Monday, February 15, 2010

A crashed GATE and what happens after that.

GATE has been done with and I should say this was a disaster of magnificent proportions. I'm slightly down in the dumps because of that because... well... it wasn't that I hadn't studied at all... sure I didn't pull allnighters two months before the exam and sure, I wasn't running around with the Text book glued to my hand. Maybe I should have...

Ah... well... nothing I can do about it now. Right now, I'm in college and have plans to attend a concert that's part of the Cultural Extravaganza that is Techofes! (Stupid name, if you ask me!) Some really famous singer's supposed to come. But somehow, I have half the heart to leave without seeing the damn thing... I guess I'm just having a lot of issues... or whatever! But if I see another baka in red converse sneakers and jeans loose enough to fit a huge refrigerator in it, trying to act cool and mushy in front of some air headed doily, I swear I just might end up killing somebody! People.... GET A ROOM!!!

And if this is not enough, I'm still trying to search for my elusive Project guide who seems to have been abducted by Aliens for further study. (or he's hiding from me... but why would he do that?.... Ah.... well... he would... but that's not the point!)

Riiiiiight.... now I must be off to track my guide down and meet him no matter what happens! And also to keep an eye out for Red Converse sneakers toting half-witted, baboons in baggy clothing... I'm in the mood to kill! BWAHAHAHHA....*cough*...*splutter*.... *asphyxiate*!!!

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  1. everyone wants to join the club.i wonder if anyone took the gate seriously at all.mine was more dramatic. .and the