psionically contact me..... DO SOMETHING!!!!

Pssst: if any of my friends abroad are interested, I might not write GRE this year. The entrance fee costs a bomb and well.... I'm just not ready enough! T___T

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