Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hmmmmm moments

Today, amidst the numerous blogs that I surfed, I noticed the darnedest thing! There are quite a lot of blogs out there which are really good and seem to capture the heart of the blogger so innately. The style of writing employed is almost excellent and yet, they seem more like pretty bowers nobody visits! And this got me thinking.... how important is getting noticed for writing? I mean, in case you're trying to actually make a career out of it, you might as well leave the blog behind and start writing a book or a play! And if you need to make money and yet continue to have a blog doing it, you might as well try writing about a particular aspect of the world. But seriously... should we really get worried about lack of patronage for blogs? Does it mean that a blog's not good if it does not have comments?

My personal opinion? I don't know if I speak for all bloggers out there or just for myself, but I feel that one should write for oneself. And yes, some external encouragement is always a welcome thing. But ultimately, one should not write for the reviews! And don't worry.... if you don't get comments, it does not mean your blog is bad. It just means you're being too anxious about it!

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