Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day in which I lost my umbrella, my phone and gained a happy-happy!

What does one do when one has lost one's umbrella in lab, one's phone in the bus and feels like the whole world's on to something?

Well.... I've been through this recently and just so everybody knows, I do not like it!

But to be positive (or realistic), I think my phone's just been misplaced. It rings when I call it. So, I think nobody's bothered flicking it. And I wouldn't blame them... well... that phone looked sickly and old (in phone terms). So, now, it says switched off. And I think it's because of the low battery.

Heh heh... I would love to see the baka who flicked it (if it was flicked in the first place!). I mean.... you can do nothing with it! Not use it without giving it the correct security code, not change SIM cards without giving it the correct security code or even switch off and switch it on without giving it the darned security code! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So, I'm presuming they just threw it away without bothering too much about that.... Hmmmm.... Asstards! And they forgot to flick my iPod that was in the same place as my phone! HAH! ASSTARDS!!!

And then there's this problem with my umbrella. It was an old one (but a sturdy one!). And I think someone who comes sweeping our classrooms has flicked this one. Keh... bitches! Hope their progeny dies from diarrhea!

But to be honest, the day wasn't exactly all that bad. My best friend has finally found her soul mate and I am probably one of the happiest people on earth right now! She deserves to be loved and cared about! And I totally approve of her guy(like she needed my approval! =P)! All in all, I'm having a happy-happy right now (and a hungry-hungry as well).

And there you have it folks! I guess I'll be phone-less for a while now! (DARN! I WAS HOPING TO USE THIS PHONE FOR ANOTHER THREE YEARS! so what if it would be in pieces by then?! I'm broke!)

And if anyone out there would like to gift me a phone or an umbrella or both, I love you~ ^_^.

Ahem... that's it for now folks!

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