Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I danced... I actually DANCED!!!

Remember the concert that I had mentioned in my previous post? Well... hehehe... I actually did attend it. It was awesome - Just the thing I needed to drive my blues away! And to make it even more memorable, I actually managed to dance. And if anyone is curious, I've always been under the impression that I possessed two left feet! And now, my impression hasn't changed much... but I guess in the dark, where people are least bothered about what you're doing and too engrossed in the the singer on stage, dancing like a dodo isn't such a bad thing! :P

Well, I wasn't alone in this endeavour! We were a group of seven to eight people and we all managed to dance like nobody was watching! (and mostly they weren't... so... I guess that part holds true!)

The only flip side to this situation.... right now, my whole body feels like I let a herd of African Elephants on it! Ooooooh.... the pain! LOL... but that's hardly any reason to never do it again!

Hehehehe.... So, everybody out there, that's one other thing off my 'TO DO' list... dance like an idiot! :P

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