Monday, February 8, 2010

Tumbleweed in my head!

Classes have started again and right now, I have so many things running around in my head... both on the academic and the personal front. I'm not sure if I'm good enough for certain things.... and for others, I wonder if I'm too good for it. Ah.... I need a break... a really nice peaceful break where all I'll need is my System and unlimited supply of Anime, Fanfiction and an occasional outing... But I guess reality isn't so nice and dandy!

Just so everybody knows, these are few of the things I've been doing the past two weeks -

  1. Perfecting my Ninja skills as I evade my Project Guide so as to prevent any uncomfortable questioning as to what I've been working on. Actually, I have been reading diligently. Just that, I can't understand the thing perfect enough to convince him!
  2. Trying to spend as much time inside the Library for the free cushiony seats and the Air conditioning. And not to mention the free Internet!
  3. Hiding whenever certain male species from my University walk my way. Recently, I've been caught red handed for staring at a few people. And truth be told, I wasn't even interested!! I mean... can't a girl just stare? Does she have to be madly in love with a guy if she just looks at him for more than five seconds?!
  4. Trying to stay connected with certain friends who're a little too busy to talk. I understand they have a life of their own with far more interesting acquaintances. But somehow, it's nice talking to them. And I hope they think of me once in a while!
  5. Mulling over how to evade wedding talks from relatives. They're so well meaning that I can't even be rude and stop it once and for all. I pity whoever I am to marry.... sometime in the distant... REALLY DISTANT future. If you read this fella, I feel so bad for you!
  6. Trying to not to get too depressed about the down parts in my life (that constitute a rought estimate of 87% of my entire life!). Ah... I need a break I tell you!
There you have it! =)

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